Chapter 163- Results of the Demon War

Since the event was so large, it took an IRL week for a compiled list of rankings to be released for the demon war. There were no experience point rewards or item drops during the event, so someone might question why they would participate. The simple answer; contribution. Everything you did during the war gave you contribution points such as spending your time, giving resources, and fighting in the war. The average player could expect about ten thousand contribution points, which is enough to net them a month’s worth of rewards in just a weeks time. If someone wanted to splurge and managed to get twenty-five thousand points, they can get an uncommon rank class. For one hundred thousand points, you can get a rare class. For a quarter of a million, an epic. For a whole million, you can get the coveted legendary. There was also event specific ‘one time only’ titles, experience boosters, item boosters, event gear, etc.

For professionals, they can easily reach a hundred thousand points on average just with their fighting ability alone. This meant permanent stat bonuses, new fighting techniques, elite gear, rare resources, race changes, and large sums of gold. However, these people are normally bound by guilds and have to follow the rules on how their contribution is used, like for compensation.

However, the users that weren’t in guilds invested in long-term returns rather then recuperation or emergency items like a game-changing consumable that doubles a person’s stats for 1 minute.

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The true experts can reach upwards of half a million points, but they can easily make three times that if they try. However, this is usually only the case for guild leaders of top-ranked guilds that then invest their points for long-term guild benefits and to give incentives to their members. This included passive permanent buffs and gold.

Then there’s KMega6KMegacharacter, a person who broke the record for a Green Corporation game and got over two million contribution points. The most expensive thing you can purchase in the store is a kingship of the property you own. You would normally have to spend days with the development team to set up such a thing, but KMega let the Bishop of Eastguard decide what to do with the land. This means the system took the local terrain and his current residence and made a replica of it while leaving the public landmarks alone. Since KMega is the governor of the town on the surface already, the new town was acredited to him as well as a second domain. Since he was more related to dragon4dragonspeciess by blood because of his race quests with Neirlar, the system decided that an aerial domain is a better fit than normal plains. The system gave him a larger amount of farmland then usual because dragons have larger appetites than humans. The system also provided magic water wells, a magic septic system, and a forest for firewood. The system calculated their needs and provided everything that it deemed appropriate. The only thing it didn’t do is give this new land an official name because that’s up to KMega.

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Kyl, guild leader of Crimson Phoenix, looked at the options he had for half a million plus contribution points. When the companions vanished, there was chaos in the small production country of Ravenroot that did a lot of metalworking and mining. It was self-sufficient enough to feed its own people, making it ideal to grow an army. With its national reserves, this is what they started doing.

However, every great army needs a general, and his king buff skill focused on metal crafts and ore mining, so he was looking for a military support buff.

While looking through the list, that’s when he found it.

[Legacy of the Great King- Add one of the great kings of old into your lineage. You may choose one of four additional king buffs; economics, military, culture, or science. Cost: 1,250,000 demon war contribution points.]

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