Chapter 29: Foretelling A Disaster (Part 2)

” Oy oy oy… Don’t tell me…” → Shen


For a second, Shen felt like he was surrounded by idiots.  He massaged his temples then he exhaled a breath of chi to calm down.


“Listen up. Are you guys aware that this is no longer a game, right?” → Shen



Everyone nodded together.


“And you know that there is no longer an A.I. program that limits our powers… right? I mean, things like cooldown, Set of skills or Class separation have no more value in this real world… You’re know?” → Shen


“… Yes.”


They felt like idiots when Shen looked at them with those plain eyes.


“Then… who is stopping you to evolve the actual abilities, or create new ones by combining what you already have…? Also, you’re aware that the more mana or chi you infuse inside the respective ability, the stronger it grows… right? You can also do that.” → Shen


Shen didn’t know how to feel about this.


So that’s why the other players were so weak… They didn’t know about this limit break and simply used the amount of mana and chi still limited by the game… → Shen


“B-but isn’t it hard to imbue more mana and chi than is normally needed?” → Ronald

“You just need to control a bigger amount, what is so hard?” → Shen


No, I think you’re the only one who has it easy.


Everyone looked at Shen with wide-open eyes.




Even Ryu felt like giving himself a good slap in the face. Everyone avoided eye contact or had their heads lowered.


“… Bonny, Melinda, don’t tell me you two…” → Shen


Shen thought that maybe, even for his two disciples his words were something new.


“W-we already found out about this while observing you training but… not everything it seems.” → Bonny


She felt quite embarrassed and evaded eye-contact with him.


“Hm? What happened? Why is everyone so down?”


Sylvia, Theodore and Lissa couldn’t really understand their conversation so they simply observed. Seeing how everyone suddenly felt too embarrassed to show their faces, the three of them got curious.


“Nah… nothing important.” → Shen


Shen also brought his hand at his forehead.


Now I also feel embarrassed for them… Shen


Cough… A-anyway. Let’s get back on the subject.” → Gregor


Gregor tried to change the subject to something more serious.


“I understand now that what Ryu showed us back then was what you call [Limit-Break], using our superior perception over the energies around to handle powers beyond our imaginations… That also means any other player could use this skill, right? And I presume you can perfectly control this [Limit Break], together with most of your skills already.” → Gregor


Gregor asked while looking at Shen with his bestial eyes.


“That’s exactly so. And your thoughts aren’t wrong, either.” → Shen


Shen then made a terrifying grin.


“I am indeed between the few who are able to feel and even control the slight mana around our Earth. This means here on Sario, I’m from between the strongest players if not, the most powerful one at that. Here, power is equal with the technique and control you have over the energies around. In this field, I’m free to call myself an expert.” → Shen


Shen said with no pride or arrogance, making anyone understand that his words didn’t come from a feeling of superiority but from pure logic and facts.


“Thought so…” → Gregor


Gregor sighed and viewed Shen on a whole new light.


Good think we have him as an ally now… Angering someone with brawns is not that dangerous. However, if he has both brains and brawns, then the danger meter will go over the top. → Gregor


“And I suppose you’ll teach us how to control all of this power, right?” → Ryu


Ryu asked with a grin.


“I will give you books which contain necessary pieces of information for that,”


Shen said with a neutral face while looking at Ryu.


“Of course…”

Damn books…


Ryu felt like crying, he never fancied the idea of reading books, even if it helped him. After the players inside the room finally resolved some of their questions, Shen returned to what he wanted to start with.


“All right, so. Today I’ll talk about the ‘bodies’ of a living being. The material body, no matter if is that of a mineral, plant, human, beast, demon, etc, it has 3 other ‘bodies’ inside:

The first one: The soul. When the body is inside the womb of the mother, the soul would take the same form as the body, entering in contact with all the cells and nervous system. That’s why, when we’re younger, our senses are so hard to control. Our senses are too focused, making us unable to use them properly, until the age of 7 when our soul gets accustomed to it. Also, the soul will still have some memories and characteristics from the past lives, until for later when these will get erased and the child will forget what happened until a respective age. After that age, those memories and characteristics would be forgotten. The stronger the memories would mean more years from childhood would get erased, needing more time until they are completely eradicated. This is also a reason why some people don’t remember about most of their childhood. Rare are those who can keep them forever.” → Shen

“Like master?” →  Melinda.

