Chapter 210: A Group of One Hundred Defeated!

“Big Brother, what’s that boy doing?” At a nearby thicket, several pairs of eyes were looking at Cheng Yu attentively while a short boy, Sharp, suddenly spoke.

“It seems like this boy is trying to find the method of crossing the Death Swamp. Let’s not make a move first. Perhaps, he might be able to find the method of crossing,” The guy who was addressed as Big Brother frowned after some consideration.

“Big Brother, this is not possible, right? There are so many people, yet none of them can think of any idea. What kind of idea could he possibly think of alone?” Sharp said disapprovingly.

“No matter what, let’s see for a while. A Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator is like a minion compared to the treasures concealed in the Death Swamp. If he can really think of an idea, so what if we let him off?” This person was their big brother and his judgement was a lot more generic compared to the others. The objective of their journey was Death Shrine and not a puny Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator.

“Big Brother is the wisest!” When they heard their big brother mentioning the hidden treasures, their eyes brightened up, as if they had been through nirvana. Even when they looked at Cheng Yu’s back, they were filled with anticipation. At this moment, Cheng Yu had already been enchanted by the peculiar lotus’s scent. How could be possibly know that someone had already took him as their savior?

“What a strange scent. The scent is obviously very dull, but it was able to make a person sense of smell become a lot more keen. Interesting. Could it be that this lotus and the Death Swamp are related?” Cheng Yu held the lotus and looked at the mysterious swamp as he thought.

“Quickly look! Someone flew over again! It’s a group!” Just as Cheng Yu was baffled, an alarming cried resonated.

“That’s Kunlun Sect’s people. The one leading them is one of the younger geniuses, Zhuang Shengli!” One of them saw the person leading them and cried surprisingly.

“Isn’t Zhuang Shengli a Foundation Establishment late stage expert? Could it be that he formed his golden core? Even so, he would still not be able to bring so many people over!” A lot of those who knew of Zhuang Shengli started to discuss their suspicions. Just when everyone was curious, this group of people had already entered the one kilometer mark of the swamp. This time, the alligators in the swamp attacked just like the previous time. Everyone thought that this group of people would suffer from the alligator attacks, but something unimaginable happened. When this group of alligators rushed up, they suddenly paved out of the way, allowing the cultivators to pass through them.

“This…what’s going on? Why aren’t those alligators attacking?” One of them shouted puzzledly.

“That’s right! How come it’s like that? Previously, that Golden Core Realm expert had forced his way through. How come they were able to cross it so easily?” Everyone’s mind was filled with doubts.

“Could it be Zhuang Shengli really brokethrough to Golden Core Realm? And he is even stronger than the previous Golden Core Realm expert?”

“Impossible. If I am not wrong, Zhuang Shengli absolutely has not broken through to Golden Core Realm. I feel that they had something on them that makes these alligators stay away from them,” One of the men stood out and denied.

“A treasure that makes the alligators stay away from? They all have it? Can that even be called a treasure? I think it should be because they have a lot of people that caused these alligators to be intimidated. I suggest that we should also fly over together. How about that?” One of them refuted and suggested his idea.

“I agree. Since everyone is here for treasure hunting and training, we should be united in this kind of situation. Otherwise, we are going to be hindered. All the benefits will be stolen away by all the big sects!” Once the suggestion came out, immediately people started agreeing to it.

“Having large numbers might not necessarily be useful. Previously, I have seen a group exterminated. Therefore, my group will not join,” When there were people agreeing, there were naturally be people disagreeing.

“Since it’s like that, those who are willing to follow and rush forth, stand by my side. Hidden treasures are just across the swamp. If you give up like this, the hidden treasures will all go to us,” When he saw so many people were starting to hesitate, this person quickly tried to convince and entice everyone to follow him.

“My group agrees!”

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“We also agree!”

“For treasures! Risk it! We also agree!”

Even though there were a lot of people who placed extra importance on their lives, there were also a lot who cared for hidden treasures. There were more people who stood on the side of those willing to rush through Death Swamp.

“Big Brother, are we going to follow them and rush over?” At this moment, Sharp, who was hidden in the thicket, saw the situation, and he was enticed by it immediately.

“Wait first. Whatever we do, we must not be lab rats. Who knows if this idea would work?” Big Brother also wanted to test if the idea would work, but he was still apprehensive.

“But…Big Brother, if they were to really cross over, there will be no one left to form a team with us,” Another one who had broken teeth also said anxiously.

“You anxious for what? There are also a lot of people standing on the disapproving side. If they were to really cross over, is there a need for us to worry about a lack of people?” Big Brother slapped Broken Teeth’s head and said ill-mannaredly.

“Good! Since everyone has the same goal, I hope that when we rush out, everyone is able to help each other and not let the alligators break our defense. If that happens, none of us will be able to survive,” With just a suggestion, Qiao Bai did not expect that he would be able to form such a large team. His heart was suddenly filled with heroism, turning extremely complacent. He did not expect that he would actually have the ability to rally so many supporters. Immediately, he quickly put forth his first order for this interim team.

