Chapter 37: The Third Party?

Chen Kai did not search for Su Le again. Su Le also did not search for him to bring herself trouble. But she intentionally hid this from her mother and did not tell her anything about the meeting. Thinking about her mother, who was currently on a holiday, Su Le did not want such a thing to affect her mother’s mood.

The plan of the collaboration between BaiSheng and JinChu was pretty much complete. Su Le relaxed a little. All that was left were the economic conditions and the company’s benefits. Su Le couldn’t make a decision regarding those things so she passed the project back to general manager, Jiang Ting, for her make a decision instead. Meanwhile, she only needed to check the project’s plan.

For the past few days, Su Le did not go to JinChu. Instead, she remained at BaiSheng to deal with a few matters. Sometimes, after she had left work, she would have dinner or watch a movie with Wei Chu. It felt pretty good. She did not want her life to be like how dramas played out with many twists and turns. She preferred letting nature take its course.

“Su Le, come to my office for a bit,” Jiang Ting had just returned to the office and she was holding a few folders in her hand. When she walked towards Su Le, Jiang Ting hesitated before calling Su Le to follow her.

Su Le’s heart thumped and she assumed that there was a problem with the plan in the collaboration with JinChu. She was no longer in the mood to ponder about what she should eat for lunch.

After following Jiang Ting to go into her office, Su Le didn’t receive the criticism she expected to get. Instead, she was praised, so the unsettling feeling in Su Le’s heart calmed down. Then, she sat down and waited for Jiang Ting to reach her main point.

“For the past few weeks, I have been searching for an assistant, but there wasn’t anyone suitable. If you don’t mind, could you be my assistant for a fixed period of time?” Jiang Ting did not conceal the appreciation she had for Su Le, “You are able to work well. I hope you can learn more things from me and perhaps in the future, there will be a suitable position for you in BaiSheng.”

Su Le hadn’t thought that she would be recognised by her superior, so when she heard Jiang Ting say such things, Su Le found herself feeling somewhat embarrassed. But she did understand that it was a good opportunity for her to develop in the future. “Thank you, general manager.”

Jiang Ting was very satisfied with Su Le’s attitude and nodded, “You can move to the assistant’s office next to mine to work. Although that office is a little small, it will belong to you alone.”

“I understand. Thank you, general manager.” Su Le was deeply thankful to Jiang Ting. After all, she and Jiang Ting didn’t actually see or talk to each other often, so Su Le, who just joined the workforce for about a year, felt very fortunate to have Jiang Ting be willing to teach and guide her.

“There’s no need for thanks. I just require one thing from you which is that you work hard and study well and be a competent assistant.” Jiang Ting smiled a little and closed the file in her hands and said, “You can now go and move your things into your new office. I hope we can work well together in the future.” After speaking, she took out a key from her drawer and passed it to Su Le. “This is your office’s key.”

“Thank you.” Su Le took the keys with both hands. Her palms were slightly hot. Suppressing her excitement, Su Le expressed her thanks again before preparing to leave but Jiang Ting stopped her.

“Su Le, do you … know someone called Tan Wei?” Jiang Ting suddenly asked.

“Tan Wei?” Su Le did not recognise this unfamiliar name. She looked at Jiang Ting, puzzled, not sure if this person was related to her in any way. “What’s wrong with this person?”

Seeing that Su Le was confused, Jiang Ting paused for a second. “So you don’t know her. Well, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just that in the past few days, when I went to JinChu, I noticed that her relationship with JinChu’s CEO was not bad. I thought you knew her.”

“So it’s because of that.” Su Le smiled as she left Jiang Ting’s office. Su Le was clear of Jiang Ting’s personality. She was not someone who would try to manipulate people’s thoughts. Also, Su Le knew that Jiang Ting could pretty much guess what relationship she had with Wei Chu. So for Jiang Ting to mention this Tan Wei’s relationship with Wei Chu, was she trying to tell Su Le to take notice of this person?

Su Le was very clear that Wei Chu was quite attractive, so having other women like him was not something difficult to understand. She put down her phone, which she had just taken out. Even if she asked about it now and tested the waters, it would be of no use. If a man wanted to cheat, then it didn’t matter if the woman cried or made a fuss.

It was better to treat this as a test to see if Wei Chu was truly sincere or if he would waver when there were other outstanding women in front of him.


Under her colleagues’ envious gazes, Su Le packed her things and moved them into her office. Very soon, it was time for her to leave work and at this moment, Su Le’s phone started to ring.

It was from Wei Chu. He told her to wait for him at JinChu to leave together. Su Le did not refuse and lifted her handbag and set off to JinChu. Once she entered JinChu, she greeted the people she knew. There were two people who, intentionally or not, mentioned about a Miss Tan.

Su Le smiled as she entered the lift and pressed the button to the floor she wanted. Only when the lift doors closed did Su Le’s smile gradually fade away. With so many people mentioning Tan Wei, as well as looking at her with worried glances, it was obvious that there was really something going on with Wei Chu and this Tan Wei. The only question was whether this ‘something’ was just one sided or did involve both parties in question.

