Chapter 209: Deadly Swamp

“Wu Xuan! Stab seven inches down!” When Jian Wuling saw Wu Xuan had jumped onto the back of the python, he shouted. Wu Xuan stood on the python’s back, but shakily. Gauging the distance, he stabbed down. But at this moment, the python’s tail slapped around randomly, flinging Wu Xuan off directly. This slap caused Wu Xuan to feel that his body was almost split apart. Luckily, he still held onto his consciousness and his reaction was keen. Both his legs stamped onto a big tree, repulsing him as Wu Xuan hugged the python’s tail.

“Wu Xuan! No!” Jian Wuling’s complexion changed as he quickly shouted.

“Pow! Pow!” However, Wuling’s voice had just reached him when the python started to smash its tail down ferociously and Wu Xuan was smashed on the ground ruthlessly twice. Blood spurted out from his mouth. Ultimately, he could not bear the pain and released his grip.

“M*th*rf*ck*r. This thing really wants my life!” Wu Xuan laid on the floor and yelled painfully.

“Stop him for me!” Jian Wuling did not have the time to take a look at Wu Xuan’s injuries. When he heard him speaking, he sighed in relief. When he saw the python tried to slip back into the depths, Jian Wuling got anxious.

“Clang! Clang!” The other three flew to the front of the python. The python immediately turned around and swept its tail at the three of them. Their complexions changed as they quickly leaped up to evade.

“Ah!” Jian Wuling saw the opportunity, so he leaped up to the sky and held onto his sword tightly, and aimed. He stabbed the python.

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“Awoohh! Awoohh!” The python rolled around in pain and used its tail to sweep in all other directions. Its surroundings had been turned to dust.

“Puchi!” Jian Wuling saw the situation, so he quickly drew out his sword, infusing his Qi into it. The sword produced radiant white lights. With a lift of his sword, Jian Wuling pierced the python’s head.

“Haha! Grade six beast core!” Splitting open the python’s head, there was a dazzling red crystal in it. Jian Wuling immediately smiled.

Demonic beasts that were grade four or above might have beast cores in their skull. But most of the time, the demonic beasts that were killed did not contain any beast cores. This python actually had a grade six beast core in it, so how could Jian Wuling not be happy. Beast cores were formed by pure mental energy. After Golden Core Realm, cultivators would start to cultivate immortal techniques. When it comes to cultivating immortal techniques, not only did it need talent, it needed strong mental energy.

Therefore, the usage of immortal techniques was very strenuous to one’s mental energy. Besides, increasing one’s mental energy was extremely tedious, but beast cores were able to quickly increase a cultivator’s mental energy. It showed how enticing beast cores were. However, beast cores cannot be used by everyone. First of all, the consumer’s cultivation must not be any lower than the core’s grade. It also meant that for a grade six beast core, only Foundation Establishment late stage cultivators were able to use it. Otherwise, the consumer would not be able to handle the strong and pure mental energy contained in it.

Secondly, everything in this world was based on the five elements. That was the same for beast core as well. If it did not suit the consumer’s element, the two elements would clash with each other, making it hard for the consumer to fuse them. Of course, it did not mean that if it was a different attribute, the consumer would not be able to use it. It just meant that the failure rate was higher and there might be danger to the consumer’s mental energy, causing them to become an idiot and the chances of them getting Qi deviation was a lot higher.

Therefore, when a cultivator consumed a beast core, they would be very prudent. Increasing mental energy was very important, but the risk was also very high. Thirdly, beast cores were not only used to increase a cultivator’s mental energy, it was also a good ingredient for blacksmithing. Beast cores were unquestionably able to increase an armament’s power. However, it was very complex.

“It’s a fire related beast core!” Wu Hen smiled. Beast core attributes were very easily differentiated. White meant metal, green is wood, blue is water, red is fire and yellow is earth.

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“I will keep it first. Wait until we have ended our training, and we will divide it among ourselves. Any objections?” Jian Wuling kept the red beast core in his storage pouch and said.

“Haha! Senior Brother Wuling is right. No objections,” Even if they had any objections, no one would dare to voice it. So, they could only choose to follow suit. Out of seven of them, three were injured. Without a choice, everyone stopped for a rest.


Actually, they were not the only group that had entered the Death Forest. Every day, there would be people entering. Regardless of whether it was their front or back, there would be people. Because Cheng Yu was alone and in addition to knowing that he would not be aware if any demonic beasts were near him, he did not dare to enter too quickly. However, because of being alone, other than his safety, there was nothing else to worry about. Compared to other groups, he was still the fastest.

These days, Cheng Yu had harvested quite an amount from the Death Forest. Not long he was able to gather a lot of precious medical ingredients, and time to time he would kill a few demonic beasts. This way, he was able to obtain quite a number of blacksmithing ingredients. However, these blacksmithing ingredients were very ordinary. Cheng Yu had always been looking forward to refining armaments, but in this dangerous forest, he did not have the courage to do so.

