Chapter 212: Swindling Him Ruthlessly

“Quickly look! Another person flew into the swamp!” Early in the morning, a shout woke everyone up. Some of them climbed out from their tents, some leaped down from trees and some jumped out from the thickets.

“That’s Tianshan Sect’s people. Tian Heng and Fairy Tian Xue is also there!” Someone figured out the identities of those who had charged into the swamp and informed everyone.

“Quickly look, those alligators did not dare to attack again!” The alligators flew out from the water and charged to the side of those Tianshan Sect people. Around 10 meters away from them, they no longer dared to advance anymore.

‘What exactly is going on? Why! Why are these alligators not attacking them?” Someone cried out. This person had already spent three days in this swamp. Even though a majority of them had been obstructed here, in those three days, quite a lot of people had already passed through the swamp. How could he not be anxious?

“Look, Shushan Sect people also appeared,” This time, another person pointed at the east skies and shouted. Similarly to those who had gone past the swamp, the alligators remained around 10 meters away from them and did not go forward to attack them.

“Why! Why is it like this?” That person bellowed once again.

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“They are all from the 10 big sects. They all know the method to pass through Death Swamp, but do not want to make it public. Truly hateful,” All of those big sect people had used the same method to pass through and chosen to keep mum about the method.

“That’s right. The 10 big sects are too hateful. Once I return, I am going to tell my friends to boycott them because of their selfish actions.”

“Boycott the 10 big sects! Boycott them!”

“Boycott! Boycott!” Momentarily, everyone had raised up both their hands, venting their dissatisfaction towards the 10 big sects.

“Ha, these people have no abilities, and only know how to create a disturbance. This world has always been the weak falling to prey for the strong. Without any benefits, why would others tell you the method?” Cheng Yu sat down on top of the tree and laughed at their stupidity.

“En. Seems like I have to find a location to test it,” Although Cheng Yu was sure that the short grass was the secret to pass through Death Swamp, he still needed to test it. Otherwise, if he flew over without any preparation and was eaten by these alligators, he would turn into a laughingstock. Cheng Yu took out his flying sword and flew a distance away. He tried his best to look for a place without anyone to test flying into the swamp.

“Big Brother, look. That kid has flown away. What are we going to do?” Broken Teeth remembered his Big Brother’s words, so the moment Cheng Yu made a move, he reported to him immediately.

“What can we do? Of course we follow him!” Big Brother beckoned everyone to follow and fly in the direction Cheng Yu had just gone.

“Eh? Where is he? I obviously saw him landing here?” Six of them followed Cheng Yu and flew for two hours, and finally saw the location Cheng Yu had landed at. But when they descended, they did not see Cheng Yu’s shadow.

“Howl! Howl!” At this moment, two Iron Long-arm Apes appeared from the forest. One at the front while the other at the back surrounding the six of them.

“Not good, we have been fooled!” Big Brother saw the situation and reacted promptly.

“Heh!” Cheng Yu hid himself at a corner and quickly retreated. These two Iron Long-arm Apes were found by him when he was looking for some medical ingredients in the surroundings. As for the six of them, he had long discovered them. Although the forest was weird, making Cheng Yu unable to perceive these demonic beasts, he was still able to perceive human cultivators near him. Originally, Cheng Yu wanted to make a move himself to deal with them, but when he thought of them being able to reach this point themselves, their strengths should not be too bad. So, he recalled these two Iron Long-arm Apes that he met not long ago. Cheng Yu flew at the side of the swamp for some time. Abruptly, he flew into the forest. It was because Cheng Yu had been here that he did not discover any flying demonic beasts. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to retreat so easily.

Cheng Yu followed his track and retreated, returning to the side of the swamp. When he saw there was no one, he removed the restriction he placed on the short grass flower. Immediately, a pungent and weird smell burst forth. Cheng Yu was not able to endure the smell, but because of the experiment, he could only choose to tolerate it. Very carefully, he flew into the swamp. When he flew to one kilometer deep in the swamp, Cheng Yu became extremely prudent. Once he realized any abnormality, he would retreat in full force.

“Pop! Pop!” As expected, when Cheng Yu was one kilometer away from shore, these purple alligators flew out from the water. Cheng Yu was extremely nervous, and was prepared to retreat at any point. But when these alligators were about 50 meters away from him, they no longer dared to advance any further. Instead, they remained at their ground and stared at him attentively.

“Haha, Succeeded! Sure enough, it’s this!” His opinion was validated. Cheng Yu did not stop, but flew into the depths of the swamp.

“Eh? Since I have discovered the method, shouldn’t I go and earn some money first?” Cheng Yu moved on for a way, all of a sudden he remembered there were still a lot people staying at the shore, unable to move on any further. Should he not go back and make some business?

“Heh heh! Only bastards would not want to make money. In any case, I am not familiar with what’s after the swamp. Not only will I be able to make some money, there would also be people who would probe for me. Why should I be against it?” Cheng Yu thought and felt that he should return.

