Chapter 138: A God-like Man

Gao Yiyang’s face became a little unsightly as he stood by the side. “Ye Ying, she didn’t really say anything about snatching things; don’t read too much into it.” Girls always loved to read too much into things. He clearly heard the mockery in Ye Jian’s voice, but Ye Ying thought that Ye Jian was trying to provoke her instead…

What do you mean by not reading too much into it!

After hearing him, Ye Ying sneered, “I wasn’t thinking that much about it. You never noticed her hatred for you before, but now that you and I are closer, she shows her current face of disgust. Isn’t it quite clear that this is the so-called hate that has sprouted from love?”

“Hate that has sprouted from love?” A clear voice with a hint of laughter resounded, and a slender figure was seen strolling towards them in the sunset, walking as gracefully as a god. He asked, “Little lass, since when have I made you hate me?”

He had waited for her for five minutes but did not see her come over. It turned out that she had actually been hindered by someone.

Once Ye Jian heard his voice and the words he said, her headache worsened… How did he even enter the school!

“If I didn’t show up, I’m afraid that you would have been bullied till you started tearing up.” Xia Jinyuan had a slight smile on his face as he walked towards them and stood beside Ye Jian.

He did not even spare the other two a glance. Instead, he just smiled at Ye Jian who was unpunctual for the first time. He raised his arm and gently flicked her on her forehead with affection. “You weren’t punctual today, leaving me to wait outside for so long. What do you have to say? How are you going to make this up to me?

He couldn’t stand watching this anymore. For a girl to be so scheming at such a young age… Every sentence of hers was intended to step on and ruin little lass Ye’s image.

I truly do not understand how girls nowadays think. Do they think they can highlight their ‘noble virtues’ by belittling their classmates?

Ye Jian was already accustomed to his random flicks on her forehead, and she furrowed her eyebrows as she rubbed on her forehead and dryly said, “I’m sorry. I was delayed for a while, but it’s okay now. Let’s go.”

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Having said that, she turned and walked towards the school gate.

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Xia Jinyuan let out a laugh, and only now did he slightly raise his gaze. His chilling gaze swept past the boy who had pursed his lips, then it gently landed on the girl who had been subconsciously pulling on the boy’s shirt since his appearance. He coldly raised the corners of his lips. Even though he had not spoken a single word, he managed to cause them to tense up.

His chilling gaze and smile… This prideful man emitted an aura that clearly told Ye Ying and Gao Yiyang that he did not want to speak with them… It was way beneath his dignity to even spare them a glance!

Xia Jinyuan believed that arguing with kids was something beneath his dignity.

However, this petty lass Ye Jian would probably be delighted if he did argue with them.

If he could make Ye Jian feel better, he didn’t mind occasionally doing things which were not up to his standards.

“Ke, she really is something. She even seduced a soldier,” Ye Ying said through gritted teeth after she had waited until she could no longer see the silhouette of the pair. She was still afraid… Whenever a soldier in uniform swept his chilling gaze towards her, her whole body would have goosebumps and she would be too afraid to even raise her head, to the point that… she could not even get a proper look at what the soldier looked like.

Gao Yiyang only retracted his gaze after some time. After hearing what she said, he creased his brows and bellowed, “That wasn’t an ordinary soldier. He is a very, very young lieutenant commander.”

Lieutenant commander? Ye Ying knitted her brows together. “What’s a lieutenant commander? …It seems that you are… like me…” Quite afraid. She did not finish her sentence as she felt that saying it out loud would be embarrassing.

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