Chapter 29: Foretelling A Disaster (Part 1)

Everybody was sitting for dinner inside the inn’s restaurant, talking and having a good time together.


“Say, isn’t Sylvia still sleeping? How come she’s so tired? I don’t remember her being a sleepyhead.” → Lissa

“Ah. Master contacted us yesterday! He said he’s in Miss Sylvia’s room.” → Theodore



Everyone stared at Theo with wide open eyes. They never expected for Sylvia and Shen to have an adventurous night together. At least not so soon.


“Oh my~! She might be the only one who actually did something tonight. Haah~ I’m so jealous~.” → Lissa


Lissa said while Ryu, Bonny and Gregor looked down with reddened faces.


“Haha~ is hard to believe Shen would do something like that on their first meeting.” → Ryu

“He~ why do you say that? You think you know him that well~? He might look serious and all but who knows what kind of beast hides under that mask?” → Lissa


Lissa said so while gazing at Gregor with mischievous eyes.


Cough… I said I’m sorry, didn’t I..?” → Gregor


Gregor felt embarrassed and simply focused on finishing his food.


“Fufufu~ I know I know. I’m just teasing you a little.” → Lissa

“Hmph…” → Gregor


While the group was laughing, everyone from the restaurant looked toward the stairs. There, they saw a white beauty in a white dress with sleepy eyes. She looked around until she found Ryu’s group.


“Ah, morning~.” → Sylvia


She said while putting on the most beautiful smile the clients of that restaurant ever saw. For some reason, Sylvia radiated with a shining aura, even stronger than before.


“O-oy. Who’s that beauty?”


Someone asked.


“I don’t know. But God, she’s beautiful.”


An old man observed while taking his hat off. Be it old or young, everyone looked and admired her beauty.


“Haha~ It seems it happens every time we go out to eat.” → Ryu


Every time they would go out with Sylvia, her white and somehow holy appearance would attract the attention of everyone around them. Even if Sylvia weren’t present, Lissa and now Bonny would do the job with ease.


“How come a beauty like you, Miss, is in such a broken-down place? This old tavern would only put dust on your holiness. Please let me show you a better place in which your beauty can show its shine to the fullest.” → Player


And of course, there must always be someone trying to hit on her. This time, the participant was a player from Earth who created his character only to look handsome. He is the kind that would stay hours only to shape his character, making it as beautiful as possible. But this time when Sylvia wanted to reject him, a rough voice of a tired and annoyed young man resounded from behind.


“Oy pretty face, move.” → Shen


The voice was cold and rough, mostly because Shen was still tired. Just like Ryu, he was a ‘really easy to annoy’ person when tired, making his temper even shorter at the sight of his woman being hit on.


“Huh? And who you might be-“ → Player


Before he could finish his words, he saw the person who just talked. Even though he wasn’t big, his muscular body full of scars which were visible under the black T-shirt, would give a fright to anyone who saw him. His wolf-like cold and bloodshot eyes would make anyone’s back turn cold and the powerful ‘ready for battle’-like aura would let no one search any kind of trouble with him.

After hearing those words, Shen grabbed the handsome guy’s head, holding it like a basketball.


“Who I am? I’m the one who’ll dig your grave later if you don’t get out of my sight.” → Shen


The aura released by him wasn’t intentional, it was just because he felt tired and irritated, not being able to control it all that well.


“I-I’ll move right away! Please pardon me!” → Player


The young handsome man ran like the wind, not even looking back.

The ones from inside the restaurant exclaimed and applauded.


“Good going, lad!”


Screamed a middle-aged man with a huge sword at his back.


“Hahaha~ well done young one! Only the worthy shall take the beauty Ahahaha~!”


Another old man laughed.


“Oh my~ what a handsome and strong looking young man. Heey~ won’t you come and play with us later~?”


Even some girls, be them, players or residents, looked at him with interest.


All of this ruckus only because of two people.


Ryu’s group looked with wry smiles while everyone else had fun with the little show.


“Yep, this couple is abnormal.” → Ryu


Ryu said so while laughing, then he saw the scars on Shen’s body.


