Volume 3, Epilogue

After Lakshu’s successful debut, we received praise for our work from King Walt.

He was happy that we had made a dress suitable for a princess. On top of that, he couldn’t believe that Lakshu was satisfied with such a conservative dress. And so, he said we deserve a proper reward.

For King Walt, it was bad enough that his daughter had become yandere, but to see and hear about all of her masochistic behaviour was almost too much for the King.

So seeing her wear a pure white, innocent dress relieved much of the stress he had built up in anticipation of her making her debut.

Well, in reality, her dress was obscene and not appropriate for anyone to wear out in public…but what matters is everyone in attendance thought she looked like an innocent princess.

I can honestly say that I satisfied the demands of both of my customers.

We returned to the Brad family’s territory, Gran Island.

Rose went to report to her mother, Mary, and Sylphy returned to the Guild in Bandol. Claudia and I returned to Wells’ Clothing Shop.

“Hey…Master, what are you going to do now?”

We were in my workshop back at home. Claudia and I were working on a new dress design.

“…from now on? Well, work has piled up here after spending so much time in the capital, so I’ll need to focus on that for a while. We don’t have any time to do that today.”

Basically, I don’t have time to do anything else. Even that. I looked over at Claudia to see her turn red and say, “T-That’s not what I meant.”

She really is unbelievably cute when she’s embarrassed.

“Then what were you asking?”

“I meant your dream. The business here is steadily improving every day. I no longer have to worry about us closing our doors, and you’ve become pretty famous in this world too.”

“That’s true….”

I was able to accomplish a short-term goal.

Lakshu promised to support Rose’s family, but that doesn’t mean the harassment from the Earl of Chaos will suddenly stop entirely.

But I can still say that Rose and her family are safe for the time being.

The dress I designed for Lakshu not only received praise from many of the highest ranking nobles in the kingdom but also from the King himself.

My dream of working with clothing with Rose and Claudia by my side is slowly coming true. So what does the future hold?

“That may be true, but…I still plan on improving as a designer. Just because I became somewhat well-known doesn’t mean I’m satisfied.”

In the first place, I’ve only received praise because of the knowledge I held from my previous life. I also want to make more varied styles of clothing…not just the revealing or perverted dresses I’ve made so far.

“And I still feel like we need to do more to protect the life we’re building here.”

We may be safe for the time being, but…Ares, son of the Earl of Chaos, is still a yandere. You’d expect him to back off If a member of the royal family told him to do so but yanderes don’t follow common sense.

When will he next try to use brute force to get what he wants? Whenever it may be, I believe Rose’s mother will need even more power to stand against him.

“There’s still a lot to be done. Even here we’ll need to hire more workers. Sasha’s doing her best but she’s already at her limit.”

“We’ll need to train more people.”

I’d like to expand the store’s size but I don’t want to steal workers from other shops. We’ll have to find someone willing to work here and train them from scratch.

“Which reminds me….”

The reward I received from King Walt.

A magical gem.

It suppresses the effects of any and all yandere skills within its range.

It’s a weaker version of the effect within the royal castle. It doesn’t quite nullify my bad status, but the effect it has on other people should be lessened. Its range is about the size of a large manor.

The item that creates this effect in the royal castle is considered to be a national treasure. The gem I was given is still rare but not quite as valuable. Its price is similar to its range in that it’s worth about the price of a manor.

It was supposedly found as a rare drop in a dungeon.

I was wondering what the best way to train new people would be, but with this gem, it should be possible for me to train them, right?

As I was thinking about this, there was a knock on my door.

“…who could that be?”

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“All I know is it isn’t Sasha.”

That girl would enter without knocking in the hopes of catching us in the act. I opened the door and was surprised to see Rose standing there.

“Ehehe~, I’m home, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“Welcome home, Rose.”

Rose still lives back at her family’s mansion, but we both felt like we were home when we’re together. I embraced her as she entered my workshop.

“Welcome home, Rose-sama.”

Claudia grabbed onto my sleeve and smiled at Rose.

It’s strange that Claudia doesn’t seem to get jealous of Rose. Though there is a kind of competition they get into at night…but that’s about it.

But she gets incredibly jealous of everyone else. I wonder if this is because Rose helped save her life.

“Did you speak with Mary?”

“Yes. I told her Princess Lakshu will support us. She had a lot of praise for you, Yuzuki onii-san. She’s going to put as much funding as possible into researching plant paper and new fabrics.”

“Good. It will be a great help.”

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I’d also liked to use normal paper for my designs, and if it becomes popular, it will ease any financial strains we may encounter.

“That’s good then. Mother wanted to you and Karen to train new craftsmen that she wishes to hire…. What do you think, Yuzuki onii-san?”

“…that’s fine by me, but –”

Suddenly, an electric shock ran through my body.

“Claudia, I think I have an answer to your question.”

By improving the Brad family’s wealth, I’ll be able to accomplish my own dreams. The first steps to doing that are creating plant paper and mass-producing high-quality fabrics. This gem will come in handy in the near future.

I explained my new dream to the two people before me.

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