Chapter 208: Five Elements Fatal Formation

Just as Cheng Yu was pondering his loss of perception ability, the five alligators had already come ashore and surrounded Cheng Yu.

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“It seems like they all think of me as a pushover. Just nice, I am also hungry. Today I will use you guys as dinner,” Cheng Yu took out his long sword. This time, Cheng Yu took the initiative to attack. He targeted one of the alligators. Cheng Yu raised his sword as he stabbed at it using Primeval Chaos Pierce.

“Clang!” Just as Cheng Yu had expected, the demonic beasts in this forest knew how to use Qi. When Cheng Yu’s sword stabbed the alligator’s body, a black Qi armor surfaced on its body. Even though Cheng Yu had anticipated it, when such a situation happened in front of him again, he was still surprised. With one of their companions being attacked, the other four charged forth. Although the alligator’s body was very big, their speed was still very fast as they swept at Cheng Yu using their tail. “Bang!” The few alligator tails were slapped away by Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu leaped up to the sky, breaking away from the alligators attack. These alligators might be grade four, but their wisdom was not any weaker than that Dark Flame Wild Lion. The five of them raised their heads and opened their mouths. Unexpectedly, they spurted water arrows at Cheng Yu who was in the air.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Cheng Yu was startled. He did not know that the alligators possessed such an ability. He quickly brandished the long sword in his hand to block the water arrows. Cheng Yu changed his position with his head facing down, just like how he had attacked Huang Wen, he stabbed down at one of the huge alligator’s mouth. This time, Cheng Yu had infused his Qi into the sword. The whole sword was dazzling with blue rays. With a bang, Cheng Yu’s long sword pierced through the huge alligator’s Qi armor and went straight into its mouth.

“Awooh!” With its mouth being pierced, the huge alligator immediately yelled painfully. It constantly rolled around the ground while its tail kept hitting the ground. The other alligators saw that Cheng Yu had landed on the ground, and they immediately rushed forward with their mouths wide open. Cheng Yu had long prepared for it. His left hand that was glistening with Qi punched one of the huge alligators. Cheng Yu did not hesitate when facing the remaining three and met them with force. He used the phantom fist to break their Qi armor and used his sword to pierce through the three huge alligators’ mouths.

When he saw those severely injured alligators were struggling their way back into the river, he quickly followed suit and slashed a few them a few more times. After resolving them thoroughly, he pulled them back to the shore, preventing their blood from flowing into the river. Alligators were predators that lived in groups. Cheng Yu did not believe that there were only five. Therefore, he must not let their blood flow into the river. Otherwise, if another group were to appear, it would be very troublesome.

He could escape, but having wasted so much effort to kill five huge alligators, he did not want them to be taken away by their companions. These alligators’ skin were so solid, if Cheng Yu were to not stab at their mouth, he would definitely not be able to pierce through any other parts of their body. The layer of skin was even harder than its own Qi armor, so why would Cheng Yu waste such a precious blacksmithing ingredients.

“F*ck. These alligators were really not simple. Luckily they were only grade four. If they were like the Dark Flame Wild Lion, grade five, then I would be in trouble. However, these armors are really good items. It took me more than hour to skin all five. This is so strenuous, it is so much more strenuous than a fight!” Looking at the five complete alligator skins, Cheng Yu was very satisfied. However, Cheng Yu’s job was not done yet because not only could alligator skin be used as blacksmithing material, their bones could be as well. Hence, Cheng Yu spent another two hours cleaning the bones.

“It’s so hard to get some ingredients. Just tidying up the material alone already spent so much of my time. It seems like I would need to improve myself in this aspect in the future. Luckily, I came prepared. I still have dozens of storage pouches with me. Otherwise, I would not be able to keep the spoils of war in the future,” Cheng Yu took out three storage pouches and place the skin, bones and meat in it. Previously, after killing dozens of Kunlun disciples, Cheng Yu had obtained around ten storage pouches. Fortunately, these low-grade storage pouches were not expensive. However, the space in it was extremely small. It was almost as big as Cheng Yu’s storage ring. Cheng Yu had long foreseen that he would spend a long time here. Therefore, he had specially bought another dozen item pouches in the city to prepare. And judging from the current circumstance, Cheng Yu’s thought process was thorough.

Originally, Cheng Yu wanted to barbeque some alligator meat for dinner, but when he saw the sun was about to set and this place might still have more alligators, Cheng Yu kept his stuff and continued with his journey. In this dangerous Death Forest, Cheng Yu did not dare to find any random spot to spend his night. The sky had already turned dark, but he still did not manage to find a suitable cave to stay in. Without a choice, Cheng Yu looked for a large tree and flew up.

In the depths of the forest, Cheng Yu did not dare to ignite a fire so casually. So, he took out his dried rations and started eating while thinking of today’s events. The Dark Flame Wild Lion and the riverside alligators knew how to use their Qi to protect their body. This may seem normal, but Cheng Yu felt that there was something peculiar about this forest.

In this world, grade four or five demonic beasts were classified as low-level demonic beasts. If they were already able to use Qi to protect their body, what about those in the high-level? Wouldn’t they be like human cultivators, able to use their spiritual Qi to circulate cultivation techniques? Wouldn’t they be too valiant? When Cheng Yu thought about this point, he felt that there was an impending trouble. The appearance of this situation had brought forth a lot of hindrance to Cheng Yu.