That was a tough fight…thank God he’s still alive and kicking. Ryu


“Morning Shen~, how come you’re still so tired after sleeping for so long?” → Sylvia


Sylvia got in front of him and asked with a warm smile. Everyone looked with a wry smile at the huge contrast between the tired Shen and the shiny Syliva.


“Ah, why is this place so noisy…? Ugh… Morning Sylvia. Of course I’m still tired… how much did we sleep for? 7 hours? I’m amazed that you’re so full of energy.” → Shen


Shen massaged his neck then patted Sylvia’s head. After that, he continued to Ryu’s group with Sylvia at his right.




Both Melinda and Theodore rushed at Shen and hugged him. They reached only to his waist, looking like a father being welcomed by his children.


“Ah, morning. Have the two of you ended up kissing while I wasn’t looking?” → Shen

“Eh?” → Melinda


While Shen laughed, the two little disciple’s faces reddened, especially Melinda.


“W-we didn’t… but I hugged her! Master said for the young this much is enough, right?” → Theo


Theodore looked at Shen with shining eyes. He saw him as a true hero, especially now with all those scars on him, giving him a powerful presence.


“T-Theo!” → Melinda


Melinda reddened even more at his remark.


“Hahaha~ alright, good job! Now go back and finish your food, don’t let it turn cold.” → Shen


Shen continued walking until he got in front of Ryu, he said hello to everyone then bowed his head.


“Sorry for not being able to assist, bro.” → Shen


Seeing such a mighty presence bowing his head to someone was a sight to behold, shocking everyone present. Except for Ryu, he was already quite familiar with Shen’s unexpected actions.


“Haha~ what are you sorry for, brother? Didn’t I tell you? We’re in this together, even if you don’t want it. Now that you’re here alive and kicking, let’s drink something!” → Ryu


Ryu wasn’t that different from Shen. He had scars all over his body because of the ruptures of the skin, muscles and bones which happened from overusing the ‘Dragon Form’.


“Besides, don’t be sorry. Now we look alike with these badass scars, don’t you think? Hahahaha~” → Ryu


Ryu started laughing out loud while patting Shen over the shoulder. He felt extremely good even when he lost control as a dragon. Tearing and biting off those tentacles made his blood boil, feeling extremely excited.


I shouldn’t tell the others that I actually had fun when I lost it. Ryu


He felt like everyone would scold him if he did so.


“Haha~ you’re right! We’re true badass brothers! However, you know I can’t drink, right?” → Shen

“Come on man! This one time?” → Ryu

“Ah screw it. What could happen?” → Shen


The others looked at them like at some weirdos while they were drinking wine in the morning.


Having such deadly injuries but still able to laugh and drink… these two are not healthy in the head.


George and Lissa thought together while looking with plain faces. Two women were especially angry at their conversation.


“Oh my~ I can see the two of you having a really interesting conversation there.” → Bonny


Bonny showed a smile which wasn’t really a smile.


“Seeing how the two of you are so happy with the new scars, shall we add some more, then~?” → Bonny


Her eye’s looked like they could kill. She was a terrifying person when angered.


“C-calm down Bonny. Is no big deal, right?” → Shen


Shen said so while looking at Ryu who nodded like everything was normal.


“Not a big deal?! Do you even know how much of a fright you gave me when I saw you all bloody and tired?! I thought my heart would break!” → Sylvia


Sylvia continuously punched him in the chest, strong enough for him to still feel something. She was pretty angered this time and made Shen say ‘ouch’ repeatedly because of the barely-healed scars.


“You two… Understand that you can’t just go head-on in danger and then come back half-dead. Think about the ones around you, damn it!” → Bonny and Sylvia


Both Bonny and Sylvia shouted at Shen and Ryu with anger and frustration.


“Ahaha~… okay I understand, we’re sorry, please forgive us.” → Ryu and Shen


Ryu laughed drily while Shen smiled bitterly. The last thing they wished was to make these two cry again. After everyone presented themselves in front of Shen, they sat down and continued eating while conversing. Ryu and Shen were especially keeping a heated-up conversation.


