Chapter 150- Maintenance

When KMega6KMegacharacter woke up, he quickly realized that he wasn’t in his own bed yet again.

Unlike last time, Winter was sleeping soundly on his left side, so he quietly grabbed his clothes and went to his room to take a shower and change.

After cooking breakfast and going through his morning routine, he tried to log in but a maintenance notice appeared in front of him.


[Due to unforeseen circumstances and errors, a large scale update is currently being performed. Services should be down for the next 23:48:11. Thank you for your understanding!]


Only allowed on

He quickly scheduled a prerecorded hunting video and put an alarm in his phone about the maintenance.

He then went to go find Winter to make plans for today since he decided that today will be his day off.

After discussing their plans, KMega Winter, Emma, and Astrid7Astridcharacter boarded the company bus and went into town.

During this, Astrid kept staring at Winter the entire time.

Winter quickly pulled out her phone and sent KMega a text,

“Did I make Astrid angry?”

“We’re married in-game, so…”

“Can mechanoids get jealous? :/”

KMega quickly glanced at Astrid, who had a suspicious neutral look on her face and responded to her question,

“We have an agreement. However, we are just, well…”

As he struggled to think about what to say, Astrid chimed in,

“Kevin, I was just wondering about the timing. I thought that you would have celebrated such a great battle with me instead.” (Astrid)

KMega froze and he quickly realized that she wasn’t mad at Winter, but that he chose to spend the night with her instead of Astrid.

“Well, Astrid, what IRL things can we do together to celebrate exactly? My character is locked right now.” (KMega)

Astrid froze since the thought never crossed her mind.

In truth, the current her is just a lesser fragment of the Astrid in-game since she’s mainly just a supporting character to KMega.

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“That doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you didn’t even consult with me before strutting your stuff to another woman.” (Astrid)

He had a shocked look on his face as Winter spoke up,

“Hey, what is it to you who he sleeps with?” (Winter)

Astrid couldn’t help but sigh at her words.

Didn’t KMega say they have married just moments ago?

However, until she can fulfill his physical needs as well, she kept the peace.

She then prayed for the day when KMega will strut his stuff for her IRL.

After finally arriving at the mall, Winter grabbed Emma and Astrid and wandered off somewhere, leaving KMega completely alone since Astrid wasn’t in the mood to be around him right now. He was rather worried since mechanoids aren’t very common and she is rather popular in Sword Kingdom, but he decided to trust her in the end. He then went into a game store with the money he earned renting out his old place for a steady income with a hired supervisor and his income from working with the GSP after paying his dues to Weise.

This didn’t add up to much, so he reverted back to his old habit of going to discount stores.

The recording of highlights of the PPV event yesterday was currently on a loop and young kids were watching the event with interest when someone walked in the store.

He was in his mid-twenties and quickly walked over to the screen after not finding anything he liked.

“Whoever that guy is, the kids seem to love him.” (???)

KMega looked up with surprise.

“Really? All he did was apply physics to the game. He came in at high velocity with a heavy body and used a specially made javelin to direct the force of his attack to its maximum against the demons and minimum against his allies.” (KMega)

The other man looked surprised before he spoke,

“The names Quim, I’m here with my brother. We’re gonna get him a discount pod when he gets older. I just hope to earn enough money until then.” (Quinn)

KMega couldn’t help but smile.

“Good luck to you then. I wish I had an older brother that loved me like you. Oh, my name is….” (KMega)

Before he could finish his thought though, he suddenly heard a familiar voice as someone entered the store.

“Kevin, I can’t enter any of the stores without you.” (Astrid)

Everyone turned to look at the person before one of the children quickly recognized her and pointed at her as he spoke, “That’s Astrid! That’s Astrid!” (Child)

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