Chapter 211: Mysterious Short Grass

“This is such an interesting problem. Why are these alligators not coming ashore to attack human cultivators?” Seemingly aware of this problem, Cheng Yu started having suspicions. Previously, he had not thought of this before, but now that he thought about it, he was bewildered. The swamp region was around 100 kilometers wide. No one had any idea how many purple alligators were inside, but it seemed like there was never once that an alligator had come ashore to attack humans on their accord.

Just now, when the thirty had returned, these alligators gave up chasing after them when they were about a dozen meters away from shore. In order to validate his opinion, Cheng Yu walked to the shore and stared at those alligators that were looking at him. They moved! Those alligators had moved. What was strange was that they scattered around perpendicularly and did not dare to go near Cheng Yu.

“Huh? Interesting. What exactly are you guys so afraid of?” Watching this strange phenomenon, Cheng Yu stood up and started running along the side of the swamp.

“Big Brother, look quickly. That kid is running away. Are we chasing after him?” When Broken Teeth saw Cheng Yu suddenly start running, he quickly said.

“Follow him! I want to see what that kid is trying to do,” Big Brother had also noticed Cheng Yu’s strange actions. He brought along the dozen people that were hidden in the thicket and followed up. Cheng Yu ran for about 10 kilometers before stopping. He stood at the shore and kept on observing the water’s surface.

“Why is it not coming out? Could it be they can’t see me?” Cheng Yu had sat for about 20 minutes, yet there were no movements on the water’s surface. Cheng Yu started getting anxious.

“Pop!” Cheng Yu picked up a stone and threw into the swamp. Only a few ripples appeared on the water’s surface. After that, nothing else occurred as the water returned to its serenity.

“Huh?! What’s going on? Why are those alligators not coming out?” Looking at the tranquil water’s surface, Cheng Yu was confused. When he saw the alligators were finally willing to come out, Cheng Yu suddenly released his aura. “Pop! Pop! Pop!” Immediately, dozens of purple alligators came out of the swamp.

“It turns out that you are only able to feel my existence through my aura. That’s to say that if I don’t release my aura, would I not attract your attention?” Suddenly, Cheng Yu found important information. These alligators relied on human cultivators’ auras to track their existence.

“But when flying, we would release our aura. Even if we used some concealment technique, we are still unable to fully hide our aura. Furthermore, these purple lotuses are able to enhance these alligators’ sense of smell, making them become even more sensitive. Just a bit of different smell, they would be able to sense it. Unless…” When Cheng Yu saw these alligators were like the same as the previous one, after sensing Cheng Yu’s existence, they still continued to stay around 10 meters away from the shore while treading on the surface, Cheng Yu recalled how those Kunlun cultivators had passed Death Swamp, and he was suddenly capering madly in joy as he searched for something in all directions.

According to Cheng Yu’s speculation, there must be something on the shore that made the alligators afraid, so they did not dare to come ashore. The Kunlun cultivators must have brought along this thing. Therefore those alligators would stay 10 meters away from them and did not dare to advance.

“Big Brother! What’s that kid doing? Could it be that he found us and is searching for us?” Broken Teeth saw Cheng Yu was searching for something in all directions, so he said nervously.

“Brainless idiot. We are so far away from him, so how could he possibly discover us?” Big Brother slapped Broken Teeth’s head and scolded.

“Then…Big Brother, what do you think he is searching for?” Broken Teeth rubbed his head and asked curiously.

“Who knows what that kid is doing? Looking at how happy he is, could it be…” Big Brother shook his head subconsciously. After that, a light flashed in his mind as he said happily.

“Impossible! I think he seems to have lost something,” Broken Teeth touched the front two broken teeth and replied.

Big Brother slapped his head once again, ”When I say you are stupid, you really were affected by it. Have you seen anyone who lost something, yet was still so happy?”

“Big Brother, you are saying that he is looking for something that can be used to cross Death Swamp?” Sharp suddenly said.

“Not sure. Perhaps!” Big Brother shook his head and replied cautiously.

“Godd*mn it! Exactly what is it that caused these alligators to not come ashore? Maybe I should catch one alligator and check? D*mn it, the sky already turned dark,” This time, Cheng Yu had realized that the sky had already turned dark, and the only light was coming from bonfires.

“Seems like I can only continue searching tomorrow,” Cheng Yu was helpless, as he could only stop searching for the mysterious item. The sky had already turned dark, and Cheng Yu was still able to see during the night, but compared to daytime, it was not that convenient. Since it was like this, he already had a solution, there was no longer a need for him to be so impatient. Cheng Yu looked for a big tree and sat on top of it. He started eating and drinking.

“Big Brother, that kid is resting. Let’s go and eat something as well?” When Broken Teeth saw Cheng Yu had hidden himself in a big tree and started resting, Broken Teeth smacked his mouth and said.

“Alright. However, tonight you guys must take turns to observe him. Once he starts to move, you must report to me,” Big Brother contemplated and ordered. If that kid really has the ability to look for the way to cross Death Swamp, he must not lower his guard, allowing Cheng Yu to run away.

“Got it, Big Brother!” They took out their rations they had prepared and started devouring them.


