Chapter 146: He Does Not Have Pedophilia

“Yes, if there’s anything, I will come anytime.” Ye Jian bowed slightly, neither panic nor shock shown on her face. “I’ve made the teachers worry. I’m sorry.”

Teacher Zhu wasn’t the only one who spoke; the teachers from the other schools also tried to console Ye Jian. Only then did they go and visit Ye Ying.

After Ye Jian had finished thanking the teachers, she looked towards the silhouette moving behind the bamboo blinds.

If she was not mistaken, of the two military green silhouettes that had rushed out from behind the bamboo blinds, one of them was someone she knew… Xia Jinyuan.

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“I bet she has already discovered us.” From behind the bamboo blinds, Han Zheng covered his face, as if he believed that would work, and said, “She has already glanced towards us multiple times. Nobleman Xia, your plan to protect her in secret seems to have failed.”

Xia Jinyuan instead began to have his meal slowly. After he heard Han Zheng, his faint smile became naturally graceful, and his handsome brows were akin to a blooming flower—elegant and gorgeous. “But she won’t take the initiative to come find me, so it doesn’t matter if we have been discovered.”

After listening to him, Han Zheng contemplated deeply, Why does it feel like… Something’s not quite right.

He did not know if what was fishy was the same as what he was thinking about … Did he mean that the little girl was unwilling to see the great Nobleman Xia? That’s why… Nobleman Xia was secretly protecting her?

“Restrain your facial expression a little. Is there a need to be so shocked?” Xia Jinyuan’s slender fingers knocked gently on the table twice as he indifferently told his childhood friend that Ye Jian was unreceptive towards him. “That’s why I said that this lass is very interesting.”

Until now, there hadn’t been anyone who was unreceptive towards him. There was also no one who could pique his interest as much as the little lass did, making him want to watch her and determine how far she could go. At the same time, he was thinking that he could lend her a hand when she needed help.

Han Zheng closed his wide open mouth, his face full of shock as he stuffed his mouth with vegetables. “Brother, don’t blame me for saying more. If you continue acting this way… Don’t be spellbound. The little girl doesn’t know anything now, so don’t you go do any bad things…

Oh my f**king god! He was really worried!

If Han Zheng were the one interested in a little lass, no one would need to worry about him becoming spellbound because he was such a playboy. Thus, there was no way he would change his personality because of a flower who had yet to bloom.

But, Nobleman Xia was different… their whole family only produced the kind of people that would be unreasonably infatuated with a single person!

From Old Gramps Xia to Chief Xia… if he had to use the words of his parents: the Xia family consisted of the world’s most excellent men! Whoever marries into the Xia family would enjoy a blessed happy life!

But what if, what if the little girl did not appreciate this fact, and then Nobleman Xia attempted to force her into it… Just thinking about it was making him really, really worried!

Xia Jinyuan was already annoyed by his childhood friend who was immersed in his own imagination. Do bad things? Cheh, based on the abilities of the little lass, if he were to try anything, the silver wire coiled around her wrists would definitely appear on his neck.

Besides, she was only fourteen years old. He did not have a weird fetish like pedophilia.

By the time Xia Jinyuan and the playboy appeared under the small building of the farm’s living quarters, Ye Jian, who was not asleep, sat on the balcony, as she curved her lips.

After following the cobblestone path paved from the orchard, Xia Jinyuan stopped in his tracks once he reached the small building. As if he had felt something, he raised his head and gazed towards the balcony, his exquisitely handsome face under the yellow light made Ye Jian have the impression that she just traveled through time.

The man was bathed in the light. His brows were handsome, and his slender eyes contained pupils as wide as the sky. His thin lips wore a subtle smile, elegant as Laneige while carrying a natural nobility. He seemed to be the noblest man in the imperial city during ancient times, and that could be seen from his head to toe.

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