Chapter 134: I’m warning you, don’t move

Ye Jian arched her back and climbed through the window that did not have a burglar mesh installed. She jumped into the room with an indifferent expression. Then she bent down to pick up the camera under Liao Jian’s stunned gaze…

During the whole process, there was no communication between Ye Jian and him. After picking up the camera, she stepped onto the study table, arched her back, and gently leaped downwards as she disappeared from the room.

Liao Jian kneeled there unmoving, and even his eyeballs could only remain still. Once she had leapt out of the window, his soul seemed to have returned to his body. He ran to the study table, and he used both hands to support himself. He looked down only to see Ye Jian waving at him from under a street light…

Liao Jian’s face turned pale, and his neck retreated because he was too afraid to continue looking. With trembling hands, he then closed the windows with a bang, and his body weakly slid off the study table until he collapsed and sat on the floor.

Jumping from the seventh floor, that Ye Jian… How did she do it?!

And how did she climb up to the seventh floor in the blink of an eye?!

An unprecedented terror filled the air, and Liao Jian started regretting making a promise to Ye Ying. He had come all the way to Provincial High to spy on someone whom he couldn’t handle!

No, this would not work out. He must return to the town tomorrow because he couldn’t afford to have Ye Jian set her sights upon himself!

Downstairs, Ye Jian muttered a few sentences. Xia Jinyuan raised his eyelids and glanced towards the curtain that had lost all light. His thin lips were suppressing a hint of determination, and he bellowed, “I’m afraid that sister of yours is harboring evil intentions. Since you suspect she is trying to prevent you from qualifying, Ye Jian, you have to be more vigilant in school!”

He was aware of the secret struggle among females, and their fights that happened in the shadows were impossible to guard against!

The next day, Ye Ying sat down in the classroom and stared at the camera placed on her desk. Although she was trying to feign calmness on her small face, her trembling eyelashes betrayed her current mood.

“I’m so sorry for ruining it. I’ll have to trouble you to explain it the next time you meet up with fellow student Liao Jian.” Ye Jian’s clear gaze stared at Ye Ying who was lowering her head out of guilt, and she said in a chilling voice, “I believe that if you show up with this imported camera in front of him, fellow student Liao Jian most likely wouldn’t make me pay him back.”

Ye Ying gently shut her eyes, and when she opened them up again, her eyes were filled with a hazy look. “Return it to whom you took it from. What are your intentions in passing it to me? Please excuse yourself, I still want to study!”

“I do want to personally return it to Classmate Liao; however, when I remember how I scared him last night, I thought it over, and he probably would not dare to see me. But if it’s you, he will definitely come.” Ye Jian gently knocked on the desk with the tip of her fingers, and her unpleasant tone revealed a hint of frigidity that made Ye Ying panic. “Ye Ying, if you don’t want any accidents to happen before the exam, you better behave yourself.”

Her words contained a substantial threat and frostiness akin to that of icicles. Ye Ying’s heart trembled lightly, and she bit her lower lip and stopped speaking.

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At the same time, she lightly let out a sigh of relief inwardly.

Fortunately, both of them had to face an exam. If not… Ye Ying thought, Based on the d*mned lass’s current temper, I believe she will give me a hard time.

Realizing she had hired someone unreliable, Ye Ying directed her rage entirely towards Liao Jian. She berated him severely and even smashed the camera that was worth a few thousand yuan.

Liao Jian had originally wanted to remind her to be careful of Ye Jian, but after being berated by Ye Ying, Liao Jian’s eyes could almost shoot out flames, and he left holding back against the temptation to slap her face.

Remind her? What a joke!! If she’s that capable, she can handle it herself!

After going through such an event, Ye Ying surprisingly settled down and did not dare cause any mischief.

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