Chapter 34: Let’s Try (Dating)

When Chen Kai finished speaking, Su Le’s expression changed slightly. Meanwhile, Wei Chu, who was seated on the side, replied while maintaining his gentlemanly demeanour, “Thank you for CEO Chen’s reminder. But even if you hadn’t reminded me, I would have still looked after her very well.”

Su Le glanced at Wei Chu from the corner of her eye and thought, Can you not go with the flow and agree so smoothly?

Chen Kai could hear his discontentment and his willingness to protect Su Le in his words. Chen Kai laughed bitterly. He wasn’t sure whether he should be feeling relieved or ashamed. He was afraid that to Su Le, he was just a distant and irresponsible father, and that he didn’t even have right to say those words. No wonder Wei Chu had such an attitude when speaking to him.

But he felt somewhat happy that Wei Chu treated him like that because it at least proved that Wei Chu was serious about Su Le.

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“Niu Niu, all those years ago, I …” Chen Kai felt regret from the bottom of his heart. If he had stayed with Su Ruan Xiu for all those years, his life might have been much better than his current one. A successful daughter. A virtuous wife. Why was he so muddle-headed then, resulting in him ending up like this today?

Su Le had a sip of coffee. It was somewhat bitter. She smiled, unconcerned, “I don’t have the right to judge the things that happened between you and my mother. Unfortunately, you too do not have the right to look for my mother to discuss about the past either. You should carry on being a big CEO. My mother and I are currently living very well. Please do not disturb us.”

Chen Kai’s lip twitched. Looking at his expressionless daughter in front of him, he didn’t know what else to say.

“I still have something to do tonight, but CEO Chen is welcome to collaborate with BaiSheng in the future.” Su Le stood up and went to the counter to pay.

Wei Chu expression darkened as he looked at Su Le’s back. His gaze returned to Chen Kai, who looked stunned, and said, “Mr Chen, I should also leave now. Excuse me.”

Sitting all alone at a table, Chen Kai took out the crumpled cheque. The ‘one hundred thousand’ on the cheque made him shudder. He had asked around for Su Le in the past. He found out that she had graduated a bit more than a year ago before joining a joint venture company. But later on, a colleague plagiarised her work, which caused Su Le to quit and break up with someone who was a small shareholder of Zhuang Shi. She then joined a beverage company called BaiSheng. Where was Su Le going to find a hundred thousand to pay back JinChu’s CEO in such a short amount of time?

Niu Niu’s personality is similar to her mother’s. Chen Kai sighed and put the cheque back into his pocket before making his way towards the exit slowly.


When the car reached Su Le’s building, Wei Chu opened the car door for her. When Su Le got out of the car, Wei Chu suddenly said, “Su Le, let’s try it out.”

Su Le stopped moving. She turned around and looked at Wei Chu, who was still standing by the car, and raised her eyebrows, “Try?”

Wei Chu nodded. “Try, if I could be your boyfriend. I’m willing to be a trial boyfriend and you can set the length of time of the trial.”

“Shouldn’t there be a interview first before a trial?” There were no expression on Su Le’s face; it was as if she was just talking about the weather.

“I still need to take an interview when I’m already in this state?” Wei Chu asked shamelessly. “I can drive, earn money, change the sheets and sweep the floor. I can cook and be a host. If you tell me to go east, I’ll never go west. If you want to shop, I will accompany you to carry the bags. I am definitely a good man that people would choose in a magazine as their number one ideal man.”

Su Le was stunned. She had never thought someone like Wei Chu would ever say something like that. A second later, she started laughing and waved her hands, “Come here.”

After taking a few large steps, Wei Chu was right in front of Su Le a. Su Le touched his chest and looked up and down like she was evaluating him, “Hm, strong body, teeth are not bad, and good looks too.”

“I’m looking for a boyfriend, not a money-maker.” Wei Chu let Su Le evaluate him for as long as she liked. Even when Su Le verbally attacked him, he just stood there, without any anger showing on his facial expression.

Su Le was slightly moved and suddenly laughed, “Okay.” Then she turned around and left.

Wei Chu froze as he pondered what Su Le’s ‘okay’ meant. By the time he came to his senses, Su Le’s figure was no longer in sight. He happily took out his phone and called a friend, “Call the brothers out for a drink. My treat.”

Even a revolution would have a day where it would succeed, and now he could be considered somewhat successful. It was worth celebrating. Thank you, God.

Compared to Wei Chu’s current joy, Su Le’s current mood was very complex. She had already surpassed the age where she would be moved by sweet nothings. In the beginning, she did not think too deeply about Wei Chu’s kindness and gentleness when treating her, but she was not so stupid that she hadn’t detected anything. She didn’t know what an outstanding person like Wei Chu saw in her, whom she did not consider someone great, but tt appeared that he liked her so much that he was patient with her and obeyed her.

The story of Cinderella ended when the prince found Cinderella again, so no one actually knew what their life was like afterwards. In a woman’s heart, Wei Chu could be considered a prince-like figure. Su Le was not considered a Cinderella, and she was definitely not a princess.