Five days passed by in a flash. Cheng Yu had finally reached the first gateway, Death Swamp. When Cheng Yu came to the front of the swamp, there was a lot of people standing on top of it. The swamp was a lot more serene than what it may seem to be. The whole swamp’s surface was filled with weird purple lotus flowers. Even those that had blossomed were also purple in color. A breeze blew past, pervading the air with an alluring sweet scent, refreshing people’s mind.

“I am not able to endure any longer! Scaredy cats, I will fly over to show you!” Cheng Yu was curious about why these people had stopped here and did not advance forward, but a nearby Foundation Establishment late stage male cultivator shouted. He took out his flying sword and flew above the swamp. Everyone’s gaze was fixed at the human figure in the sky. But everything seem to be so peaceful, there was no peculiarity.

“Swash! Swash!” just as the man had flown in for about a few kilometers, dozens of purple alligators flew out from the swamp suddenly as they surrounded the cultivator. Within a moment, along with those alligators falling back into the water, that man had also disappeared from the sky.

“This…” Watching the scene, Cheng Yu was startled. This is a flying alligator? However, Cheng Yu had never once seen purple flying alligators before. Cheng Yu walked over to the side of the swamp carefully. He looked at the water in the swamp, unexpectedly, it was also purple in color. This was truly too weird.

“Another person flew again,” Just as Cheng Yu had tried to dredge up the swamp water to see what was so mysterious about it, another cry resonated from the crowd.

“That’s a Golden Core Realm expert!” One of them saw the person’s cultivation, and immediately he cried out in surprised. Golden Core Realm experts were easily identifiable because they were able to fly without the help of flying swords. However, because of not wasting their Qi, some Golden Core Realm experts did not do so, but continued using their flying sword. Just like the person who was flying into the swamp.

Similarly to the previous person, when he reached the one kilometer mark, dozens of purple flying alligators flew out.

However this time, the situation was not the same. Because the one those alligators were facing now was a real Golden Core Realm expert. Dozens of alligators surrounded him. The man suddenly burst out in dazzling golden lights, immediately repulsing those alligators back into the water.

“Wa! This is the power of a golden core! So valiant!” Everyone saw the might of a Golden Core Realm expert, and immediately they became excited and envious. However, the situation was not so simple. The alligators were not intimidated by the aura of a Golden Core Realm expert as alligators kept on flying out from the swamp and kept on attacking that person.

“Bang! Bang!” The Golden Core Realm expert’s energy was boundless. His hand was holding onto a golden long sword. While flying, he brandished his long sword, chopping his way through. The alligators were all chopped down by him. Finally, he slowly disappeared from everyone’s line of sight.

“He just went past like that? Golden Core Realm experts are so valiant. I wonder when we will have such strength?” After the excitement ended, the remaining people returned to their gloomy and confused mood.

“Could it be only Golden Core Realm cultivators are able to pass through here?” Cheng Yu also looked at the disappeared Golden Core Realm expert and thought silently. “This is impossible. Those people from Tianshan Sect had obviously come here a few times. It’s impossible that they had only reached this place. They ought to have some ideas to pass through this place,” Cheng Yu suddenly thought of Tian Xue and her companions. He believed that those people had definitely passed through the Death Swamp. If they weren’t able to even pass through here, why would they keep on coming here over and over again?

“But it’s impossible for me to wait until they come before I am able to pass through here. Besides, they might not necessarily tell me the way to pass through here. Since they had so many people and was still able to pass through, I am definitely able to find the way through,” Cheng Yu did not like the idea of having to rely on others. He even hated having to beg others. He believed that if others were able to do it, he would be able as well. Cheng Yu did not bother to listen to the crowd’s grumbles but he ran along the swamp’s side.

Some groups had already taken notice of the lonely Cheng Yu. However, when they saw Cheng Yu had a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivation and with so many people here, they were not able to rob him openly in front of others. This kind of method was easy to attract the crowd’s fury. Even though these people might not necessarily be good people, some things were meant not to be shown to the public. Cheng Yu did not care if he was being fixated on by anyone. At this very moment, the only thing that was on his mind was the mysterious swamp. The water was purple in color, the plant and living beings as well. What kind of secret was hidden here?

Looking at the floating purple lotus, Cheng Yu started contemplating. All of a sudden, Cheng Yu jumped into the swamp. After that, he plucked a lotus from the swamp. Cheng Yu held the lotus and kept on turning it around to look at this odd plant. Other than the color being peculiar, there was no difference to an ordinary lotus.

“This fragrance is also the same as an ordinary lotus, light…huh? How come it’s like that?” Cheng Yu sniffed the purple flower. After a while, his face suddenly became extremely astonished.

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