“No, I’m a variant who can’t even understand how his own abilities work. Besides, what I get is from multiple lives, not just from the last one. Also, I don’t have them since little, I gradually got them throughout life. ” → Shen


Shen said with a plain voice and look. He really didn’t know how he’s able to get memories and life-like experiences from another life.


‘Even though that warrior told me that ‘I asked for it’ when I was still a soul, then doesn’t that mean, anyone can get them if they just ask? Why I haven’t found anyone with such abilities yet?’


Shen though for himself then he simply shook his head.


‘Forget it, now’s not the time for that.’


“All right. Let’s continue. This soul is a lot more complicated and on its own has more ‘bodies’, but we’ll talk about it separately. Next, is what the Egyptians called ‘Ka’. I’m afraid of not teaching the wrong things but, this thing called ‘Ka’ was something like, the chi inside our body which is being freed at death. ’Ka’, after the death of the carnal body, would remain for some time beside the body waiting to get dissipated, becoming mana and energy which would help the living environment to grow. Of course, if the soul is a nasty and impure one, this ‘Ka’ can become poison, making the person who inspires this kind of ‘death chi’ to fall sick or even die. ’Ka’ can be used even to talk with the deceased, being able to find out the reason for their death or whatever information the living are curious about. The ‘Ka’ has all the information the respective living being had before death so he’ll be able to answer any kind of questions about him. The last one is the carnal body. This one is, again, pretty complicated. This body, as a whole, has another kind of ‘mind’ beside ours.” → Shen


“Huh? You mean there is another entity inside us that can influence our thoughts?” → Gregor


“No. Not another entity but our own body. It has no will on its own and also it can’t think for itself. Is like a robot waiting for commands. What nobody knows, is that it’ll answer even the subconscious messages we send. For example: we feel burdened by life and by our own problems, unconsciously we’ll start walking with our backs cocked, forming later some damn back-pains. Or we think about ourselves as being a sick person, or on the reverse, a healthy one; we’ll always get sick or respectively, we’ll barely get sick. The final result is your mentality and what thoughts you send to your body. What truly matters here is the mental power. The stronger the mental power we have, the faster will our body react. Another example would be: we can use our mind for auto suggestion on something like a cut or a bruise, thinking that is no longer painful. I used this kind of thing when I was on Earth and had to train with my master…” → Shen


Remembering those times really makes me shudder… → Shen


“Wait. So we could basically cut ourselves from the pain by autosuggestion? Isn’t this something like self-hypnosis?” → Ryu

“Indeed, it is a self-hypnosis and you can also use this to train the body.” → Shen

“And how is that?” → Gregor

“First of all, one has to enter into a deep meditation. After that, you’ll need to visualize yourself doing physical work. It can be anything: from martial arts moves, to train your body reactions, to simply start working out with imaginary weights, making the mind to train the body. The more life-like is your imagination while meditating, the better will your body develop through such a mental training.” → Shen

“You mean that by simply imagining, we can grow stronger?!” → Ronald

“Ahahaha~ Don’t even think that’s easy. Doing such a thing will cost you a lot of mental power and the tiredness you’ll feel won’t be just mental, but physical also. By making your body to work the muscles you’re using in your mind, it would still cost you physical energy, which it would be used to develop the muscles, tendons and/or bones. Nothing is for free when it comes to self-development. Besides, entering that meditative state is pretty hard and you’ll need full focus on what you’ll do in that state.” → Shen


Still, if I would be able to use this while I’m inside my room, then I would be able to develop the body by simply laying in bed. Even though the cost is the same with a normal workout, at least like this I won’t worry about destroying something and neither would I need weights for I’ll simply imagine them… This is perfect!


