Chapter 645 – Your Man?

However, she was pulled back by the fox mask people.

Suddenly, the Old Fox appeared, while clutching his chest and he venomously said, “Your man? Good! This Fox Immortal’s injuries are all thanks to your man, this Fox Immortal might not be able defeat him but handling you is too easy…”

As it spoke, it approached Huan Qing Yan with a sinister smile…

“I will turn you into my puppet and when your man comes later, I will make you self-destruct in front of him; let him experience the pain of losing a love one, *hahaha*! Our Fox Clan has prepared this huge Puppet Blood Rain plot for today and if we cannot kill him, then it is also good that we kill you and leave him heartbroken!”

Huan Qing Yan paled in fright, “Old Demon, I am warning you, don’t come any closer!”

“Old Demon, in fact, we can talk things out properly; that’s right, let’s have a proper talk…”

The Old Fox took out a fox mask and held Huan Qing Yan’s chin; he moved the fox mask towards her face with the intention of making her wear it…

When Ji Mo Ya saw it, his face was icy cold and the murderous intent within his eyes extremely sharp and ruthless.

‘That Old Fox will die for sure.’

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Pulling out his tendons and skinning him before cutting him up into eight pieces, that would be the end he will give it!

Due to his extreme rage, Ji Mo Ya suddenly felt a calmness settling in his mind, this allowed him to quickly solve the maze and reach the temple with his fastest speed, in a few breaths…

Right then Huan Qing Yan was standing still with a fox mask was on her face, the present her was no longer being held by others as she dully stood there without moving.

Only the Old Fox was laughing towards the sky, “Hahaha, Ji Mo Ya you came? A pity, you are a step too late!”

Ji Mo Ya clutched his fists and tried to walk towards Huan Qing Yan.

“Stop right there! Take another step and I will make her explode, do you believe me?” the Old Fox said maniacally.

Ji Mo Ya stopped his steps.

He had personally witnessed these puppets self-destruct, one explosion and they would have no chance of surviving.

The Old Fox used the opportunity to pull Huan Qing Yan to its side and pushed her onto the ground; Huan Qing Yan did not react and fell like a wooden dummy, remaining on the ground with a body covered in blood and dirt.

“Speak, what do you want to do?” Ji Mo Ya’s eyes squinted, he had caused harm to the Little One, the number of enemies he had were too many; he did not expect a place this close to the Holy City to have them, and for her to be caught in his trouble.

“Very simple, if you want her to live, then use a life to exchange for a life!” the Old Fox snickered.

Ji Mo Ya suddenly clasped his hands at the direction of the Old Fox and said, “Greetings Lord Plant Sage!”

The Old Fox was greatly alarmed, it quickly moved to the side and look behind before shouting angrily, “How cunning!”

Ji Mo Ya used lightning quick movements and caught Huan Qing Yan.

As for the so-called Plant Sage, not even his shadow could be found. That was when the Old Fox knew he was tricked.

The beauty was in his arms, Ji Mo Ya felt a shred of suspicions but did not take the time to ponder about it; he stretched his hands and lifted the mask off Huan Qing Yan…


Just as Huan Qing Yan was about to be enveloped by the blood mist, it was suddenly blocked by a black shadow!

The black shadow then pulled her several meters away from the deep pit…

The dumbstruck Huan Qing Yan was suddenly pulled away by someone, due to fear she instinctively tried to resist but her body was still unable to move.

Later on, a strange but yet someone familiar voice came from behind her, “Young Mistress, the pit is filled with puppets, it is better that we keep a safe distance from it.”

‘Young Mistress?’

Huan Qing Yan was pleasantly surprised as she turned to look.

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