Chapter 207: Mysterious Death Forest

“Howl!” The Dark Flame Wild Lion did not let Cheng Yu continue to be surprised. Even though it did not get wounded by Cheng Yu’s sword Qi, the attack still landed on it. This caused it to be even more frantic. Two fireballs spurted out at Cheng Yu consecutively. When it saw Cheng Yu had once again dodged, the wild lion leaped to the side of Cheng Yu. It opened its mouth angrily and another flame puffed out.

“Bang!” Cheng Yu’s Qi armor had actually been shattered by the grade three true fire from the wild lion.

“F*ck!” Cheng Yu shouted as he quickly evaded the flame in a hurry. “B*st*rd! You are quite clever. You knew that a far-range attack was useless, so unexpectedly you changed to a close-range attack.”

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Cheng Yu no longer dared to look down on this grade five demonic beast, which was equivalent to a Foundation Establishment middle stage cultivator. Luckily, his reaction was very sharp. Even though he had fallen into a difficult situation, he was still not injured. With Cheng Yu’s current cultivation, even if he were to face an onslaught from a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator, his Qi armor would not be broken so easily. However, this beast’s flame was able to shatter his Qi armor in an instant. This could show how tyrannical and intensive this grade three true fire was. Therefore, if a Pill Master was able to comprehend a grade three true fire, then the pills concocted would not have as many impurities, and the pill’s rank would be quite high.

“Howl!” The wild lion saw that Cheng Yu had been beaten into a battered and exhausted situation, so it looked up and roared, as if it was declaring victory.

“This world is really very mysterious. This wild lion is evidently only grade five, but not only is it able to absorb Qi, it is able to use it. Odd, very odd!” Cheng Yu saw that the wild lion did not continue to attack him, but returned to the location where the Zhenyuan Frass was growing, puzzling Cheng Yu.

“Could it be because of this Zhenyuan Grass? It allowed him to cultivate?” Actually, the way a demonic beast grew was very simple. It relied on unceasing devouring of matter that was related to its attribute to advance. Like these Dark Flame Wild Lions for example, it would usually seek fire related matter to advance its cultivation. However, now that this lion was actually guarding this stem of Zhenyuan Grass, it really made him very puzzled. This Zhenyuan Grass was not related to a fire element at all!

“If this continues, is this lion a demonic beast or devil beast?” Cheng Yu looked at the wild lion who kept on guard against him.

“This Death Forest is so queer. It seems more dangerous than I thought it to be. I have only travelled for a few hundred kilometers and have already confronted such a valiant species. If I were to continue deeper to the thousand kilometer mark, wouldn’t I be facing a disaster? No wonder even those big shots in the Cultivation World were also unable to reach the core of the Death Forest. It seems like the journey in this Death Forest is worth looking forward to!” Cheng Yu looked at the surroundings and thought.

“Seems like it would be quite difficult to defeat this fellow. But I can’t give up this Zhenyuan Grass. Seems like I will have to snatch it,” With much difficulty did Cheng Yu manage to see a stem of Zhenyuan Grass, so he was not willing to give it up so easily.

“Big guy, if you are tactful, give me this stem of Zhenyuan Grass. Otherwise, I will no longer be polite,” This time, Cheng Yu finally utilized his formidable Qi. His aura grew and spread out. In fact, beasts were more sensitive than humans. Once they felt that they were confronting someone stronger than them, they would immediately choose to retreat. However, Cheng Yu was wrong. His aura did not manage to make the wild lion feel threatened.

“Howl!” The wild lion roared. It crawled up from the floor and slowly walked towards Cheng Yu.

“D*mn it. If I don’t let you face some hardship, you really will think I am a pushover. This brute wants to trample on me,” Light blue radiance emerged on the long sword on Cheng Yu’s hand. After that, he rushed at the wild lion, piercing it. The wild lion got close to Cheng Yu, and immediately puffed out its grade three true fire. However, this time, Cheng Yu was prepared. In an instant, he changed his body’s direction and increased his movement speed as he whirled around the wild lion.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Cheng Yu used the Primeval Chaos Sword Art as he chopped at the wild lion in unbroken succession. Even though the wild lion had the protection of Qi armor, Cheng Yu’s Primeval Chaos Sword Art went by the principal of strength. With such violent attacks, the wild lion was not able to handle it. The Qi armor was evidently becoming unstable and had the possibility of being broken through at any moment.

“Howl!” It was at this time, the wild lion roared angrily. The dazzling red radiance around its body increased greatly and its aura increased once again. The Qi armore that was originally about to be broken through had unexpectedly recovered and had distinctly became a shade of deep red. Cheng Yu’s chop was actually repelled.

“Howl! The wild lion once again puffed out a flame. Cheng Yu was not able to strategize as much as he leaped up to dodge the flame. However, the wild lion was a lot smarter than Cheng Yu had thought it to be. It did not let Cheng Yu evade as simply as he thought. It lifted up its head and once again puffed out another big fireball.

“F*ck!” Cheng Yu saw the situation in the sky, and he was startled. Before he even had the time to react, he was met head on with the big fireball.

“Bang!” Cheng Yu was burnt by the fireball from the wild lion. He had been turned black by the smoke, making him seem to be in a very bad shape.