“You mean to say the guys who left you with all these riches were actually ghosts, which lived for more than 2000 years and gave you the mission to build a school, so other people could learn about their discoveries?… You make me worry, you know that?” → Ryu

“… I’ll give ya some reasons to worry over if ye don’t drop the jokes, bastard. ” → Shen

”Boahahaha~ Sorry sorry. But really, is not my fault that your story is just too ridiculous.” → Ryu

“Mine is ridiculous? On the first day you K.O.-ed a damn King Ox while on MY first day I was working the fields at that ghost’s home or however you called it. Who’s the weirdo here?” → Shen

“…Dude. You fought armies and the empire’s guards in less than a few months in this world. Are you aware about that?” → Ryu

“And you killed a freaking legendary beast and took his orb while using a taboo skill but still survived… Are YOU aware about that?” → Shen

“Welp, it seems we’re both weirdos! Boahahaha~!” → Ryu

“ Right~?” → Shen


Both of them continued to laugh and drink while telling their own stories, letting the others look at them with dumbfounded faces. Bonny and Sylvia already gave up on scolding them, knowing that in the end, they both survived. Afterwards, they entered more into details and Shen was the first to look at Ryu like at an idiot.


“You tried to cover the inside of your meridians with a ‘protective foil’ made from chi?” → Shen


He looked at Ryu with wide open eyes, being shocked by his completely out-of-norm logic.


“Eh? It seemed to be a good idea, no?” → Ryu

“Uh, no? Did it even work?” → Shen

“Well, I was already in the insane-mode so I wasn’t able to tell haha~.” → Ryu


Ryu laughed drily.


Couldn’t tell my ass! Of course it didn’t work! Goddamn man… Theo, take out the [Circulation System] book.” → Shen

“Yes, yes~.” → Theodore


Theo took out a thin book and gave it to Shen.


“Take this!” → Shen


Shen smacked the book on Ryu’s head and waited until Ryu took it from his hands.


“Ouch!… For what is this?” → Ryu

“Huh?! What question is that?” → Shen

Shen asked in annoyance.


“It’s so you’ll read it, of course. What you did with your stupid foil was the same as circulating normal water through iron pipes to be sure they are protected from the heat emanated by the lava. It was actually even worse! Because of that useless interference of having a surplus of chi inside your meridians, the primordial energy had to first get rid of it then start circulating, making some meridians stuffy and hard to go through.” → Shen


Shen became even more annoyed then he sighed, massaging his throbbing temples.

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“Look, I know what you wished to do but… trying to do ‘good’ while knowing nothing would only bring bad results.” → Shen


“Ah~ I understand now. I’ll be sure to read this later then.” → Ryu


Ryu said with a serious face while putting the book away.


“Bull*hit! I know you all-too-well. You’ll just put it in your inventory then completely forget about it. Having me remember you all the time to read it, while you’ll keep on saying ‘Oh right! I forgot!’ or some kinda crap like that.” → Shen


Shen looked at Ryu with cold and indifferent eyes, as if he was already used to his empty lies.

Being struck by such words, he stuttered.


“T-that’s not true! I’ll seriously read them!” → Ryu


Ryu said with a serious face while staying straight in his chair.


“Uhuh.” → Shen


Shen looked at him with a plain face. Of course, he couldn’t believe him.


“If so, then you won’t have any problems if I ask Bonny to be sure you’re reading them, right? Is for your own good anyway.” → Shen


Shen smiled like a devil and gave more books to Bonny


“Okay. I’ll be sure he’ll read them properly.” → Bonny


Bonny said while smiling sweetly at Ryu. However, he saw that smile like a devil’s grin. Ryu felt like everyone was against him.


“Et Tu, Bonny?” → Ryu


He felt betrayed by Bonny while his eyes moisted.


“I’m sorry Ryu, but if is for your own good, I’ll do anything.” → Bonny


She smiled like an angel, making Ryu shed tears.

After having lunch, everyone entered Sylvia’s room. On the way, Lissa found out that nothing really happened between Sylvia and Shen.


“What~? Not even a kiss? Boring~.” → Lissa


Lissa teased the two for a while until Gregor dragged her back by the hand.


“God, what are you? A child?” → Gregor

“Hmm~? Am I not a child in your eyes~?” → Lissa

“Nope. You’re a fully grown woman… and maybe a devil too.” → Gregor

“I-Is that so…” → Lissa


Lissa got a little bit embarrassed by his remarks and slightly evaded his face.

