Chapter 36: A Soft Knife

Su Le thought that the gazes of Zhuang Wei’s parents were somewhat complex. When she first met the couple, the 2 seniors were slightly solemn but they were very well-mannered. Zhuang Wei’s father had been a carpenter when he was younger and opened a furniture factory later on. Then his business got larger and larger and reached to the current stage today. And the original furniture factory has become a home appliance and furniture manufacturing company.

When they saw Su Le, the 2 seniors felt somewhat uncomfortable because they knew what their son was like. They were satisfied with Su Le being their son’s girlfriend and believed that she would be a good wife. However, they never imagined that their son would do something like two-timing. It made them feel extremely embarrassed. And now, allowing Su Le to watch Zhuang Wei on a blind date as well, they felt even worse.

“Uncle, Auntie.” Su Le saw their table was not far from them so she turned around and greeted the 2 seniors. Although she had gotten rid of Zhuang Wei, she still treated the seniors with the respect that they deserved from the younger generation.

“Xiao Le.” Zhuang Le’s mother smiled awkwardly. “You also came to drink tea?”

“Yes. It’s a weekend so I came out with a colleague to drink tea and shop,” Su Le smiled at Zhuang Wei’s mother. Then she glanced at the young lady on the side. She was quite pretty, Su Le then said, “It seems that Auntie and Uncle have to settle some matters now so I won’t disturb you any longer. My friend and I were planning to leave soon anyway.”

“Yes, we do have to settle a few matters.” Zhuang Wei’s mother smiled awkwardly and replied, “If you have time in the future, do come to our house for a visit.” After speaking, she realised that what she said was inappropriate but since she had already said it out loud, she could not possibly take it back.

“I hope that Auntie and Uncle will not mind the trouble if I do visit.” Su Le thought that it wasn’t necessary to make the situation more difficult for the 2 seniors so she smiled and let the matter go.

Hearing Su Le respond like this, Zhuang Wei’s parents felt even more apologetic. The Su Le in front of them was wearing a fitting blouse matched with a fashionable suit. Even though her clothes were simple, Su Le’s outfit gave off a neat and refreshing feel. It was much better than the other woman. Zhuang Wei’s mother wasn’t sure what family would raise a daughter like that and also wasn’t sure what caused her son to do such a terrible thing.

Zhuang Wei’s mother was also a stubborn woman and she knew how much a woman suffered when such a matter occurred. The fact that Su Le was still willing to call her “Auntie” already made her feel fortunate.

“Su Le,” Zhuang Wei never thought he would meet Su Le in this place. Seeing her still so polite and courteous to his parents, he was moved and he couldn’t help but ask, “I gave you a call two days ago but it never went through. Are you okay?”

Su Le forcefully curved her lips into a smile, “Thank you for Mr Zhuang’s concern, I have just changed my number. That’s all.”

When Zhuang Wei heard this, his expression instantly turned sour. Su Le had changed their number, but he hadn’t been informed of it. What was that supposed to mean? He saw that Su Le had many things placed next to her and the items were not of cheap brands. He was somewhat stunned as he remembered what it was like when Su Le bought clothes and shoes in the past. Although they weren’t from expensive brands, they were still not bad, but he never asked Su Le where her money came from. He remembered that back when they were in university, Su Le had taken him out to eat at an expensive restaurant. It had the French food that he liked to eat. Though he couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant, he remembered that the meal had cost her twenty thousand dollars and he had forgotten where that money had come from.

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Maybe Su Le had always lived well, and it was him who never truly cared about Su Le. He also never thought about where she got all her clothing and jewellery from whenever he brought Su Le to important occasions or events. He only knew she was a stubborn person so he never asked or interfered with Su Le, and in the end, he ended up neglecting her.


“Mr and Mrs Zhuang, Mr and Mrs Yang, it is such a coincidence to meet you here today.” After Wei Chu learnt that Su Le was in a tea shop and that they had bought many things, he thought for moment before deciding that it would be best if he came and picked her up. But he never thought that as soon as he entered the shop, he would see people from both the Zhuang and Yang family. It appeared that Zhuang Wei was on a blind date with the Yang family’s second daughter.

“CEO Wei,” Zhuang Wei’s father looked at Wei Chu with respect. Even though he was older than Wei Chu, the Zhuang family’s business was no better than Wei Chu’s company. “I didn’t think that CEO Wei would also come to drink tea. Would you like to join us?”

When the Yang family heard this, they also invited Wei Chu to join them. After all, having more connections was beneficial in business.

“It’s okay. I just came to pick my girlfriend up.” Wei Chu smiled warmly, “When girls see pretty things, they just want to buy them. As a boyfriend, even if we don’t have the time to accompany them, picking them up, carrying their things, and being their driver is not a problem.”

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“Oh.” Zhuang Wei’s father smiled as he said, “I wonder which family’s daughter is the lover of such a considerate person like CEO Wei? Us seniors would also like to meet her.”

“Mr Zhuang must be joking around. Mr Yang may not know my girlfriend, but you should be familiar with her.” After finishing his sentence, Wei Chu walked towards Su Le and held her hand. “At first, I didn’t know Mr Zhuang was also acquainted with Le Le, but maybe this is fate.”

When Su Le heard Wei Chu call her “Le Le”, she trembled a little but her hand was held tightly by his, so she silently stared at a picture on the wall.

The two seniors from the Zhuang family looked at Wei Chu and then at their son. Even though parents are normally more partial to their children, they knew that deep down in their hearts, their son simply couldn’t be compared with Wei Chu.

