Chapter 135: Scattering Splendor

July 17th marked the end of the fifteen-day intensive training, and on that same night, twelve students under the guidance of Provincial High’s teachers were headed towards the capital city.

Before all the students could be carried away from the excitement of being at the heart of the country—the capital, the five-day intensive exams promptly began on 19th July and lasted until 23rd July.

Only after reaching the capital did they learn that the other provinces had also sent out their eighth graders and ninth graders. The few famous schools in the capital did not include just high schools; they also had middle schools entering at the same time.

On the first day, four of the twelve students from the town middle school were disqualified. On the second day, three more were eliminated. On the third day, two more bade farewell. Only Ye Jian, Ye Ying, and Gao Yiyang remained among the initial twelve students.

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The atmosphere of the whole exam hall was very tense. During the four-day stretch of answering difficult written tests, oral exams, impromptu questions, etc… even Ye Jian, who was usually calm, had cold sweat on her palms as she faced the different question formats.

Yet, each time it was her turn to face the challenge, her back would bolt upright, and her black pupils would stare straight at her opponent calmly. She would then answer the teacher’s problems leisurely and swiftly.

On the site, there were a total of fourteen teachers who had received the title of “China’s Excellent Teacher.” Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics teachers were throwing out questions on rotation, bombarding them with questions about every subject.

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The exam was literally not divided into specific subjects! Any and all types of questions could appear at any time during this exam where subjects would overlap!

“That is correct!”

“That is correct!”

“That is correct!”

Whenever Ye Jian answered the questions correctly in succession, the proctors’ voice would sound extraordinarily loud and clear. After sixteen rounds, this pretty girl with lively eyes still ranked first with a hundred percent accuracy!

Even the two high school students who had participated in the Olympiad three years ago had been suppressed by her.

Gao Yiyang’s performance was undoubtedly remarkable. Moreover, his accuracy had always been in the top three in the middle school division! On the other hand, after entering the exam which included multiple subjects, Ye Ying repeatedly made mistakes.

“Incorrect answer. Three wrong answers in succession; Student Ye Ying of Fu Jun Town in Northern Province, disqualified.”

After continuously responding to thirty minutes of time-pressuring questions, Ye Ying sat down, and not a single trace of blood was present on her pale face. Her gaze was staring at Ye Ying who was still standing on the stage with seven other students from three of the capital’s top schools.

She then saw Ye Jian eliminate another student with ease, and when she was confronted with the English teacher’s problem, fluent English came out of her mouth naturally as if it were her native tongue, never stopping even for a moment!

Unbelievable! She really knows how to speak English! G*dd*mnit! Why have I never realized that!

And she saw all the teachers who were present revealed smiles of approval towards… Ye Jian!

They were smiling towards the d*mn lass whom she had always underestimated, the one whom she had always held in contempt!

Her sharp fingernails stabbed into her palm, but Ye Ying didn’t register any of the pain. She only felt… the brilliance of Ye Jian, who was standing on the stage, that was tempting her to get rid of Ye Jian to make herself feel better!

Even though she’s only an orphan, on what basis does she stand there, basking in the attention of all the teachers! On what basis does she stand there and receive everyone’s admiration!

If it wasn’t for her, I would definitely have qualified!

It is because of her! That d*mned Ye Jian gave me insurmountable pressure and caused me to continuously lose my edge!

Ye Jian, who was standing on the stage, smiled after answering the English teacher’s question. Her smile naturally revealed her tenacity and confidence that attracted everyone’s gaze in an instant.

“Her memory completely exceeds everyone here, so we do not have any reason to prevent such an excellent student from entering the international competition. Ye Jian of Fu Jun Town in Northern Province, qualifies.” After some discussion among a few of the higher ranked teachers, the first student to qualify was surprisingly not someone from the capital, but rather a student who came from a school deep in the mountains.

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