Chapter 35: A Steady Progress

For the past few days, Wei Chu’s staff felt like they were immersed in a soft spring breeze while each department’s head was suspecting of whether the collaboration project accepted by their boss was actually that large, as they had not been criticised at all in the past few days. Even when they got the data wrong, all their boss did was say a few sentences before telling them to redo it. With such beautiful days like this, the department heads felt apprehensive and some even questioned if their boss was possessed.

Only Chen Xu remained calm and did his work like how he usually did it. His boss was a steel plate had already been melted by Su Le’s presence, so it was no wonder that his boss was so happy. But the collaboration between BaiSheng and JinChu was almost completed. Chen Xu was unsure if his boss’ attitude would still be as warm as that of a spring breeze when Su Le returned to BaiSheng.

All the senior level managers in JinChu had guessed that the relationship between Su Le and their boss was abnormal. As they slowly got to know Su Le better, they all thought that their boss has a good taste in women. This Miss Su was skillful in handling things, and she never used her relationship with their boss to get things to go her way. When it was wrong, she would change it. When it was a good idea, she would implement it. She didn’t act like she wanted to live off a rich man. Su Le also dressed up properly for every special occasion, rather than constantly wearing alluring clothing to attract attention, so the women who originally had not liked Su Le started admiring her.

It is not difficult for a woman to try to get a man to like them. What’s difficult, however, is to get women from the same age group as them to like them as well. Su Le’s personality, as well as her style of dealing with things, made the staff in JinChu, whom she interacted with, think that she was the best candidate to be their boss’ wife.

“As we have expected, if we alter the plan according to sister Liu’s idea, it will be much better,” Su Le looked at the new plan happily. Su Le did not try to conceal that she was learning from the staff, who had more experience than her. Neither did she pretend she understood everything when she actually did not, which made these experienced staff feel more comfortable.

“Xiao Su Su, the boss instantly came when we began planning to laze around. It’s not good if the boss finds out,” a female staff member smiled as she teased Su Le and pointed towards the door.

Su Le looked towards the entrance and saw Wei Chu standing there. It was obvious that he didn’t come in because he didn’t want to disturb everyone else. Su Le used her hands to signal ‘wait for moment’ to Wei Chu. Then, she turned back to the few people around her to carry on with their discussion. Only after expressing a few more ideas and making some alterations to the plan did she pack up and prepare to leave.


After the two figures disappeared from the entrance, sister Liu felt that it was a pity and said, “Su Le has much talent; it’s too bad that she is not a member of JinChu.” It was rare that someone so young could be so capable at working.

“She will be sooner or later,” the female colleague who had just teased Su Le laughed as she took out a carton of milk from the drawer to drink. “When Su Le becomes our boss’ wife, won’t she become one of JinChu’s people?”

The others started to laugh as well. Sister Liu felt worried as she looked towards the door. She sincerely liked Su Le. A rich man might treat you good now, but it doesn’t mean that he will treat you good forever. If the boss ended up letting Su Le down in the future, she didn’t know what would become of Su Le, who was such an optimistic girl.


After eating dinner with Wei Chu, Su Le went back home and received a call from Chen Yue, a close friend of hers, who invited her to go shopping together this weekend.

“Alright,” Su Le answered as she put her earphones on and began typing. “Should we meet up at your home?”

“Okay, no problem. Then I’ll hang up first, I still need to complete with my manuscript.” These days were not relaxing at all for her since she needed to work as well as write her novel. On her days off, she spent majority of her time writing novels. Sometimes, she was so busy that she stayed up at night by drinking bitter coffee to cough up an extra 1000 words for her novel. Most believed that authors would sit in a dark room alone, thinking about the plot and typing their stories, but in reality, many authors had a day job as well. Some might earn a few thousand, some might earn several tens of thousands, while some might even earn over a hundred thousand dollars a month. They were only willing to sit quietly in front of a computer and type while others were out playing because writing was their hobby. But it was fortunate that most of the readers were adorable. While there were occasionally one or two people who cursed, Su Le was not too bothered by it. After all, Su Le’s stories weren’t all cute and fluffy, so it was normal that some people would like the story, while some would not.

After posting a chapter, Su Le grabbed an apple to nibble on while browsing the discussion forum leisurely. Soon …. a text from Wei Chu came.

For the most part, what they talked about was really just nonsense, but every night, Wei Chu was always doing such childish things happily. Su Le felt that it was like getting to know a completely different Wei Chu, and now, this person in her eyes was no longer mysterious or some high-up figure. Instead, he was just an ordinary man. But this caused the feelings Su Le had for Wei Chu to further improve.

“I’m going to bed. Good night.” After having a bath and changing into her pyjamas, Su Le sent Wei Chu a goodnight message before getting into bed and falling asleep.


Wei Chu sat at his bedside and smiled as he looked at the text message on his phone. His laptop rested on his knee. On the screen, there was a web page opened that said ‘A Few Tips On How To Get The Person You Like To Gradually Notice You’.

He stroked his chin and thought, Since this webpage seems to need an investment, I can collaborate with it.


On Saturday, Wei Chu drove Su Le to Chen Yue’s apartment building. He lectured her about safety and that she should give him a call to help them carry things before he unwillingly drove off.