“Le Le, you shouldn’t stand for such a long time, “Wei Chu smiled as he let Su Le sit down again before turning back to the group of people. “Mr Yang and Mr Zhuang still have things to discuss, right? Are we bothering you?”

“No, no.” Mr Yang smiled and disagreed before he complimented Su Le, “CEO Wei’s girlfriend is very beautiful. No wonder CEO Wei is so gentle and considerate to her.”

“She’s my girlfriend. Of course I should love her. Since she’s in my heart, then caring for her more is like caring for my heart more,” Wei Chu smiled as he said this.

When Su Le heard this, she was moved. She should use this sentence in her novels. Nothing but his sentence moved her. Her heartbeat even sped up a little. As expected, sweetened words held much power and when a good man said such words, the power of those words would double.

Chen Yue watched as Zhuang Wei, who was also standing at the side, became more and more crushed. Putting her cup down, Chen Yue felt rueful because Senior Wei did not say anything over the top. But why did she feel that Senior Wei’s words were all pointing at Zhuang Wei?

Using a soft knife to kill without spilling blood is truly a difficult skill to master.

Wei Chu didn’t really want Su Le to remain in this place so he glanced at Chen Yue, “Junior classmate, do you still want to drink? I can call for a new pot tea for you.”

“It’s okay. I’ve had enough.” Chen Yue retracted her hand that was reaching out for a cup and laughed dryly, “Drinking too much tea is not good for the skin.” As expected, when faced with Wei Chu’s ‘gentle’ treatment, she had no defence against it.

Then, lifting a few bags in his left hand and a few bags in his right hand. Wei Chu mastered the principle of treating his girlfriend’s friends nicely and carried most of Chen Yue’s bags. While Chen Yue was stunned by the sudden favour, Wei Chu bidded the Zhuang and Yang family farewell. Even though he was carrying many bags, he still had the aura of an elite.

“He’s an exceptionally good man.” Chen Yue was moved as she stared at Wei Chu’s back. A person like Wei Chu was willing to work hard for Su Le and he was even willing to carry her things as well. He did not seem like he was any different from other men just because he was handsome and rich. Also, he did not flaunt his wealth in front of his girlfriend’s friends or put on any airs. If a man was willing to do all this for Su Le and said that he didn’t have deep feelings for her, even if someone scarred Chen Yue’s face, she still wouldn’t believe it.

Chen Yue tilted her head to look at Su Le. As someone who wasn’t good at housework, didn’t like cooking and hated washing the dishes, she was like a female master. Although Su Le’s had a pretty appearance, she wasn’t considered as a rare beauty. Chen Yue shook her head. Great God does have a shortcoming, which was his taste. His taste was really bad!

Su Le carried a small handbag and followed Wei Chu out of the tea shop. Su Le beamed, watching Chen Yue panic as she took her bags back from Wei Chu. Standing foolishly beside her car, Chen Yue laughed dryly, “Senior Wei, thank you. I’m really grateful.”

“There no need for thanks. Since you’re Su Le’s friend, then you’re my friend as well. Thank you for always taking care of Su Le,” Wei Chu attitude towards Chen Yue was gentle. It made Chen Yue stunned yet again from the sudden thanks expressed.

Actually, she didn’t know that Wei Chu was thanking her for defending and taking care of Su Le. A sincere friend was difficult to find. For Su Le to have such a friend looking after her, Wei Chu was deeply grateful.

“Great God, I mean Senior Wei, you should listen to this. Su Le is my friend. Helping her is something I ought to do. When I was in trouble, Su Le was the first and only person who sincerely helped me. I didn’t thank her then so now she doesn’t need to thank me either.” Chen Yue’s attitude was serious as she looked at Su Le who was about 10 steps away from them. “Previously, I was constantly worried that Zhuang Wei did not truly understand Su Le and in the end, they split up. I don’t need you to thank me. I just hope you will treat her well. Don’t focus on how expressionless she normally is; it’s only because she’s strong and no matter what happens, she won’t reveal her weak side to others easily. So don’t be like those disgusting men and think that a strong woman can be bullied when you please while girls who weep endlessly are pitiful. If you are like that, then even if you were once my idol, I will still scold and curse you!”

Hearing this, Wei Chu truly felt a sense of appreciation for Chen Yue being there and nodded in response, “I won’t. Even when the most delicate and weak female appears, it does not concern me. It will only concern me if Su Le gets even stronger. If I ever betray Su Le, you can throw acid at me and I still won’t sue you.”

Chen Yue nodded, “Then everything is fine.” Even if the great God was extremely extraordinary, her friends were still more important to her. In such a situation, Chen Yue will not let anyone go so easily.

Seeing that they were done chatting, Su Le smiled and walked towards them, managing to catch the end of their conversation. “Things like acid shouldn’t be randomly played around with. Other than the fact that it’s difficult to buy, what will you do if you accidentally splash some on yourself?”

Chen Yue rolled her eyes, “Brainless people should go somewhere else. This lady can’t even be bothered to talk to you.”

“I was going to tell that I managed to get an autographed copy of the books you liked so much. If you don’t want them, I’ll just keep them in my collection.”

“Please don’t, it was just a joke. My darling, we will always be together.”

Wei Chu stepped away and patiently watched to the 2 women tease each other.


When Chen Yue drove off in her car, Su Le got into Wei Chu’s car. In the car, a song that Su Le liked was being played. The corners of her lips lifted and she looked at Wei Chu, “Impression points have increased by quite a lot. Do carry on working hard.”

Wei Chu looked at Su Le and saw that the tips of her ears were slightly red.

“I definitely won’t betray the trust that I’ve managed to build up.”

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