Ryu’s and Ronald’s eyes shone with anticipation.


“Anyway, I wish everyone understood something from what I said.” → Shen


Everyone was digesting the information they just got. Most of these things were already known but some parts were truly incredible.


“I’m just asking without any ulterior thoughts but, it is possible to use that ‘Ka’ in our own favor? For example, absorbing all that energy after a war and using it for yourself or for some kind of incredible magic?” → Ryu


When everyone heard this question, they looked at him with big eyes.


What kind of question is that?


“Hmm? But of course. All that energy is something like chi from the living. It can be really precious for someone knowledgeable about it.” → Shen

“Oh~ think you could use it?” → Ryu


Ryu continued asking while Shen answered seriously like he was in a real class.


“If is a good kind of energy, I can use it to build up my body or strengthen my own chi. If is death-chi, then I can use it to create some kind of cursed magic items.” → Shen

“That sounds amazing.” → Ryu

“The both of you! Stop!”


The younger ones understood some things while Sylvia and Bonny said nothing. The ones who were still shocked were Lissa and Gregor. Even Marina was a little bit terrified by the subject.


What kind of subject is this? Using the energy of the deceased? Are we some kind of necromancers!?


“Hm? What is it, you two?” → Shen


Shen asked surprised then he felt like he understood their reactions.


Ah… They are thinking about something bothersome, right?


“Sir Shen, I think this is not a subject we should ever talk about. Dishonoring the deceased by using their energy is not the best idea.” → Gregor

“He’s right, we can’t do such things that might go against the laws of nature.” → Lissa


Ryu and Shen looked at them with surprised faces, then at each other. Trough telepathy, they started talking.


It seems not everyone is prepared to hear these things. → Shen


Shen shook his head. It was the same when he talked about the 3 first forms of energies with Bonny and she thought he was excluding God from the creation of the universe.


Haha~ well, you need to explain with the little things first. No need to get mad at them. And by the way, from your words I can say that what we were talking about has nothing with necromancy, right? → Ryu

Exactly. A necromancer would try to seal back this ‘Ka’ inside the body and take control over him in some way or another, creating zombies and puppets. Or they would try to absorb the life-energy of the living to extend their own. Of course, they make use of this ‘Ka’ the same way I said and maybe for even more things, but all their actions are pure evil. What I tried to explain was only how we can use the energy that the living left behind after death, an energy that simply awaits to get scattered around. From my point of view, even if we use it at that exact moment or wait for it to dissipate, is basically the same thing because, in the end, it would become mana for the living.’ → Shen


Shen said with a matter-of-fact voice.


Ahaha~ yeah… sigh… it seems you’ll have a tough time to explain everything to the children when you’ll become a teacher. → Ryu

Aye…I know, right? → Shen


“What are the two of you talking about through telepathy, hm~?” → Sylvia

“Ah, I was just explaining to Ryu about the difference between how we normal cultivators use this ‘ka’ and how the necromancers use it.” → Shen

“D-dude!?” → Ryu


Ryu looked at him dumbfounded. He did not expect for Shen to spit it out so bluntly.


“Shen!” → Bonny


Bonny was agitated. She knew that this will turn out for the worse if he continued like this.


“What do you mean ‘we, normal cultivators’? I’ll never use this kind of energy in my life!” → Lissa


Lissa was disinclined to believe that.


“Exactly. Sir Shen, you can’t say that everyone uses such energy for themselves. I, not even for once, will I do such a lowly thing.” → Gregor



The younger ones looked at them with big eyes, not understanding why they are so revolted. Shen just said that this kind of energy would transform in mana, right? Was there more to his explanation that they didn’t get?


The problem here is, the more you grow up, the fewer things you hear. Just like at a point in life, you find out you can’t hear the birds, being too preoccupied with your busy life. Or, being able to hear a coin falling on a noisy road but not being able to hear what your teacher says in front of the class. The older we get, the more we hear only what we want, making our perception number. Aya~ and to think that a brat like Shen will have to deal with such stuff from now… I don’t  know if it would be funny or just dramatic. → Ryu


Shen was furious with their reactions. When Bonny saw that, she closed her mouth. She experienced this before. Lissa and Gregor, on the other hand, continued to say how they would never do such inhuman things and what-not.




