Chapter 82

Yang Cui walked to Qiao Tian Chang’s main door and directly screeched out: “Aa! What are you both doing?!” She did it as if she was the wife who caught her husband on bed with another woman.

Hearing the sound at the door, the two people who were playing Go could not help but frown. Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes carried obvious disgust.

“Big Brother Qiao, it seems that there is someone who does not want us to play Go peacefully.”

“It’s alright, let us continue.” They had played this far, how could he let it be for naught? That won’t be happening.

Ning Meng Yao stared at the chess board. She also did not want to stop so the two of them continued their game.

When the people who were chatting outside heard Yang Cui’s screech, they all walked over with the heart to gossip: “Cui girl, what are you doing now?” Was it really okay to be acting like this on New Year?

Yang Cui pointed to the room inside with a feeling of being wronged: “Why don’t you all see what they are doing?”

The mass thought that something happened inside so they all stretched their necks to peer inside, but they did not find anything, only seeing Ning Meng Yao’s servant reading at one side while Qiao Tian Chang and Ning Meng Yao playing Go on the other side.

“Cui girl, they’re not doing anything suspicious.”

“A man and a woman together in one room, what else could it be?” Yang Cui shouted with a screeching voice.

Some people by the side had given her an eye-roll as they all speechlessly gaped at Yang Cui: “I say, Cui girl, can you see things clearly first then speak? Both of them are playing Go, moreover, you’re saying a man and a woman alone in a room, but there is Ning Meng Yao’s servant. How did it turn into a man and a woman alone?”

Yang Cui became dumbfounded. She was only hearing Ning Meng Yao’s and Qiao Tian Chang’s voices, she did not hear another person’s.

Seeing the people blaming her, she did not believe it. Yang Cui then opened the door to see and it was true. In the courtyard, the three people did their own things.

Qiao Tian Chang who originally wanted to continue playing could not help but furrowed his brows: “It seems that we cannot continue playing Go today.”

“Then let’s play another day.” Being bothered by the crowd outside, the heart could not be fully peaceful. Qiao Tian Chang put back the pieces into the box as he spoke with helplessness.

“Alright. Qing Xue, tidy up, we’re going back.”

“Yes, young miss.” Qing Xue put the Go back together and followed Ning Meng Yao while holding onto the board.

When she walked to the entrance, Ning Meng Yao just realized that many people were standing by the door. Her eyes carried doubt as she asked: “These aunts, may I know what you are doing here?”

“Nothing, nothing. Meng Yao, what are you doing?”

“Oh, just ate supper and having nothing to do, I came to Big Brother Qiao to play Go.” Ning Meng Yao pointed to the board Qing Xue was holding while smiling.

They all heard this and let out ‘oh’ then did not pursue this matter, giving away path to Ning Meng Yao.

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After Ning Meng Yao walked two steps, Yang Cui suddenly screamed: “Ning Meng Yao, you shameless sl*t! You dared to seduce Big Brother Qiao, saying playing Go bull!” She was truly envious.

Regarding Qiao Tian Chang, it was as if she was possessed by an evil spirit. If she could not have it, then no one could.

Madam Chen who was inside heard Yang Cui’s words and unhappily furrowed her brows, walking out from the house. Seeing Yang Cui like that and seeing the people pointing, her face instantly became ugly and slapped Yang Cui: “Have you not embarrassed us enough? You want to ruin your big brother’s reputation, don’t you?”

Yang Huai was going to participate in the Imperial Examination next year. If he passed, then she would be a honorable madam. When the time come, she would settle things with that girl. See how she could still be so arrogant!

The things that happened before, her son had analyzed it in detail to her, especially the recent matter. If they continue being like that, when the time comes for him to join the examination, it would not be possible to be an official, so they should live a peaceful life, not making ruckus at that moment.

If his schoolmates knew of this, then he would the one who threw his face.

Because of Yang Huai’s words, the scene of Madam Chen slapping Yang Cui occurred.

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