“F*ck it. This might be good also. Otherwise, the treasures inside would have long been taken away by someone else. At the very least, I still have a chances of obtaining it,” After thinking for some time, he was unable to come to a conclusion, Cheng Yu gave up. He took out the blacksmithing jade bamboo strips the old man had given him and was about to study blacksmithing.

Similarly with pill concocting, blacksmithing needed high concentration of one’s mental energy. The end-product would have to rely on the blacksmithing techniques, their workmanship and mental energy. Cheng Yu studied attentively on every detail of the blacksmithing process. Finally, he memorized all the blacksmithing formula. By the time Cheng Yu kept the jade bamboo strip, he was already eager to try out. Because at the end of the blacksmithing technique, it mentioned that blacksmithing needed the assistance of a flame. And the more special the flame was, the greater the success rate and quality of the end product. Cheng Yu might not have any merits, but there was something in him that everyone was not able to contend with. That was his special pill fire. With this, Cheng Yu wished to use his own Six Phoenix Spiritual Flame and see what kind of armaments he would be able to forge. If he was able to forge Spiritual Armaments, it would be great.

In the market, a low-grade Spiritual Tool was around 100,000 spiritual stones. If Cheng Yu was able to craft them, there would no longer be a need for him to worry about spiritual stones anymore. However, he did not have any blacksmithing ingredients on him. Furthermore, this place was not suitable to refine armaments. Cheng Yu suppressed the urge he had to the bottom of his heart and closed his eyes to meditate.


The next day, at the eastern area, a group of males and females were brandishing their swords at the bushes around them to pave a way.

“Senior Sister, where do you think we will be able to reach this time? Will we be able to pass through Death Fantasy Ocean?” While chopping the weeds covering the road, Tian Xing asked Tian Xue who was behind him.

“This time, I have taken a Stability Pearl from master. I believe we will have some chances of passing through the fantasy ocean,” Thinking about the Stability Pearl on her, Tian Xue’s face had traces of confidence.

“Stability Pearl?! Senior Sister, you are so awesome. The Stability Pearl is master’s treasure. She was actually willing to gift it to you, master really loves you so much!” When she heard Tian Xue was holding onto the Stability Pearl, the junior sister, Tian Feng following behind them said enviously.

“It’s not mine. I have only borrowed it from master for the Death Forest training this time. Once we return, I still need to return it to master,” Tian Feng and Tian Ling had the same master as Tian Xue. She did not wish that because of this matter, it would cause them to misunderstand her master. So, Tian Xue explained.

“But master still truly dotes on you. If it was us, she would have never lent it to us,” Tian Ling said with jealousy.

“Let’s not talk about this. Everyone be extra cautious. We have already entered the 1000 kilometer mark. In another 1000 kilometeres, we will be entering the Death Swamp. The demonic beasts there will be at grade six, comparable to Foundation Establishment late stage cultivators,” Tian Xue did not wish to continue discussing the topic. So, she changed the topic to something more relevant.

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“Senior Sister, there is no need to be so nervous. We have already entered three times! Even if we were to come across a grade six demonic beast, with us around, it’s sufficient to dispose of a grade six demonic beast easily,” Tian Xing said disapprovingly.

“Don’t be too complacent. If it was only one or two, of course there is no need for us to worry, but if a group of grade six demonic beasts appear, which one of us would be able to resist them?!” Tian Xue said solemnly.

“Er…This…” When mentioning demonic beast groups, Tian Xing shut his mouth. Previously, they had seen it with their own eyes when a Golden Core Realm cultivator had been dragged away by a group of grade five flying-type demonic beasts while alive. Ultimately, without a choice, the cultivator detonated his own golden core. Recalling that mournful scene, Tian Xing still had some lingering fears.


West of the Tianshan Sect disciples, a few kilometers away from them, the Shushan Sect disciples were fighting with a huge python. Two of them had suffered severe injuries and were leaning on a big tree.

“Senior Brother Wuling, this python’s skin is too tough. We are unable to pierce through,” Wu Xuan’s Qi and blood was already rummaging in his body. His hand held his long sword as he spoke while panting.

“This python is a grade six demonic beast. In addition, with the Qi armor protecting its body, normal attacks will not be able to break through its defense. Everyone, get into formation: Five Elements Fatal Formation!” Jian Wuling also knew that it was pointless to continue fighting like that. When he saw that there were still five people battling, including him, he quickly called out to everyone.

“Sure! Five Elements Fatal Formation!” When the other four heard Jian Wuling’s words, they shouted. They stationed themselves on the basis of the five elements in Chinese philosophy, each person at a corner, adopting the position to utilize the Five Elements Fatal Formation. Five Elements Fatal Formation relied on the five elements of the Earth. It uses the formation to channel the five elements’ power. This formation was an attack formation. The five casters would each use one of the elements of the five elements to attack.

“Bang! Awoohh! Awoohh!” The five of them completed the formation, and each of them used their own elements and struck out. They attacked using the five elements, consisting of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The dull-red Qi armor on the python immediately shattered. The python belonged to a fire-type demonic beast. After having been struck by the attack from the water element on its head, it immediately cried out in pain and anger.

“Wu Hen! Attack him!” When Wu Ling saw the effectiveness of water element attacks, he shouted at Wu Hen.

“Awoohh! Awoohh!” Sure enough, Wu Hen utilized the water element to attack the python, causing it to scream in misery again.

“Not good, it wants to escape. Stop him!” Having paid such a huge price themselves and having finally reversed the situation, they were not willing to let it escape. Wu Xuan shouted, without the slightest hesitation, as he jumped on the back of the python.

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