When Su Le reached the floor of the CEO’s office, no one tried to obstruct her and she did not recklessly enter into the CEO’s office straight away. Instead, she walked towards the window and looked outside. The view seemed real yet fake at the same time.

“Su Le, what are you doing standing out here? The boss is waiting for you in his office.” When Chen Xu saw Su Le, it was obvious that he was happy to see her. It looked like he didn’t have anything to hide or had a guilty conscience. While he was facing her, he was also knocking on the office’s door, “Boss, Miss Su has arrived.”

The door quickly opened. It was Wei Chu who opened the door and Su Le could see from his eyes that he was happy. There wasn’t any guilt or worry expressed on his expression. Su Le also saw another woman standing behind him.

The woman appeared she was about 24, with curly hair and exquisite makeup. Her clothes seemed like they were carefully selected and matched. While Su Le was looking at her, the woman was also staring back at Su Le.

“Xiao Le, why are you standing outside? Didn’t I tell you to come straight in when you arrived?” Wei Chu walked up to Su Le and held her hand while smiling. Then, he turned around and faced the woman who came out of the office with him and said, “Tan Wei, this is my girlfriend, Su Le.”

Once he finished, Wei Chu turned back to Su Le and said, “Su Le, this is my high school classmate, Tan Wei.”

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When Tan Wei heard the word ‘girlfriend’, her expression changed and Su Le noticed this. While a certain man who was holding Su Le’s hand was still smiling, it was as if he didn’t notice his high school classmate’s face had turn pale.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Tan,” Su Le greeted while taking her hand out in front of her.

“Likewise, Miss Su,” Tan Wei smiled politely. Even though her face was pale, her manners were impeccable. She looked carefully at Su Le for a moment before saying, “A few days ago, several of us classmates teased Wei Chu that he still didn’t have a girlfriend. I didn’t think that today, he would suddenly have such a beautiful girlfriend by his side.” Once she finished speaking, she shook hands with Su Le.

“Thank you for Miss Tan’s compliment.” Su Le took her hand back. “But in front of Miss Tan, I can’t be compared to you.”

“Miss Su doesn’t need to be so modest.” Tan Wei then politely talked to Su Le for a few sentences before saying she still had other matters to attend and left the place alone.

When Tan Wei left, Su Le turned and spoke to Wei Chu with a small smile on her face, “I’m going to the restroom. If you have any matters to settle, carry on, you don’t need to worry about me.”

When Su Le had disappeared around a corner, Chen Xu walked up to Wei Chu’s side and hesitated before saying, “Lao Da, do you think Su Le knows about Tan Wei liking you?”

Wei Chu glanced at Chen Xu and slowly replied, “When did Tan Wei ever liked me?”

“Okay, Lao Da, you’re amazing.” Chen Xu looked at Wei Chu powerlessly. But a moment later, the look in Chen Xu’s eyes became profound. “But, boss, you should never underestimate a woman’s intelligence. They may already know many things, but there are two types of women; one speaks about them, one does not.

Wei Chu raised his eyebrows but did not comment.

While Su Le was in the restroom, she received a call about a signing event for her new book. There was a book event in S City and the organisers had invited her to participate in the signing event. The other party’s words were very sincere so she couldn’t find a suitable way to reject them on the spot. In the end, her editor also gave her a call about attending the event so Su Le could only agree.

Books that were trending were just like the fast food market. If she attended this signing event, it would certainly benefit her. However, personally, she didn’t like the feeling of mixing the online novel world with reality. She felt that it was better to keep them separate.


By the time Su Le left the restroom, Wei Chu had already packed up. The two of them left the building together. When they got into the car, Su Le did not ask anything about Tan Wei. It was like Tan Wei was really just an ordinary classmate from high school.

Only when they arrived at Su Le’s apartment building did she speak, “In the weekend, I have some matters to attend to, and may need to go to S City. I may need to cancel our original plans for the weekend.”

“It’s alright, your matters are more important.” Wei Chu then bent down and unfastened the seat belt for Su Le before asking, “Do you need me to take you to S City?”

“No, thanks, someone has already booked a plane ticket for me.” Su Le did not tell Wei Chu about her writing novels. She felt that even though their relationship was warming up, they still hadn’t reached the stage where they could talk about anything and everything. Su Le still felt some form of restlessness in her heart towards Wei Chu.

“Alright. Then be careful on your trip and remember to call me if anything comes up,” Wei Chu smiled magnanimously and opened the car door for Su Le. “Go home and rest early.”

“Okay, you should also rest earlier,” Su Le replied as she got out of the car. She turned around to face Wei Chu and saw he he had a gentle smile on his face and his eyes expressed the deep feelings he had for her.

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Su Le retracted her gaze and tried hard to calm her racing heart. She decided to trust Wei Chu this time.

After all, a relationship was not based on whether there were other people present or not. Rather, it was based on the attitude of the informed parties.

So she waited for Wei Chu’s response before deciding how to respond to him.

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