Chapter 145: Target of Public Criticism

From being the instigator of a disaster to becoming the victim, the drastic change in her role caused Ye Ying, who was crouching, to start gritting her teeth until a savage expression appeared on her face. This… She was surprisingly able to dodge it!

All of the students in the restaurant stood up, and because multiple unforeseen events had occurred in succession, not only were the students unable to react; the teachers were unable to as well.

The two guys who had rushed out from behind the bamboo blinds silently retreated, and Han Zheng sat back on his chair with a surprised look. “Her reactions were so fast. Did she have training beforehand?”

“That she did. Her skills ain’t bad, right?” Xia Jinyuan’s pupils darkened while he poured a cup of tea for himself. He concealed the gleam in his eyes by lowering his head to sip the tea. Had Ye Jian not taken some precautionary measures, the bowl of soup would have landed entirely on her.

Ye Ying is surprisingly vicious!

Han Zheng squinted his rowdy, peach-like eyes and nodded after some time had passed. “She’s not bad indeed.”

“Are you okay, are you okay?” The girl seated beside Ye Jian was so scared that her face had turned pale, and she asked Ye Jian with trembling lips, “Were you scalded? Here, let me have a look!”

She sounded like she was going to cry from the fright.

The other girl’s temper flared up. She had stood up long ago, and while Ye Ying, who had caused the disaster, was still crouching and moaning on the floor, that girl roared, “Are you out of your mind!! The waiter had already reminded us that he was serving hot soup! Do you even have brains in that head of yours!? Did you know that the soup inside almost splashed all over Ye Jian!”

The girl was from Beijing, and her words were direct. Her tone was only slightly heavy, but she managed to scold Ye Ying, who had been scalded, to tears.

Gao Yiyang walked towards Ye Ying from another table. He pursed his lips and glanced at the angry girl from Beijing. He crouched down and asked Ye Ying, who had just let out a scream of agony, in a low voice, “Did you scald yourself? Where did you scald yourself?”

Only he was concerned about Ye Ying, who was crouched on the floor. The rest of the students furrowed their brows and stared at the person who was the source of this mess.

“It’s bad enough for you to burn yourself, but don’t drag people down with you!” The girl from Beijing saw this and did not say anything more. Instead, she turned towards Ye Jian and suggested, “What if we go rest in our rooms now? Then, we’ll wake up earlier tomorrow and have more fun together.”

Ye Jian smiled at her, and she bent over and flipped the overturned chair upright as she slowly walked towards Ye Ying, who was still crouched on the floor playing the victim. When she reached her side, she slowly stooped over.

“Ye Ying, one day, your evil acts will come and bite you in the *ss. You should feel lucky that you only overturned a bowl of hot soup today. If…” Under Gao Yiyang’s tense gaze, Ye Jian gently moved closer to her earlobes and breathed out coldly, each and every one of her words like the point of a needle, “If it were a knife or something similar, I’m afraid you would have lost one of your legs.”

“You don’t want me to participate in the Global Olympiad, so you’re coming up with all these ideas to harm me? Cheh, Ye Ying oh Ye Ying, a bowl of hot soup is nothing. I’m waiting for your next big move.”

She suppressed her voice as low as it could possibly go so that only the two of them could hear it. Ye Ying’s heart was thumping faster with panic as she listened to the voice that was akin to a needle.

She buried her head tightly, her nails pricking into her own arms, but she held it in and did not raise her head. She only continued yelping in a low voice.

Gao Yiyang witnessed the scene. However, he did not criticize Ye Jian whatsoever. Instead, he mumbled, “Go back to your room and immerse your leg in clean water. If not, you’ll get blisters.” Having said that, he lifted Ye Ying in a princess carry and walked towards the direction of the lodging.

“Server, go get me burn gel.” Teacher Zhu walked over from the table of teachers. She did not chase after them. Rather, she walked over to Ye Jian and lightly tapped her shoulder. “You should go back to your room and get some rest. Teacher will take care of the rest.”

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