Chapter 91: A Cold

That angered Sang Wan deeply, and her expression became not too good. Is he labeling the things that have been worn by me as dirty! And that my dirty things are not fit for his noble sister!

Shi Fengju noticed the change in Sang Wan’s expression, and he knew his words sounded terrible as he pondered to refine those words. Quickly, he smiled as he tried to correct himself, “That, Sang Wan, don’t think too much about it. It’s not that I’m disgusted, not at all! It’s just that, I think… that hairpin suits you when you wear it, so why did you give it to Big Sister? Don’t you have many other pieces of jewelry…”

Sang Wan’s expression eased a little, and she spoke with a stiff tone, “What’s the difference? Aren’t they all the same!”

It was your Big sister who chose it herself. Can I even refuse? I’m afraid that if I didn’t give it to her, you’ll surely find trouble with me later on!

Shi Fengju was rendered speechless. But seeing that Sang Wan about to get to bed, Shi Fengju suddenly felt an urge, and he blurted out, “Of course they’re not the same. I bought that hairpin especially for you, and I don’t wish for you to give it to others!”

Sang Wan was startled. Her body stiffened, and she stood on the spot motionlessly. What did he say? He said that he bought it “especially” for her? Did she hear wrongly!

Shi Fengju let out a deep sigh, “Sang Wan, you didn’t hear me wrong. I bought that especially for you. I think that hairpin suits you a lot! But I did not expect you to give it to someone else.”

Sang Wan’s lips moved slightly, and she said softly, “I, I, Big Sister came today. And the gifts she took were all picked by herself…”

“What?” Shi Fengju’s eyes suddenly became more spirited, and the bad mood seemed to have lightened quite a lot.

Sang Wan felt somewhat embarrassed and said vaguely, “Nothing! The day is quite late already, so you should rest early, too!”

Shi Fengju chuckled and asked, “What you mean is that my sister took it on her own accord, and it wasn’t you who presented her with it?”

That hairpin has already been given away, so what need is there to keep pursuing it! But she could only nod.

The edges of Shi Fengju’s lips rose. His questions seemed to have been on point, and he continued, “Then, do you like that hairpin?”

“…I like.” Sang Wan gently nodded again.

“I understand!” Shi Fengju smiled. “Since Big Sister has taken it, then so be it. You don’t have to feel any reluctance. Next time, I’ll surely find a better one for you! Now, go to bed early.”

“I will!” When had she ever said she was reluctant to give that hairpin away? But since he had already put it that way, she still felt somewhat glad. At the very least, wasn’t she now somewhere in his heart?

On the next day, Lan Xiang came rushing to the main courtyard and quietly searched for Shi Yumei. Anxiously, she exclaimed, “Eldest Missy, my family’s missy has fallen ill! Nubi does not dare to make such a fuss, but knowing that Eldest Missy is here, nubi built up the courage to seek Eldest Missy’s help on what nubi should do!”

Shi Yumei was anxious after hearing so and answered, “Foolish lass! You should hurry and call for the doctor when your missy is ill!”

“But Missy said not to. She doesn’t wish to worry…” Lan Xiang gulped as she spoke.

Shi Yumei frowned, and she followed Lan Xiang to Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence. “Go, I’ll follow behind! Why is she getting so scared and careful to such a point!” Not daring to tell Sang Wan to invite the doctor even though she’s sick, it seems Sang Wan must have bullied her to such a state!

Shi Yumei clenched her teeth. That woman really does know how to buy people’s hearts! I was too short-sighted to have almost had a good impression of her yesterday just because of a few pieces of jewelry! A close call it was, or I would have been deceived by that facade!

Gu Fangzi’s face was flushed red. Wearing an ivory gown, she lay in bed coughing endlessly. Her hair was held by a hairpin with no effort. Her eyes were red, and her complexion was slightly pale. On sight, she looked pitiful.

“How did you become like this! Wasn’t there nothing yesterday!” Shi Yumei was startled, and she sat on the edge of the bed as she exclaimed.

“Cousin Yumei!” Gu Fangzi greeted, and her eyes turned slightly moist.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry!” Shi Yumei went to embrace her, and gently patted her back before saying softly, “My good sister, don’t be sad! Has it been difficult? I will call for that vicious woman. You’re already ill to such a state and not a single one from her has come!”

“Don’t!” Gu Fangzi quickly pulled Shi Yumei before sobbing, “This isn’t related to her; it all is Fangzi’s fault. Yesterday night, Fangzi shouldn’t have sat in the courtyard for too long. Now I’ve caught a cold. I don’t know how, but I sat there all night without knowing, and when morning came, I felt this throbbing headache and couldn’t get out of bed… I’ve troubled Cousin Yumei again!”

“It’s my fault, too,” Shi Yumei could not help but feel slightly remorseful, she and sighed, “Yesterday night, I should have thought about you and come over to keep you company!”

Gu Fangzi hurriedly revealed a smile. “Cousin Yumei, what are you saying! It has been difficult for you to return to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, so you should use that time to stay with Aunt and be filial to her! Even if you came, Fangzi will surely not welcome it!”

That makes sense, Shi Yumei thought and nodded before feeling even more frustrated at Sang Wan. “It’s one thing for us, but for Sang Wan, how can she not come and see you! Is this how the wife is supposed to take care of those around Fengju? Just how did the Sang family teach their daughter!”

