Chapter 83

Yang Cui looked at Madam Chen in disbelief. Madam Chen actually dared to hit her? Although she was not as favored as her two big brothers, for her to marry into a high family, Madam Chen spent a lot of effort on her.

Madam Chen did not let her do farm works, afraid that she would get rough and let her stay by eldest brother’s side to broaden her horizon. She was specially taught by the sister-in-law of the daughter of a scholar.

But right now, in front of so many people, Madam Chen slapped her? How could she accept this?

“Mom, you actually hit me?” Yang Cui looked at Madam Chen with disbelief written in her pair of widened eyes.

Madam Chen stared at her daughter with a look that screamed ‘hating the iron for not becoming steel’ and spoke with anger: “Enough. Don’t embarrass yourself here, come with me.”

Yang Cui gaped open her mouth but when her eyes met Madam Chen’s gaze, she decided to obediently go back. When she left, she turned her head to sweep a glance at Qiao Tian Chang, though Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes were only filled with disgust, no worry was seen in them nor was there any feeling.

Hehe. She was a joke. She did so much but trampled like that in the end.

Lowering her head, she followed behind Madam Chen, her whole body was as if changing much.

Qiao Tian Chang saw Yang Cui like that and coldly smiled then turned back to his house. About Yang Cui, there was nothing to do with him.

Qing Xue who was walking behind Ning Meng Yao had a bad expression on her face: “Young miss, is there any problem with that person’s head?”

“Who knows?” Ning Meng Yao shrugged her should and faintly replied.

From the first time they met, Yang Cui had seen her as an enemy just because Qiao Tian Chang treated her a bit better.

It was a funny thing. If she had not done those things that disgusted people, Qiao Tian Chang would not have treated her like that. They might not be close, but nodding head would be fine.

She obviously had a chance but she made it into like this. It was not anybody’s fault.

While at this moment, Yang Huai was using a cold gaze to stare at his own little sister, including Yang Shu and his wife who were standing beside her.

“Cui’er, it seems that you’ve forgotten the things your sister-in-law taught you.” Yang Shu sighed as he looked at his sister in disappointment.

Madam Sun also stared in helplessness toward her own little aunt: “Little aunt, not saying what kind of person Qiao Tian Chang is, even if you have feelings for him, you still cannot just say it out loud. This will only make people feel that the maidens from our family cannot be married out.”

In the Yang family, Madam Sun’s words had weight in them. In the beginning, when Madam Chen sent Yang Cui to them, she did not have a shred of hesitation to nod in agreement and taught her as if she was her daughter.

At first, Yang Cui was like the young miss of a respectable family after returning, but after a while, her whole personality changed, especially after meeting Qiao Tian Chang.

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She actually dared to take advantage of the fact that the owner was not and climbed inside other’s house. Not only that, she was also caught by the owner.

Moreover, if she wanted to accuse someone, she should do it after confirming the situation. Did she think that the villagers were all brainless idiots to believe in anything she said?

“Sister-in-law, I…….”

“Enough. Don’t speak anymore. I see that it is better that you don’t cope up in the hourse. Go with your sister-in-law after New Year ends.” Madam Chen glared at her own daughter.

Madam Sun’s brows furrowed slightly. In the end, she smiled as she said: “This is good as well, I am able to help out little sister.”

Madam Chen nodded in satisfaction: “Then I will leave Cui’er to you.”

Yang Cui stared at her mother at decided to stay silent. They all believed her sister-in-law and speaking out the truth at this moment, Madam Chen and the others would not believe her. She would not do such a stupid thing.

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If they wanted her to go then she would go, it’s not like there was no advantage to it, but she hoped that they won’t regret it later.

Yang Cui laughed weirdly and was seen by Madam Sun. Madam Sun glanced at Yang Cui and her heart was alerted, though she did not say out what she saw.

Yang Huai looked at his sister and coldly spoke: “Yang Cui, I am warning you, don’t do any more things that will embarrass us. I am about to participate in the imperial examination and if you do something scandalous at this moment and implicate me, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

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