Shen used words of power, making Gregor and Lissa to shut their mouths.


“The rule was, when I speak, everyone keeps quiet, no? If you don’t like something then just get up and leave. You are not restricted to stay here.” → Shen


Shen continued with a cold voice and equally cold eyes.


“I remember just saying before, the ‘Ka’ would transform in mana and energy after a period of time. Even if we use it at that time or later, it would be the same thing. Gregor, Lissa. You said you would never use such an energy, right? Then please tell me how many times did you activate your skills which work on mana and chi? The mana that also comes from the energies of such deceased, Hm? How many times-?” → Shen


Shen asked after getting irritated then he suddenly stopped himself. He felt ridiculous then shook his head at his own reaction.


Now, how come I’m mad at them? No good, no good. This is not like me. Also, that time with Bonny… I need to leave first. Damn wine. → Shen




Gregor and Lissa couldn’t say anything. They finally understood the concept of ‘Ka’ and the fact that they opened their mouth too fast. They could only look down in shame.


Haah…as the last thing to say. No matter the information you have, no matter the subject or anything of the sort, information is not a good one nor bad one. ‘Evil’ or ‘good’ is the one who is using it. Be it necromancy, magic, martial arts, technology, etc, they can be used for both sides, depends on who is using it. That’s why I’ll say: think out of the well, see both sides equally then overlook their true nature by seeing them only for your own favor. What’s truly ‘evil’ is going against the laws of this universe while what is truly ‘good’ is our ability to learn all and everything then spread the knowledge to the ones around, helping them grow… I wish everyone here will meditate over what I said.” → Shen


After he said what he had to say, he left the room in a calm manner for a walk to cool his mind.


“Wow… I never saw master this mad before…” → Theo


Theodore was feeling sad and bitter. Even though he said nothing against Shen’s words, he still felt guilty.

“Yeah… I saw him like this before… it was when he talked about the creation of the universe, he even wrote a story about it.” → Melinda


Melinda said while taking out a book, giving it to Sylvia which was beside her.




Ryu thought for himself while looking at the exit. He knew Shen the longest so he found his behavior as weird and unreasonable.


‘He’s normally composed and with a cool head. He’ll never get truly angry not even when someone did him an intentional wrong. This was not normal.’ → Ryu


Ryu then tried to contact him but he only shook his head.


Sigh…and he also sealed his mind… I can’t contact him through telepathy.




From the group Lissa and Gregor, Lissa was more irritated than depressed.


“Argh~! What is his problem? I simply didn’t understood from the first time! Geez~, what’s the big deal?” → Lissa

“No. He was right. His knowledge is something extremely valuable in this world and we simply negated him when he showed us enough benevolence to actually teach us.I can’t say his reaction was wrong at all.” → Gregor

“Don’t go and take his side now!” → Lissa


She grabbed his ears and started to play with them gently while Gregor sighed and smiled slightly. He turned toward Sylvia and asked.


Haah! Think you can tell where he is?” → Gregor

“ I can only tell how he feels. His location is unknown… I think I can contact him through telepathy but it seems that he wants to be alone to cool down.” → Sylvia


Only allowed on

Sylvia shook her head.


Also, why is there such a conflicted feeling inside him? Is like he’s fighting something. → Sylvia


“I’ll go out for a walk, maybe I’ll find him.” → Ryu

“Ugh… Fine~. Like this, maybe we’ll also be able to go on a date?” → Lissa


Lissa asked while holding Gregor’s hand with a bright smile.

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…Is she really asking for a date now?… Well, whatever. → Gregor


“Okay, fine. but if we bump into him, we’ll properly apologize. understood?” → Gregor

“Whatever you say~.” → Lissa

“… Uhm, okay? What about you Sylvia?” → Ryu

“Well, knowing him, he should be recuperating by now so I’m not really worried over him. I might as well walk around the village. This one seems pretty big and I’ll like to broaden my view upon the world.” → Sylvia


The Snow Village was as big as a city, reason why it was a good place to make tradings on the sea between the two continents.