During the night, Cheng Yu did not have the mood to cultivate. Firstly, it was because there were too many people here, so he did not dare to enter into his meditative state easily. Secondly, it was because he had been thinking about the strange phenomenon occurring in Death Swamp.

“Whoosh!” Cheng Yu leapt down from the tree and jumped to the shore. Relying on the moonlight, he looked at the purple lotus in a daze, lost in his thoughts.

“What is the exact reason to have caused the swamp water, plant and organisms nearby to become so weird? And what is it that has made these alligators not dare to come ashore?” Cheng Yu walked to the side of the shore as he scooped up the purple water and thought curiously.

“What a cold water,” Feeling the water in his hand was very cold, Cheng Yu quickly flung the water in his hand down.

“Eh?” Just as the water touched the short grass near the shore, something weird happened. Every grass that got in contact with the water displayed a pure white flower.

“Huh? So smelly!” He never expected that such a pure white and beautiful flower would emit such a weird and pungent smell.

“Shua! Pow! Shua!” Cheng Yu suddenly saw a few alligators come out from the water. After that, they flopped away quickly.

“Huh! Could it be this…” Seeing this scene, Cheng Yu suddenly became surprised. Cheng Yu stood up and released all of his aura. After a while, there was still not a single alligator appearing. Cheng Yu looked at the flowers beneath his foot. After that, he plucked out that short grass and threw it at the alligators a distance away from him.

“Pow! Pow! Pow!” Sure enough, just as Cheng Yu had anticipated, the moment the short grass landed into the water, those alligators swam away one after another.

“Haha! It’s you!” Finally receiving his answer, Cheng Yu kept the short grass that had blossomed. He used a restriction to seal it. Otherwise, he would not be able to endure the smell. Having found his answer, Cheng Yu’s mood was very good. He turned around and was intending to return to the tree to sleep. However, just when he had walked for a few steps, he returned. He released his aura again. This time, without the existence of the white flower, dozens of alligators immediately surfaced from around 10 meters away from the shore.

Cheng Yu once again pulled out a few of those short grasses that had not blossomed and threw them over. A similar situation happened again. These alligators rapidly dispersed, it was just that the distance they swam was not that far compared to the blossomed flowers. Seeing this situation, Cheng Yu understood the principle. These short grasses also had a strange pungent smell, just that it was not as obvious. Humans normally would hardly be able to smell it, but these alligators had gotten used to the sweet smell of these purple lotuses, so their sense of smell had become a lot more sensitive than humans. Within 10 meters, it would be able to sniff the smell. Therefore, when these alligators flew to about 10 meters away from the Kunlun cultivators, they did not dare to advance any further.

However, when these short grasses blossomed, the smell became a lot more pungent. Even Cheng Yu himself was able to smell it easily, let alone these sensitive alligators. But why were they so afraid of this smell? Forget it, why would Cheng Yu research such a thing? All living things in the world would always counteract one another. For them to abstain from these smells was not weird. Cheng Yu did not bother to perform an in-depth investigation. He leaped back up to the tree to sleep.

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“Big Brother, Big Brother. That kid moved!” After Cheng Yu had returned to his tree, Broken Teeth quickly ran over to his big brother’s side and shook him awake.

“What? That kid moved? Where?” Hearing Cheng Yu had made his move, Big Brother became excited as he quickly climbed up and asked.

“Over there!” Broken Teeth pointed at the place Cheng Yu had sat just now.

“Eh? Where is he?” Big Brother looked in the direction Broken Teeth was pointing at, and saw that there was not even a shadow, so he thought that he had yet to wake up. He rubbed his eyes. Still the same, there was not even a shadow there.

“Just now that kid sat there for a while. He just returned to his tree to sleep,” Broken Teeth said honestly.

“You blockhead. Did I not tell you that once he moved, you must wake me up immediately?” Big Brother got enraged, giving Broken Teeth a smack on his head.

“Big…Big Brother, I…I thought that he had woken up to take a piss. There…therefore I did not wake you up. However, I saw what he did there!” Broken Teeth rubbed his head and shrunk his neck as he said.

“Then, what did he do there?” Big Brother asked curiously.

“He sat down there and threw some weeds!”

“Just so simple?” Big Brother asked confusedly. In the dead of night, he woke up just to throw weeds into the water? Was he just bored?

“En. Absolutely true!” Broken Teeth nodded his head and said with certainty.

“Weed? Let’s go and take a look,” Big Brother waved his hand, bringing Broken Teeth along to where Cheng Yu had sat.

“Big Brother, it’s here. He sat here just now and threw these weeds,” Arriving at the shore, Broken Teeth pointed at the land and said. Big Brother stood at the side as he looked around and saw that there was nothing unusual here. After that, he looked at the water and saw a weed that was floating on the swamp. So, he pointed at that weed and said, ”Is that the grass?”

“This…should be!” Broken Teeth had also recognized that grass as he said feebly.

It was another slap, ”Useless idiot. Go back!” Big Brother was feeling very angry in his heart as he turned around and walked off.

“It’s really this grass,” Broken Teeth touched his head while following behind as he muttered softly.

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