Chapter 81

After eating, Qin pozi and the rest cleaned up the house. Ning Meng Yao took Qing Xue while carrying two jugs of wine and heard to the village.

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At this time, everyone was eating in their own houses. There seemed to be no one outside. Because of this, Ning Meng Yao chose this time to send the jugs of wine.

Although it was fine to be seen by others, she disliked trouble, so she did her best to avoid it.

When the two of them arrived, Qiao Tian Chang was eating alone as he read a book. When he saw Ning Meng Yao walking closer, his heart rose doubt: “Why are you here? Have you eaten?”

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These words were intimate, but Qiao Tian Chang seemed absolutely normal while Ning Meng Yao did not care about it. She only pointed to the two jugs of wine held by Qing Xue: “This is the wine that you helped me brew. I will give you two jugs first to drink. When you have moved to your new house, I will give you the rest.”

Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes shone. He had forgotten about this. At the time Ning Meng Yao was brewing the wine, he had constantly thought when the wine was done, he must taste it, but some things happened and he forgot about it.

“Alright, no problem.” Qiao Tian Chang received the jugs lifted over to him and put them on the side of the table. He pointed to the chair beside him: “How about you sit for a while?”

“Okay.” Ning Meng Yao recalled that there was nothing more to do at home so she agreed.

Qing Xue stood behind her young miss and hearing them speak like that made suspicion rose in her eyes. It was not like she never saw her young miss converse with a man, but she had never seen her young miss converse like this. She was not like this even with Ling Luo.

Young miss seemed very relaxed in front of this man. This was the conclusion Qing Xue after hearing the two speaking. And the truth was like that.

Ning Meng Yao had never realized that whenever she was speaking with Qiao Tian Chang, no matter what she said, Qiao Tian Chang always could continue the conversation, even giving his own opinion. This was the reason why she could be this close to Qiao Tian Chang.

Qiao Tian Chang’s voice traveled through the walls, letting Yang Cui able to hear their voices which were not hushed in the slightest. Her face turned very dark. He was so cold toward her, severe in speech and countenance, but was so good toward another woman. Qiao Tian Chang, you’re good, she thought.

Didn’t the villagers always speak about how good Ning Meng Yao was? She wanted those people to see what kind of person Ning Meng Yao was. Ning Meng Yao was only a temptress.

Thinking so, Yang Cui’s heart made a plan. She sat outside to eavesdrop on their conversation but found out that she could not hear what they were talking about. Even when she heard them, it was only a little.

“Of you have chess here?” Ning Meng Yao suddenly asked.

Qiao Tian Chang was surprised by the question then shook his head: “I don’t have it here.”

“Qing Xue, go back and get the chess. I suddenly want to play chess.” Ning Meng Yao softly ordered Qing Xue.

She liked Go and was good at it, but Qing Xue and the others did not like it so no one played with her. She accidentally knew that Qiao Tian Chang could during the time she was brewing wine, leading to the current circumstance in which they often play together.

Qing Xue nodded and went out to fetch the chessboard.

“Your hand must be itching.” Qiao Tian Chang said with mirth, the gaze he used to look at Ning Meng Yao carried pamper.

Ning Meng Yao raised her brow: “Don’t tell me you don’t want.”

“I did not say that.”

“Then it’s okay.”

The intimate tone they used made Yang Cui almost got angered.

Not long later, Qing Xue brought the Go board back. Qiao Tian Chang took a small table out with small snacks on it and put the Go board above the table. Ning Meng Yao played the white pieces while Qiao Tian Chang played the black pieces. The two of them started the game, completely forgetting that it was New Year that day.

Once they start the game, they forgot about everything. This also made Qing Xue felt bored and pick up the book Qiao Tian Chang was reading before. It was a travelling journal so Qing Xue relish in it.

Out of the three people in the courtyard, two were busy playing Go while one other read a book, causing the place to only be filled with Qiao Tian Chang and Ning Meng Yao’s hushed conversation.

From the time the two started their game, Yang Cui was not able to hear anything and thought that something happened. Looking at the time, it should almost be the time, she thought as she walked out the door.

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