After everyone entered the room, Shen turned around and started to talk.


“So before I start teaching my disciples something new, do you lot have any special questions?” → Shen

“Right. We wanted to know for a while now why us players can use these skills so easily and how can we get stronger.” → Gregor

“Well, after meditating some more about this fact, I was able to find out something. Is mostly because of two reasons.” → Shen


Shen said with a serious face then explained in a calm manner.


“The first reason is that of our changed perception over the energetical field around this planet, which is possible hundreds of times stronger than on Earth.” → Shen

“Changed perception?” → Lissa

“Indeed. We players come from a world where the energies around are extremely difficult to be felt. One must train his perception through constant meditating, trying to feel around him even the smallest change in the air. Because of the busy life on Earth, I’m pretty sure that not even 5% of the population can actually feel the thin mana around them.” → Shen

“S-so few?!” → Theodore


Theodore was shocked. He couldn’t imagine a world where magic wasn’t present.


“Yes. And because our perception was used by having no mana around, suddenly feeling it makes us players able to control it much easier in comparison with the residents of this world… Well, control is rather a wrong way of putting it. Better said, our power to command it, even subconsciously, is much more stronger than for a normal resident.” → Shen

“I see now…!” → Gregor


Gregor suddenly remembered Ryu’s and Marina’s sudden burst in power when they were faced with danger.


So he’s saying that we also could also use this kind of power? If we’ll be able to control it… then at what level of power will we reach…? → Gregor


Gregor shuddered at the thoughts of having such monstrous powers in one go.


“It seems you understand how severe this situation is.” → Shen


Shen suddenly said while looking at Gregor with sharp eyes.




Ryu also understood instantly while the others felt like they got a slight idea.


“Well, let’s continue. The second reason why we’re able to use these skills so accurately is because of these bodies.”


Shen said while pointing at himself.


“If you think about it logically, after we changed into our own characters, we suddenly felt lighter, stronger and almost invincible. We’re able to destroy trees with only one punch and circulate the mana and chi through it as if our meridians were cleaned up from the very beginning.” → Shen



Lissa and Sylvia shouted together.

To reach a higher level of control over mana and chi, with also a better circulation of the two, one needs to cleanse his meridians and chakras on a daily basis, not letting any kind of impurities stay too much inside the body. These impurities enter the body through the air we breathe, the food we eat and whatever else we drink. Is close to impossible to keep them away from entering the body, but is possible to get them out by circulating the chi and blood through the entire body. Even so, the idea of having no impurities is ridiculous. Not even a Saint has such a pure body. The idea of suddenly having your entire body fully cleansed from impurities was ridiculous and close to impossible.


“S-Shen. You mean to say that, every player that changed into his, uh… ‘character’…? Has a pure body?” → Sylvia

“Yes. Seems like this is the case.” → Shen


Shen nodded then continued.


“I think most of the players already found out about the fact that, our stats are the same as the ones when we had our full set of items equipped in game. This also represents that this body is not normal and it might actually be what some people would call ‘a blessing from the gods’.” → Shen

“Blessing? Why a blessing?” → Ryu

“Because we were given the exact same powers as in the game. We have a spatial inventory, we can see our own status, we’re able to use skills which we don’t even know how they work. All of this has a connection with this new body we accepted together with us entering Sario.” → Shen

“H-how come you know so much?” → Ronald


“Hm? Is only logical. You just need to think about everything as a puzzle, while the events around you are the pieces. Just place them together and you’ll get the whole picture.” → Shen


He said so with a-matter-of-fact voice.


Well, sorry for being stupid.

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Ronald and Marina thought while feeling embarrassed for not understanding all of that from the beginning.


“Boahahaha~ not everyone has your processing capabilities, man. Now, I was able at one point to control the mana around me and use different spells and abilities, but after that, I wasn’t able to control it anymore. Do you have any idea about this?” → Ryu


Ryu asked seriously and Ronald with the others waited for an answer.


“Hm? What do you mean? You haven’t broken the limits of the game yet?” → Shen

“Huh?” → Gregor

“What?” → Ryu


Every player inside the room looked at Shen dumbfounded.

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