“Sure! We must let go of our former hatred. We will talk about that after we cross this challenge!” Inside this group, there were a lot who had conflict with each other. However, when facing a crisis, they did not wish to throw their lives away just like that. Even though a majority of them had responded positively, with so people convergencing together suddenly, if they want to work as one, it was impossible. Among the crowd, a lot of them snorted disdainfully. There were even some that had displayed a sinister smile, but no one detected it.

Hundreds of people going into an operation was something hardly seen. A lot of the cultivators who had just reached the swamp were all attracted by this luxurious lineup.

“Good! Everyone get ready. On my mark, 3, 2, 1! Rise!” Qiao Bai stood at the front of this group of people and shouted loudly. Actually, in his heart, he was still very afraid. After all, standing at the front meant that he would receive the strongest attack. However, who asked him to suggest this idea? If he wasn’t in front, who would be at the front? Therefore, Qiao Bai brought his concentration to the max, preparing to protect his life at all cost. Qiao Bai was the first to fly up and the others followed suit. The hundred people flew into the swamp, making the scene look very spectacular.

Cheng Yu who was standing faraway also had his eyes fixated on this team. In the skies, everyone had released their energy. The energy brought forth was a lot stronger than a Golden Core Realm. Golden Core Realm experts might be valiant, but if they were to face a group of one hundred Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators, there would be no returning.

However, the purple flying alligators did not seem to be intimidated by the formidable energy. A few hundred alligators flew up to the sky and attacked the Foundation Establishment group.

“Ah! Ah!” In an instant, miserable shrieks resonated through the crowd.

“Everyone don’t panic! Stay together, don’t let them separate us,” Qiao Bai was startled by the situation. Luckily, his reaction was quick, but he shouted anxiously. However, the situation was not as easy as he imagined it. From the start, those purple alligators had already aimed at their core and at this moment, everyone was fighting against the alligators with their lives on the line. Where would there be anyone who would listen to him?

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” A few cultivators who had lower cultivations were not able to resist these alligators’ onslaught, and one after another, they were devoured.

“Sh*t! Let’s run! Ah!” A few of them saw the situation and realized it was no longer safe, so they quickly gave up on attacking and flew towards the shore. Going in was easy, coming out was difficult. Flying for about 10 meters, dozens of alligators had surrounded them and devoured them, leaving behind cries of miserable shrieks, causing those people on the shore who heard the cries to suffer goosebumps.

“Big Brother, fortunately you are wise. Otherwise, we would also be like them, fed to the alligators,” Hearing the miserable cries, Broken Teeth’s body shivered.

“Good that you know. Always conduct yourself in a low-key manner. If you want to stay alive in this predatory world, don’t ever do things that make you stand out among a group!” Big Brother looked at the constant fall of cultivators, and his heart was rejoicing.

“Yes. Big Brother, in the future we will listen to what you say,” When they saw how well their big brother had planned ahead with those strategic decisions, everyone had even more respect for this big brother of theirs.

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“D*mn it! Everyone, stay close together! Kill our way out!” Qiao Bai’s foresight and strength was considered pretty decent. It was a pity that those who had truly followed his words were too little. When he saw in such a short amount of time, hundred had decreased to fifty, Qiao Bai knew that his plan had failed. Immediately, he followed those beside him to kill his way out.

This time, everyone finally realized the importance of being a team. A few of those small teams profusely tried to get close to Qiao Bai. However, even so, when they had finally returned ashore, there were only thirty left.

“F*ck! Finally it’s safe. This place is too frightening,” Those people who had managed to come back alive had all fallen to the ground weakly. Their bodies were all covered in blood, which no one had any idea if it was a human or alligator, and their appearances were extremely battered.

“Haha! I had already said, even with so many people, you would not be able to pass through! Luckily I did not follow you guys to do stupid things,” When they saw those battered appearances, those who had disagreed with the plan immediately jeered at them.

“Haha! That’s right. Fortunately, I am smart enough. Otherwise, I would be like these blockheads, being fed to the alligators.”

“Today, these alligators got lucky. It must have been a long time since they had such a sumptuous feast!” With a person leading them, everyone started to jeer at those battered people one after another. Qiao Bai’s complexion was gloomy. The operation this time had cost him two of his eight brothers. If it was not because those blockheads who did not listen to his instructions, they wouldn’t have suffered a crushing defeat. Even if they couldn’t make it through, returning safely wouldn’t have been a problem.

“It seems like it should not be the issue with the number. If my guess is right, with more people, the attacks would become stronger,” Regardless of being the first Foundation Establishment Cultivator who had been eaten or the Golden Core Expert who had managed to cross through, both of them were faced against dozens of alligators.

And those from Kunlun were all in Foundation Establishment Realm, and they were confronting hundreds of alligators. Judging from this situation, with more people, it would only attract more alligators to attack.

“M*th*rf*ck*r! Frighten me to death!” Cheng Yu stood at the edge of the swamp, just when he had sobered up from his pondering, he saw dozens of alligators staring at him a few meters away, giving Cheng Yu a scare.

“Huh? Weird, since they knew that there were so many people on the shore, why are they not coming ashore to attack?” Cheng Yu retreated a few steps and saw that these alligators did not have the intention to come ashore. He suddenly thought curiously.

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