Chapter 136: Who can stop her?

Sounds of applause came from her competitors, the teachers, and even from those whom she had eliminated herself… As the first one to qualify, Ye Jian stood on the stage as she maintained a polite smile. Facing the booming applause, she calmly bowed and said, “Thank you.”

She had the aura of a general; she was neither impatient nor rash, further gaining approval in the hearts of the teachers.

Once Principal Cao, who had come along on the journey, heard Ye Jian’s name, his hand trembled while twisting open a bottle of heart-saving pills that he kept in his hands, and he ate three of them in one go.

Security was the strictest in the capital, and they even hid ammunition in the military compound. Wearing his short-sleeved uniform, Xia Jinyuan walked down the stairs while he tightened his necktie.

He was in his summer military uniform, his shirt tucked into his pair of neatly ironed olive green army trousers. A brown belt was wrapped around his waist, revealing the sexy curves of his perfect, masculine body.

His shoulders were broad, and his legs were slender. His noble and elegant strides exuded a gentlemanly exquisiteness everywhere he went.

Someone had once commented that when Xia Jinyuan was in his summer military uniform, people would have an irresistible urge to behave like a hooligan and pounce on him to strip him… because of the temptation created by his uniform. Besides him, there was no one else who had that allure!

“Dad, I’m heading out for a bit.” Going down the stairs, he could see Chief Commander Xia sitting on the sofa sipping his tea as he read the newspaper during his hard-earned break. “You should get some rest. I might come back late at night.”

Chief Commander Xia had no idea that his son was home in the first place… Once he heard a voice resounding behind him, he turned his head with a shocked look and said, “You little brat, where did you pop out from? And why didn’t you make any noise?”

In addition, he saw his son wearing his summer military outfit… All he needed was a glance to know that he had specially dressed himself up. Chief Commander Xia put down his newspaper, stood up, and appraised his handsome son with interest, “Oh, is the sun rising from the west? Or did you finally learn how to fix yourself up? Are you going on a date? Which family is she from? If things go well, bring her home and let me have a look.”

Others’ sons changed their girlfriends four to five times a year. Why is it that the little brat from our house… hasn’t even brought a strand of a girl’s hair back home after a year?

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If he hadn’t rummaged through his son’s room and found some disks that were rated 18+, he would have suspected that his son was hanging out in the troop because he loved military outfits and not makeup! [Ei… meaning lost in translation, military outfit = all guys, makeup = girls]

Xia Jinyuan looked down at his outfit. When he saw that there was nothing outstanding, he raised his brow and said, “Now where did you see me fixing myself up? It’s not considered a date, but I am indeed meeting up with a lass.”

“Besides, you shouldn’t think too much of it. The girl is fourteen years old and still in middle school.”

Perhaps he really was overthinking. Chief Commander Xia immediately lost all interest. He waved his hand as if to usher his son out, “Go, go, go. Have fun out there. Don’t come back for dinner tonight; I’ll be having dinner at Uncle Han’s.”

But Xia Jinyuan had already chicly walked out of the courtyard. He started his car and sped towards his destination.

Ye Jian exited the exam hall, with hurried footsteps, she walked towards the school gate. She only had four minutes left until her appointment with Xia Jinyuan; if she couldn’t make it in time by walking, she would have to start running.

“Ye Jian.” Someone came running up to her, his stride far and wide. He jogged towards her as if he were afraid she would leave, and asked, “Where are you headed to right now? We’ve decided to eat outside sometime later when Ye Ying and company leave, then we’ll send them off by train.”

The disqualified students couldn’t remain in the capital, so they would be brought back to the Northern Province by Provincial High’s teachers.

Gao Yiyang was familiar with the capital. After asking the chaperone teachers for permission, they decided to have dinner at Wang Fu Jin in the capital and enjoy the local specialities.

The other students were happy to oblige.

All of them did, except for Ye Jian… He had only just spared some time to chat to with Ye Ying, before Ye Jian, who had just been in the area, was nowhere to be found.

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