“Aiyo, your f*ck*r! Huh?” Just as Cheng Yu was feeling very indignant, he found that he had landed at the side of the Zhenyuan Grass. Immediately, he was delighted. Without the slightest hesitation, he plucked the Zhenyuan Grass. “Haha! Big lion, this will be counted as my medical bills!” After harvesting the Zhenyuan Grass, Cheng Yu’s mood was very good. He immediately crawled up and did not wait for the wild lion to become angry as he stepped on his flying sword and flew off.

“Howl!” When the wild lion had managed to react, the Zhenyuan Grass had already been stolen away by Cheng Yu. Immediately, it grew furious. It ignored it’s disability to fly as he chased Cheng Yu. Having confronted the wild lion, Cheng Yu no longer dared to advance so daringly. He was afraid that he would face even stronger beings as he used his flying sword and flew around.

“D*mn it. This lion was too abnormal. It was only a grade five beast and was already so clever. Furthermore, its defense and attack was so formidable. It completely overturned the knowledge I had about the Cultivation World,” While sitting on the flying sword, Cheng Yu saw the lion was actually chasing after him below, so he thought gloomily.

“Such valiant strength. Such an ancient tree has been sliced off so cleanly. I am afraid this person should at least possess the strength of Golden Core Realm!” Just when Cheng Yu and the wild lion had left, a man wearing embroidered clothes appeared at the spot they had battled. When he saw the marks left behind, he spoke in awe.

“Such a violent fire attribute energy. It seems like this person must have fought a fire-type demonic beast,” The man surveyed the surroundings situation and spoke.

“Senior Brother Wuling, this place is only hundreds of kilometers away from the entrance, how can there be such a powerful demonic beast appearing here? Could it be that there’s an emergence of something abnormal in this Death Forest?” It turned out this these few people were the Shushan Sect disciples Cheng Yu had met in Luminous City, Jian Wuling and his teammates. One of them named Wu Xuan had spoken.

“This might not necessarily be true. From this indication, the demonic beast might not necessarily possess the strength of a Golden Core Realm. Let’s take a look around, perhaps, the demonic beast has already been injured. We might even be able to reap some profits,” Jian Wuling rubbed his chin and said.

“Sure. Senior Brother Wuling is always so meticulous. Demonic beasts that are grade four and above all possess their own beast cores. This demonic beast should have a pretty decent beast core,” Wu Xuan smiled.

“Everyone be extra careful. The one injured might not only be this demonic beast. The person battling it might also be. In any case, be extra careful. Looking at these marks, even if it was a human, his strength is extremely high,” Jian Wuling did not hope that just because of such small profits, he would face a huge loss of manpower. After all, he had only travelled for hundreds of kilometers. There was still a long journey awaiting him inside and he had a lot more precious stuff waiting for them.

“Got it, Senior Brother Wuling,” Jian Wuling possessed the highest cultivation level among them and was the most knowledgeable. These people would always follow his words without any form of disobedience.


“F*ck! It has already been an hour, and this thing has finally given up,” The charred Cheng Yu sat on his flying sword for an hour and finally couldn’t see the Dark Flame Wild Lion below, so his heart finally loosened up. Otherwise, if he were to continue flying around so aimlessly, Cheng Yu would really have no idea what he should do. This forest was a lot more dangerous than he thought. Cheng Yu did not dare to be too impulsive.

“Finally, I have found a small stream. Your mother, my whole body has been charred, and I almost turned into roasted meat,” Cheng Yu flew for a while longer and saw a stream, so he was extremely delighted as he quickly flew over.

“I was almost frightened to death. I had actually been burnt by that thing to this degree? Next time, if I were to come across that lion, I will definitely turn you into a barbequed lion!” Cheng Yu came over to the stream bank. When he saw his reflection from the water, he was almost frightened to death. He thought that he met a water ghost!

“Swish! Swish! This is too refreshing. In this dangerous Death Forest, there is actually a peaceful small stream. This really makes one feel gratified!” Cheng Yu jumped into the river, washing his body while singing. He was practically in joy. Just as Cheng Yu was showering, a few alligators suddenly popped out around Cheng Yu. They opened their large mouths and bit at Cheng Yu.

“Bang!” Cheng Yu saw the sudden change, and he did not have time to think much as he slapped the water. He leaped up and landed at the river’s bank.

“F*ck! As expected, behind tranquility, there’s always unknown dangers. Luckily I am quick-witted. This place is really too weird. These alligators knew how to conceal their presence. Even after they were near me, they still did not appear. This is too scary. Fortunately, they were only grade four demonic beast. If they were like that wild lion or were Golden Core Realm, I am afraid this would mark the end of my journey here,” Cheng Yu stood at the shore and looked at the alligators in the stream attentively. A slight chill had unexpectedly flashed passed Cheng Yu’s back. He was actually unable to feel the presence of danger when he was in this Death Forest. This was too scary.

As a cultivator, the higher their cultivation, the more sensitive towards upcoming crises they would be. However, Cheng Yu was unexpectedly unable to detect such dangers consecutively. This caused him to lose his sense of security. He had no idea if all the living creatures in the forest possessed this kind of ability. If it was like that, it would really become troublesome for him.

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