Chapter 144: Harming Others will Harm Yourself

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“The only difference is that before I joined the military, I had already discussed with Chief Xia that I would be reporting to the brigade after experiencing a year with the basic troops. Major Han, you are still quite naive.”

He turned and left the room after having said that, leaving Major Han with a stunned expression on his face. He did not come to even after a while had passed.

“Big Brother Xia, Nobleman Xia, my master! Advice, you have to give me advice!” A mountain breeze blew past, and the now clear-headed Han Zheng stood up and chased after him. “First, help your brother with his skills, then we’ll go check out your child bride. Deal?”

Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon’s lazy and bland voice came from outside the room. “Child bride? I don’t have the guts for that; I’m just protecting a little lass, that’s all. Let’s go, Major Han. If you want me to show my skills, then you will have to behave.”

To treat a young fox as a child bride? He really did not have the guts to do so.

The little lass was acting as an informant among the students. Not only did he request for Interpol’s protection on her, he also requested for her personal protection.

Now, whether if it was national or international, protecting her was his current mission.

Dinnertime had arrived, and the farm’s restaurant was filled with the aroma of different dishes. The local students of the capital took charge as the hosts and introduced the dishes whenever they came out.

Xia Jinyuan sat in a booth, and whenever he looked through the bamboo blinds every so often, he could see Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine clinking glasses with her classmates as if they were drinking alcohol. However, she did not have much of the dishes served.

“You are acting as her bodyguard, right? Why does it seem to me that you don’t want her to know?” Han Zheng also did not even touch any of the dishes served. He followed his friend’s gaze, which landed on the girl who had scared him off with a single glare. Through the bamboo blinds, he could see her more clearly at a closer distance. He clicked his tongue and said, “She looks good, see…”

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Before he managed to finish his sentence, Han Zheng saw what happened behind the seated girl. A girl with long hair smiled as she stood up while a waiter was serving hot soup.

Nobody knew how it happened. After taking a single step, her whole body fell towards the waiter who had a bowl of hot soup in his hands.

Han Zheng’s face instantly changed when he realized something was wrong, and he yelled, “Watch out!”

At the same moment that he yelled, the unguarded waiter was bumped into, and he burned his hand with the hot soup. At the same time, the bowl flew out of his hands towards the back of the girl seated at another table.

Ye Jian who had her back faced towards the waiter seemed like she was ready for it. Accompanied by the yell from the bamboo blinds, Ye Jian stood up in a flash, her body facing the side, while her slender hands took hold of the backrest of the chair. Under Ye Ying’s gaze of schadenfreude, she gently raised her chair and deflected the bowl of soup…

The disaster that originally would have befallen Ye Jian was suddenly blocked by the chair and the whole process happened in an instant—the collision of the chair with the bowl.

After the sound of the collision, accompanied by the waiter’s scream of shock, came the clang of breaking dishes.

This scene all happened in just a blink of an eye. It was so fast that while Ye Ying still had a cold smile on her face and was fully unguarded, a bowl of hot soup directly splattered on her legs.

“Ahh!” Her scream of agony resounded in sync, and while her eyes were closing, she saw Ye Jian’s mocking gaze, which seemed to be telling her that she had known what Ye Ying had done all along.

However, not all of the soup landed on her legs. Because of Ye Jian’s faint smile, Ye Ying just decided to arch her body and crouch on the floor while moaning in pain.

From being the instigator of a disaster to becoming the victim, the drastic change in her role caused Ye Ying, who was crouching, to start gritting her teeth until a savage expression appeared on her face. This… she was surprisingly able to dodge it!

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