Chapter 655 – A Celestial Couple!

Thus far, she had only managed to cultivate one clone; the clone was sent out to perform a task not long ago and it was already destroyed.

Her heart was bleeding at the loss!

She sternly shouted at the foxes present, “Scram, all of you get out now!”

The demon foxes dared not disobey and quickly scrambled out in fear.

Madam Fox Charm licked at the bleeding area where her tail had broken off, her eyes was filled with venomous rage, “Good, these humans! They dare refine my eyes and eat them. They better not encounter me in the future… Else… I, Madam Fox Charm, am swearing that Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan will experience an extremely painful death!”


Holy City, Saintess Palace.

Bai Li Zi Xi had just moved over to that palace; the estate was decorated very luxuriously and there were also several servants moving about busily.

Bai Li Zi Xi was only an elite student of the Holy Academia previously, so her estate was a common one that had no servants. Now that she was conferred the title of Saintess, every aspect of her living accommodations had been improved and she had also been granted a few special rights as well.

The Saintess was the icon of belief amongst the people, therefore she was specially granted this Saintess Palace that was located in the center of the Holy City and it was to provide easy access for the people to worship when they want.

Bai Li Zi Xi was blankly staring outside the window when several small hummingbirds flew in one after the other.

Each hummingbird released a series of chirping that makes it hard for anyone to understand.

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Bai Li Zi Xi was the only exception.

“Young Master Ya and Huan Qing Yan went on different ways, Huan Qing Yan had already reached Surging Wave Academia? Good… Surging Wave Academia…” Bai Li Zi Xi pondered for a while before she displayed an amorous smile.

In front of others, Bai Li Zi Xi would always display a cold and arrogant look.

But behind others, the coldness would disappear; replacing it was a overbearing glamorous feeling, like a blooming Chinese Peony, gorgeous beyond comparison.

Another hummingbird started to chirp.

Bai Li Zi Xi’s smile reduced, “Rumors about the Saintess being unlucky is going around within the Holy City because the Saintess Ceremony ended in a blood bath… Truly ridiculous, I wonder who is the one spreading such harmful rumors about me…”

The next moment, another hummingbird flew to her.

This time it was a report, “Ji Mo Ya went to met the two Half-Sages…”

Bai Li Zi Xi tidied her attire before leaving her estate, she wanted to tearfully complain to the Half-Sages about her grievances as well.


The journey from the Holy City to Surging Wave Academia only took a few days.

When Huan Qing Yan reached the academia, mixed feeling of ease and stress welled up within her.

She encountered several people as she walked about in the academia, many whom she did not know and they were pointing fingers at her; however none came to harass her during her walk, only giving her various gazes of envy, jealousy and hate.

She returned to Alpha Hall as she was still the apprentice of the hall.

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When suddenly, many students surrounded her. Amongst them was an excited Hou Ning Xue, “Young Mistress! Congratulations on your recovery!”

Huan Qing Yan calmly nodded, “Thanks.”

There were also other students from Hanging Cloud Empire, a mix of people she had met before and also those she had yet to; they all came up to greet Huan Qing Yan, “Young Lady Huan, congratulations at becoming a celestial couple with Young Master Ya!”

“You ranked up really fast, I remember you are only a Five-Star Spirit Master last year, yet you are now a Nine-Star Spirit Master. The next Beta Hall exam, you will surely get number one!”

“That’s true. I wonder if you could give us your wedding invitation when the time comes for you to hold your wedding? We are all people from Hanging Cloud Empire, that time when Young Master Ya was in Hanging Cloud, I already knew Young Master Ya had some feelings for you…”


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