Chapter 654 – Things Are About To Begin Soon…

“Ssshh, from now on we better try getting into her good books; no matter what, she is still Young Master Ya’s woman.”


Huan Qing Yan ignored the gossips of these people.

When Ji Mo Ya was by her side, he made arrangements for her protection, so it was fine even when she was rather weak.

Now that she was alone, she has to adopt the example of a queen!

Become stronger, stronger, and even more stronger…

The immediately goal after she returned to Surging Wave Academia was to rank up and become a True Spirit Master.


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Hidden within the crowd, ‘Huan Jiu Li’ looked at the direction where Huan Qing Yan went off in before turning  away.

Following the large wave of people who were leaving the Holy City.

However, in his hand was a couple of green threads that was unnoticed by the people around him.

This was the Holy City’s Power of Will.

The Spirit Treasure Continent possessed a bit of chaotic ego, something that ordinary people would never be able to detect. Only some at the Half-Sage or Half-Emperor level would be able to communicate with it.

This chaotic ego was also referred as Power of Will.

In locations where people and strong spirit energy gathers, the Power of Will would be stronger and vice versa.

Only a powerful person can communicate with the Power of Will; the Power of Will could be referred to as a form of unique energy, no one knew the method of using this energy, not even the Half-Sages.

Therefore, the Power of Will was not collected by people, and was left alone in usual times…

‘Huan Jiu Li’ did not collect much; if he were to collect too much, it would be detected by the Half-Sages within Holy City. The two threads in his hand was one of the tasks he had in mind for this trip.

The first was to find out the latest situation of the Young Mistress and ensure that she was safe, the next was to investigate the Power of Will of the Holy City.

With both tasks completed, it was also time for him to leave.

He did not have much time leave, with everything coming into place one by one, things are about to begin soon…


The Demon Lands, Fox Clan.

A lady of seductive charms was currently mating with a fox clan member in beast form, the fox beast was pressing her against the ground and ravaging her savagely, their sounds of pleasure spread and reached several kilometers afar.

This attracted many foxes to approach to watch the show.

The lady’s hair was in a mess, except for the rouge on her face and a few pieces of fox skin covering her chest, everything else was exposed to plain sight. This created a lethal seduction that only caused the fox beast on her to work even harder, their alluring and seductive performance caused the observing male and female foxes to uncontrollably form pairs and immerse in their own carnal pleasures themselves…

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That scene was chaotic.

The beautiful and seductive lady was Madam Fox Charm.

She looked exactly the same as the one at Mask Town, however her beauty and seductiveness felt even stronger.

Suddenly, Madam Fox Charm released a terrible cry in the middle of her enjoyment, before throwing a powerful kick at the male fox hard at work; the male fox was caught unaware and did not manage to defend against the attack and on the spot it became unconscious.

The foxes that were engaging in their own acts of pleasure all stopped as well, some were confused while some were fearful.

“Madam? What happened?” *in fox language*

That was when they saw Madam Fox Charm revert to her beast form, the nine tails that she originally had had turned into eight, the last tail was snapped off and blood flowed out of the stump, looking extremely gruesome.

Some of the demon foxes that possessed higher cultivations quickly cry out in alarm at the sight, “Madam, who dares to make you lose a clone?”

“The person must be tired of living. Madam, is it the Bird Clan that is actively expanding their territories? Are they coming for the Fox Clan’s territories?”

Not all of Madam Fox Charm’s tails was a clone, to create a clone from a tail requires lots of effort and resources to be invested.

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