“Xiao Le Le, who was the owner of that branded vehicle who just sent you here?” By coincidence, when Chen Yue came down, she just happened to see a black Mercedes Benz drive away. She looked at Su Le curiously.

“Well, it was my trial boyfriend,” Su Le didn’t conceal it because things like these did not need to be hidden when it was between close friends. “When you have time, I’ll have him treat you to a meal.”

“Oh, so generous. Who is it?” Chen Yue was getting interested since Su Le had found a new boyfriend. Even though Su Le did say ‘trial’ boyfriend, Chen Yue chose to ignore that part.

“You already know him,” Su Le smiled as she walked with Chen Yue to the building’s parking lot. When Chen Yue opened the car door, Su Le said, “He is our senior schoolmate who is older than us by 2 years, Wei Chu.”

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“What!” Chen Yue shut the car door with a bang and looked at Su Le with a shocked expression. “You really managed to get great God Wei in your hands.”

“Wrong. It’s him who has finally managed to move my heart. Take note of your wording, Empress Dowager Chen.” Su Le helped Chen Yue open the car door before going around to sit in the passenger seat, “Okay, now stop being lost in thought. Do you still want to go shopping?”

“Su Le, you will be struck by lightning sooner or later. Be careful when you go out. Don’t let people “splash water” on you and dampen your spirits.” Chen Yue sat in the driver’s seat while clenching her teeth.

“Splashing water is better than getting splashed with acid so I don’t mind,” Su Le bit back. Although her heart is moved by Wei Chu, she had not yet reached the stage of loving him. But since they were gradually getting to know each other better, Su Le was actually anticipating it.

Chen Yue’s heart moved slightly when she noticed that Su Le’s eyes were shining brightly. Su Le must have felt something for Senior Wei and if Senior Wei could bring happiness to Su Le, that would be great. As long as someone could give Su Le happiness, then it didn’t matter whether that man was rich or poor, handsome or ordinary because as Su Le’s friend, she just hoped that Su Le could live happily.


They strolled around the shopping centre for a long time. The two of them went into clothing stores, shoes stores, jewellery stores, and cosmetic stores. Chen Yue bought many things and under her influence, Su Le also bought quite a number of items. The two friends were sat in a tea shop. Both were extremely and were unwilling to move.

“Su Le, is your new book coming out soon?” Chen Yue drank some tea before carrying on, “I saw some posters about your new book in some bookstores.”

“It’s probably is,” Su Le nodded and remembered that her editor had mentioned something about the process of book printing a few days ago. Clasping her hands around her cup, she started to say slowly, “All those matters are dealt by the publishing company. I’m not very interested in it.”

“Didn’t someone mention that one of your novels was going to be turned into a drama or movie?” Chen Yue was not familiar with the publication matters but seeing that Su Le knew what she was doing, Chen Yue stopped probing her about it. Drinking her tea steadily, Chen Yue asked, “Does Zhuang Wei still look for you?”

Su Le sighed. “He is just disappointed. That guy is still immature.”

Chen Yue agreed, “You’re right. He has been spoilt by his family since young and thinks that everything should go his way. There aren’t many people in this world who would listen to him and fulfill his wishes.”

Su Le lowered her eyes but she did not speak. The time she had spent together with Zhuang Wei was not short and Zhuang Wei was serious about her for a time, but she did not realize that Zhuang Wei had changed. The human heart was something that changed easily. Otherwise, why did people like to say ‘the moon represents my heart’? Wasn’t it because the moon was something that ever changing?

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“Still thinking about that scum?” Seeing Su Le’s expression, Chen Yue was somewhat annoyed, “He’s just a second generation heir, how can he be compared with the promising great God Wei? He is elegantly intimidating, refined, cultured, and he has a sense of propriety.”

Su Le rolled her eyes, “The great God Wei Chu in your mind is already gone in my mind.”

“A man only drops his mask in front of a woman he likes. Why aren’t you satisfied?” Chen Yue rolled her eyes at Su Le. She proceeded to turn around, and took a pendant out from a bag. It was a little buddha made from jade. Although it wasn’t very big, it’s quality was good.

“This a blessing jade buddha I got for you. I heard that it can ward off evil spirits. Keep it by your side. In case you attract something contagious in future, at least you won’t pass it on to me.” Chen Yue thought that if Su Le got her work plagiarised again or was cheated on again, then it was definitely Su Le who had bad luck.

Knowing that Chen Yue was the type who had sharp words but a soft heart, Su Le took the buddha pendant and wore it around her neck. As she thanked Chen Yue with a smile, she happened to see Zhuang Wei walking in with a young lady. There were also 4 seniors walking in front them, 2 male and 2 female. Out the 4 people, Su Le recognised 2 of them. They were Zhuang Wei’s parents.

Chen Yue also saw this. The atmosphere and service of the tea shop were very good but their prices were rather expensive, so they did not attract many customers. It was therefore very easy for Chen Yue to notice Zhuang Wei’s group. Looking at the situation before them, they could infer that it was a blind date.

Chen Yue looked at Su Le. Su Le’s expression looked normal. Chen Yue sighed in relief but before she could relax, she saw Zhuang Wei heading towards them, and Zhuang Wei’s parents were also looking in their direction.

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