Su Le had hesitated before, and pretended to be naive. But she was not a woman who was afraid to love or regret. It was just that she preferred to choose a man whom she could steadily spend her days with. While someone like Wei Chu could fit in with her ideal life, he was also someone who attracted many females to him.

Her feelings were complicated as she felt that someone like him would be snatched away by another woman, and she would need to tie him up and keep him hidden in her home. But when she heard Wei Chu was willing to have a trial period, Su Le made up her mind. Even if she and Wei Chu really broke up in the future, she wouldn’t die from it. Besides, if Wei Chu truly loved her, and she had feelings for him, then she wouldn’t be able to face herself in the future if she wasted this opportunity.

It was fine like this. It would be a trial period for both her and Wei Chu.

After updating a chapter of her novel, Su Le didn’t feel sleepy so she posted an extra 2000 words of her novel, causing her readers to feel shocked and wonder if she had received some form of trauma. Su Le read the amusing comments left for her and laughed out loud. After checking the time, she discovered that it was almost morning, so she replied to a few comments before switching off her computer and proceeding to lie on her bed.

She then grabbed her phone from the bedside and saw there were 3 unread texts.

[Went out to drink with my friends tonight and I just found out the prices of alcohol has gone up.] [I noticed that you were busy looking at a Chinese historical comic on a poster. I bought a few of them, I’ll give them to you tomorrow.] [Are you asleep? Good night ^-^]

All three texts were sent by Wei Chu. Su Le suddenly remembered that she was no longer single anymore so she thought for a moment before replying. [Okay, good night. You should also remember to rest early.]

Bang! Wei Chu heavily slammed a bottle down on the table, “Let’s have another round!” As his gaze landed on his phone screen, he could no longer hold in the smile on his face.
“Brother, are you alright? Did you suffer from some form of trauma?” Cao Yu Dong worriedly asked as he watched Wei Chu drink alcohol like it was water. He hesitantly asked, “Has your company gone bankrupt?”

Wei Chu did not speak, instead, it was Chen Xu, who was sitting at the side, who kicked Cao Yu Dong, “Can’t you say anything good? Are you cursing me to be jobless? I think he’s heartbroken. Boss must have confessed to Su Le but he got rejected?”

Chen Liu Zhong started to nod as he remembered what Su Le was like, “Miss Su is the type of woman that’s not materialistic. Did you use the wrong tactic?”

“Psh. If Su Le tells Lao Da to go east, Lao Da will definitely listen to her. He wouldn’t dare to throw money around.” Chen Xu held a bottle and drank a mouthful before smacking his lips together and carrying on, “You haven’t seen what Lao Da is like in front of Su Le, he becomes really … incapable.”

“Being incapable is better than being single. One should love their wife rather than oppose her,” Wei Chu said as he carefully placed his phone back into his pocket before looking up and glaring at the two people, “Don’t jinx things.”

“Aren’t you just…” Cao Yu Dong raised his voice, “You managed to pursue Su Le?”

Wei Chu smiled while drinking some beer, “Yes, there’s been progress.” Even though it was still on trial, as long he held tight to this chance and not let it go, he would go from trial boyfriend to official boyfriend. The road to revolution is difficult but the success attained is sweet.

“Then what are you so happy about!” Everyone else looked down on Wei Chu as they could already imagine his position in the family in the future when he got together with Su Le.

“You need to understand the feelings of someone when they have been in a desert for a few months and they suddenly receive a drop of water,” Chen Xu patted Cao Yu Dong’s shoulder. Lao Da didn’t have it going easy.

In the end, an influential figure of the generation, great God Wei Chu, had begun the journey of love. It made men rueful and the women sigh.


The next morning, when Su Le went downstairs, Wei Chu had already arrived and was waiting happily for her by his car. He was even carrying breakfast in his hands. He was exactly like a youthful man in love.

Su Le didn’t know why, but the complex feelings she had originally felt were instantly replaced with happiness. She then took the breakfast from Wei Chu’s hands and let him secure the seat belt for her. Su Le began eating, while Wei Chu drove unhurriedly. Surrounding them were people rushing to work: crowding onto buses, climbing into cars, or climbing onto motorbikes. The streets were bustling with people and were extremely busy.

Turning her head, Su Le looked at the man next to her. Not only did he have a good appearance, he also had a nice smile. With the soft piano music playing in the background, Su Le suddenly felt that life like that was pretty good.

After finishing their breakfast, they had almost arrived at BaiSheng. Su Le took out a cheque. It was a cheque for a hundred thousand dollars.

Wei Chu was familiar with Su Le’s personality so he accepted the cheque. Of course, he did not ask how Su Le had obtained so much money when she had only graduated for about a year. Wei Chu respected Su Le’s privacy, just like how Su Le respected him in his decision in the collaboration between BaiSheng and JinChu.

“We have arrived,” Wei Chu stopped the car and unfastened Su Le’s seat belt. He then pecked Su Le on the lips lightly and said, “Later, you can just go straight to the planning department and we’ll have lunch together.”

When Su Le got out of the car, she touched her warm lips. A moment ago, Wei Chu had kissed her very lightly, like feather had just brushed past her lips, but her heartbeat had begun to quicken.

As expected, beauty’s trap can kill!

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