“Sister has been busy with preparing for the festival, so she must have been very busy and tired! Cousin Yumei, you shouldn’t blame her! In the end, it is Fangzi’s fault for being hungry for some moonlight…”

“You ah!” Shi Yumei could not help but sigh before saying, “Don’t worry! In the future, this must not go on! There’s me here now! Ai, also, did Fengju not come and see you yesterday?”

Shi Yumei’s words poked at Gu Fangzi in her sore spot. With an awkward look, she was barely able to force a smile as she replied, “Big Cousin, I’m sure he’s busy… but Fangzi knows that Fangzi is still in his heart! Knowing that… is enough…”

Shi Yumei suddenly remembered Shi Fengju returning late in the evening to settle her husband’s business! Feeling guilty, she let out a cough and stopped heading deeper into the topic. She looked at Gu Fangzi before smiling, and she comforted, “That’s right, you and my brother have such a long relationship, and he has always treated you well. This bond cannot be compared to anything else! It’s enough that you understand him!” With that, she then glared at Lan Xiang and scolded, “Foolish servant, why are you still standing here for? Go and call for the doctor! Don’t you see that your missy isn’t feeling well!”

Lan Xiang quickly gave Gu Fangzi a glance. Swiftly, she complied and hurriedly left.

Shi Yumei then continued to comfort Gu Fangzi.

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Gu Fangzi could only cheer up and smile gratefully at Shi Yumei, but her heart was secretly disappointed. She had wanted to use a roundabout method to secretly hint to Shi Yumei, so that she would often remind Shi Fengju to visit her more often. But who knew that before she could do so, she was stopped.

Lan Xiang hurried to the small garden and notified Sang Wan. Sang Wan went and instructed a servant to invite a doctor while she went off to Peony Park personally to have a look.

“Younger Sister, are you ill? Is it very serious?” Sang Wan entered and asked with concern.

“Oh, Sister, you’re here!” Gu Fangzi struggled to get up, expressing awe and surprise on her face.

“Younger Sister, you shouldn’t get up!” Watching her pretentious manner, Sang Wan sneered and went along with the act. She went up a few steps and stopped her before speaking with remorse, “Because of my negligence, Younger Sister has fallen ill!”

“So you do know ah!” Shi Yumei said coldly, “As Fengju’s wife, you should show more virtue! Fangzi is lawfully his concubine, so is this how you should take care of her? Moreover, she’s my mother’s niece. If you continue to do so, I’m afraid that when my mother starts to blame you, you might not be able to handle it!”

“It is indeed my negligence!” Sang Wan lowered her head, but seeing Lan Xiang standing at the side, she went on, “And as for you, is this how you serve your missy? The night breeze is chilly, so how could you let your missy catch a cold in the courtyard? Your missy is still in her period of mourning when she will not be in the mood to take care of her body? Even if you couldn’t stop her, you should have brought her extra clothes to wear! You’ve followed your missy for so many years, and there I thought you’d be careful, but who knew you’d be this careless! Younger Sister ah, do you want to choose over your servants?

Lan Xiang secretly cried bitterly to herself and was already on her knees, acknowledging her mistake. Gu Fangzi and Shi Yumei were both stunned by Sang Wan’s words and were unable to refute.

“Thank you Sister for you concern!” Gu Fangzi coughed before saying gratefully, “Sister is already busy day in and day out with the household affairs, so there’s no need for Sister to worry about things here! Yesterday was entirely my fault, it has nothing to do with Lan Xiang! She’s very good and is very useful, and there’s also no need to add to the number of servants here!”

Add? Gu Fangzi sneered in her heart, Sure enough, the vixen’s tail is exposed. Do you think you can add spies into my courtyard! As if I’d let you!

“Younger Sister ah,” Sang Wan cast a glance at Shi Yumei. You heard it, she admitted that it was all her responsibility and that this has nothing to do with me! There’s no way I can keep having my eyes on her! With a smile, she continued, “You’re already an adult, so how can you be so willful! Besides, that body is yours! If you fall ill, you yourself will suffer, and others would surely be distressed! In the future, don’t do it again!”

Turning to Lan Xiang, she smiled and apologized, “You’re a good lass. It is me who has wronged you! You’re loyal and will not try to offer any explanations! I’ve truly wronged you!”

“Nubi doesn’t dare!” Lan Xiang bowed and responded before she gently stood at a side.

Since Gu Fangzi had already said so, Shi Yumei was no longer able to put any of her ideas to use, and she snorted.

Not long after, the doctor arrived. After a quick diagnosis, he said that it was just a cold, and there was no need to worry. He took out two doses of medicine and told a servant to decoct it before serving it to the patient before reminding her not to expose herself to the chilly night breeze again. In a day or two, she would recover.

Sang Wan ordered a servant to see the doctor out before instructing Lan Xiang, “Although the doctor said not to worry, this medicine is for your missy to take, and I’m sure you’ll be careful with them! Now go take the medicine. Don’t be lazy and boil the medicine before serving it to your missy! If something goes wrong, even if your missy were to spare you, I will not! Now go!”

Lan Xiang cast a glance at Gu Fangzi. Seeing that Gu Fangzi was too sick to notice her gaze, she softly answered before taking the medicine.

Deep down, Gu Fangzi was frustrated because she had originally wanted to tamper with the medicine. But Sang Wan had already made it clear with Shi Yumei that the full responsibility fell upon Lan Xiang. Clearly, Sang Wan was wary of her, as well as warning her.

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