“We’ll come too!”


The 4 brats said together. While everyone started searching around the city for Shen, the cause for all this agitation was leisurely walking around the village.


Good. I was able to subdue the rage and get back on track. Why is this still happening? → Shen


As a child, Shen was quick to anger, reason why he was also extremely violent with everyone else. After a while, he was able to subdue his anger but in place of it, uncontrollable fear started to corrode his mind. Because of this fluctuation between fear and anger, Shen focused his all on self-discipline and auto-control, training to achieve a tranquil mind. The only person that he could ask about this was his own mother who learned everything she knew from Shen’s Grandmother. She told him that this is a ‘Demon’ that he has to subdue in this life. As for the details, she wasn’t able to say anymore.


Alright but how can I subdue it when I can’t even detect it? → Shen


Not even now, when he’s in this world, can he detect anything wrong inside his mind or soul. Only when his soul is disturbed, a black mist-like energy appears and places itself on top of him, clouding his mind and judgment. But when he regains his composure, the mist also disperses like smoke, becoming undetectable right after.


Anyway! Let’s just stroll around and see what’s all about this village… wait…


“’Village’ my ass. Look at these buildings, in what way is this city a village?” → Shen


While walking around, Shen admired the view with awe. It was the first time walking around a city or ‘village’, from this world. He wanted to see how they were built and what design they used.


All of these buildings look, in a way, like the medieval British buildings-no, is more like a pre modern era in these parts! Haha~ Is truly amazing. They evolved to the max when it comes to buildings made from stone and wood, the architecture is beautiful. Oh, those look even more like a medieval German design. Now that I think about it, there is a lot of mixed culture in this world.


Shen remembered how Old Shu looked like a Chinese old man. His name was Chinese too, however, he chooses a West European-like name for Theo.


When I have more time, I’ll like to find out why are the cultures so mixed and why they look like the ones from my world.


While happily looking and strolling around here and there, Shen suddenly hears some noises of cries and angry shouts.


“…Is this that typical story-line where the hero is supposed to go and look what is this noise all about, find some kind of injustice, help the female character which later will become the mc’s lover?”


Shen thought while feeling like troubles were on their way to him.


Too bad~ I already found my heroine and I’m not thinking of having a harem or anything of the sort.


Shen tried to ignore the commotion when he heard the noise getting closer and closer.


Oy oy oy…if the hero doesn’t search for problems, then the problem would come to him? Isn’t that way to forced? Besides, I’m not even a hero! I’d prefer a sage.


Right around the corner, a young man with shackles around his hands and legs, wearing tattered clothes, tripped and fell right in front of Shen.


“And~ here is the problem….”


Shen wasn’t even a bit surprised.


‘At least he’s a man…right?’


The person that tripped in front of him was way too skinny, had a long beautiful green hair, emerald-like eyes and long ears like those of an elf…no, it was a true elf.


“Oh wow~ what a plot-twist~.”


Shen said plainly without being surprised in the slightest.


Looking at these shackles, he must be a slave… First of all, I don’t remember there ever being elves in the game.And second, slavery wasn’t allowed, so why is this young man in shackles?… He can’t be a prisoner, right?


However much Shen wanted to evade problems, slavery was something he simply couldn’t overlook.


“You bastard! We finally caught you!” → Shen


A Dragoon 2 times bigger than Shen ran after the downed elf and struck with his whip at him.. Shen grabbed the whip and pulled hard, irritated at the idiotic Dragoon.


“If you wish to die then just tell me. I’ll send you to the after-life in no-time.” → Shen


The Dragoon fell right beside the elf. He wished to get up and curse at Shen when


[Release Aura]


A powerful force was pressing on him, making him unable to get up from his kneeling position. He understood that he just offended someone he shouldn’t have.

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