Chapter 646 – Huan Jiu Li

Young Mistress?

Huan Qing Yan was both surprised and happy as she turned her head to look.

A tall and sturdy body resembling a wall was protecting Huan Qing Yan; he was wearing clothes made from beast skin that caused his entire person to give off a wild charm and a powerful yet stable feeling, his eyes possessed a boorish casualness that seemed to regard everything under the heavens.

“Brother Jiu Li?” Huan Qing Yan was in disbelieve.

When ‘Huan Jiu Li’ focused his attention on Huan Qing Yan, that arrogant and prideful gaze was gone, only an unlimited tenderness was seen, one that was extremely different to his crude appearance.

“Yes. It has been over a year, are you well?” his deep voice was filled with an attractive charm.

Huan Qing Yan smiled widely as she confirmed her surprise and happiness, “Brother Jiu Li, it is really you? You can talk now? Your voice is so nice to listen to! Why are you here? Where have you been all this time…”

A series of question flowed out, like a toddler, filled with curiosity.

‘Huan Jiu Li’ lazily smiled, “After I was separated with Young Mistress at the Five Black Mountains, I went to the Demon Lands. I will tell you more in detail in the future, this Mask Town is not safe, let me get you out of here first!”

When he brought up the matter of safety, Huan Qing Yan was also reminded of her current situation.

“Brother Jiu Li, why are these people blankly standing within the pit? Let us wake them up and help them climb out of it!”

‘Huan Jiu Li’ smiled and replied, “That is because they are wearing the masks of the Fox Demons, it caused them to turn into puppets. Had you worn that fox mask earlier on, then you too would have been joining them inside the pit as well.”

“Ah?” Huan Qing Yan was greatly startled.

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‘Huan Jiu Li’ continued, “Young Mistress, after more than a year, you have become much stronger than I have imagined, well done. Your will is firm, only a Nine-Star Spirit Master yet you were able to break free of the Fox Demoness’s Illusion Spell, very well done.”

Huan Qing Yan suddenly remembered, yes, she was caught in an illusion!

She felt her waist, but the Phoenix Feather Bell was not on her body, an ominous feeling suddenly welled up within her.

She no longer wanted to catch up or care about the puppet people that filled the pit, she pulled Huan Jiu Li and started running back.

“Brother Jiu Li, the situation now is very dangerous, let us locate Ji Mo Ya first. We are together when we got lost, I am feeling very panicky now…” whenever she this particular panicky feeling within her heart, it always meant that something bad would happen.

“Okay.” Huan Jiu Li allowed her to pull his hand as she pleased while he grinned like it was any other time as they ran towards the Blood Rain.

The Blood Rain drenched Huan Qing Yan but none of it touched ‘Huan Jiu Li’

The puppet people within the deep pit behind them, also started to climb out like ants and followed behind Huan Qing Yan, creating a long group of people…

That scene was extremely terrifying and alarming.


“Little Yan, don’t be afraid.”

Ji Mo Ya removed the mask from the person in his arms…

The Huan Qing Yan in his arms smiled at him, but this smile was strange and venomous looking, it also contained an unconcealable sense of smugness.

A blood net came out from the hands of this Huan Qing Yan as it quietly wrapped Ji Mo Ya’s entire body.

When Ji Mo Ya wanted to summon his Dragon Spirit Treasure, it was already too late! His Dragon Spirit Treasure was still drenched in the Blood Rain from earlier on; this made its rank dropped and caused its actions to be slower. In the end, both the master and the spirit treasure were enveloped by this Blood Net.

The face of the ‘Huan Qing Yan’ in his arms slowly changed.

Turning into a beautiful woman with a pointed foxy face, she has skin like white jade and eyes which would charm men should they take a look; those men would fall into a dream-like state and be intoxicated within those eyes, as though their soul were lost.

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