Cheng Yu came to the shore and plucked a few short grasses. After that, he found a covert location and laid out a few restrictions. He took out his pill cauldron, throwing the short grasses in. Concocting it casually, making these short grass into pills. He had only used about three hours before concocting about a thousand pills. Cheng Yu was delighted. The pills grade was very bad. However, Cheng Yu did not care. The reason he had refined these short grasses into pills was because he did not want others to recognize their origins. In order to shorten the time for producing a bulk amount, as long as it did not affect the end results, Cheng Yu would not be bothered by the other stuff. Keeping the pill cauldron, he took out a pill and flew into the swamp.

“Never expected that after being turned into a pill, the result was even better,” Looking at those alligators distancing themselves around 20 meters away, Cheng Yu laughed. The reasoning was very simple, when herbs were turned into pills, it brought forth their medical efficacy. These short grasses might not necessarily be medical herbs, but after refinement, the smell inside was brought even further. The results would naturally be a lot greater. Since this pill was so effective, Cheng Yu had already turned impatient as he flew towards the spot where all the cultivators gathered.

“Quickly look, someone is flying over here from the depths of the swamp,” A lot of them did not have any idea, so they sat at the edge of the swamp and talked or perhaps, they hated the situation here at the swamp. But at this moment, someone saw a person flying back from the swamp.

“Who is he? He doesn’t seem like a person from the 10 big sects! How come he has the way to go past Death Swamp? Furthermore, look, these alligators actually stayed around 50 meters away from him and did not dare to get any closer to him. My god, he is even more powerful than those people from the 10 big sects!” Looking at the person in the sky, a lot of them said curiously.

“Everyone! I know that you all wish to get past Death Swamp. I am willing to help everyone here for a price. Are you all willing?” Cheng Yu hovered in the sky and looked at everyone on the shore as he said.

“What price? Could it be that you will be able to let us get past Death Swamp?” A lot of them were able to tell the meaning behind Cheng Yu’s words as they said with excitement.

“That’s right. I am here to help you guys get past Death Swamp,” Cheng Yu smiled nonchalantly.

“Really? You really have the method to help us get past Death Swamp?” A lot of them were surprised.

“Of course, didn’t you also see it? I used the method to fly over,” Cheng Yu said complacently. The reason why Cheng Yu had specially flown over from the swamp was because he wanted to let these people see it with their own eyes. Besides, he had used the short grass flower when he did so.

“Then what’s your price?” A lot of them had turned excited by Cheng Yu’s news, but some of them were still very clear-headed. Since Cheng Yu said that he was here for business, they would definitely have to pay a price for it.

“Simple. 1000 low-grade spiritual stones, I will let you get through Death Swamp,” Cheng Yu smiled nonchalantly.

“Everyone?” Someone said confusedly. There was hundreds of people here, so 1000 low-grade spiritual stones could be gathered easily.

“No. I am saying each person pays 1000 low-grade spiritual stones,” Cheng Yu stretched out his index finger and said while shaking his head.

“What! One person for 1000 low-grade spiritual stones! You might as well rob!” When they heard one person for 1000 spiritual stones, a lot of them immediately grew discontented.

“I am not forcing you guys. If you are willing to trade with me, do it. If you are not, I won’t force you. You guys came out for training because you hope to obtain treasures. If you choose to be stingy and remain here forever, then all the treasures will soon belong to others!” Seeing these people turn so angry, Cheng Yu did not get enraged, but smiled very naturally.

“Kid, you are quite arrogant, huh? You actually dare to make profits from other’s misfortune. Aren’t you afraid that we would unite and kill you? This way, the treasures on you will become ours!” Another muscular man shouted in rage.

“That’s right. Kid, don’t win an inch, but want a foot. We are willing to give you 10 spiritual stones for each person. With so many people here, the sum gathered will still be quite an amount. If you help us get through this swamp, it could also be counted as we owe you a favor. How about that?” Another middle-aged man stood out and suggested.

“Haha! If you guys really have the ability, you wouldn’t have been stuck here. If you want to kill me, it’s not that easy. Since you guys aren’t willing to trade, then I can only look for others. Don’t forget, those hindered in Death Swamp are not only you. If you aren’t willing, it does not mean that others aren’t willing. I shall not accompany you any longer,” Cheng Yu laughed and flew into the depths of the swamp.

“Wait! I am willing to fork out 1000 spiritual stones!” When they saw Cheng Yu really just flew off like that and those alligators had just let him pass, some of them could no longer endure any further. After much difficulty had they finally reached here, how could they possibly return empty-handed. There were still a lot of treasures waiting for them. If it was as he said, there was not only their group people here, there were a lot more others at other places. If they chose to be stingy because of 1000 spiritual stones and missed this opportunity, once others took all the treasures, it was totally not worth it.

“Oh? Are you really willing to?” Hearing the shout, Cheng Yu flew back from the swamp. He had done so all because of earning money, so why would Cheng Yu fly off just like that when a money making opportunity was waiting for him.

“Willing, willing. Here. Exactly 1000 low-grade spiritual stones,” This person was truly afraid that once Cheng Yu left, he would no longer return. He quickly took out 1000 low-grade spiritual stones and tossed it to Cheng Yu.

“Good! Not bad, here. Keep this pill on you, you will be able to get through this swamp,” Cheng Yu counted and confirmed the 1000 low-grade spiritual stones. His heart was pumping in joy as he took out a pill and said.

“This…so simple?” That person took the pill. He sniffed and smelled a weird and pungent smell on it as he said in an unconvinced tone.

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