Volume 3, Chapter 20: That Which a Foreigner Wears

King Walt spread a rumour throughout the castle.

The Spirit Alumis, a follower of the Goddess, had become obsessed with me.

If someone were to do anything to harm me or any of my companions, they’d incur the wrath of Alumis.

Therefore, you should never lay your hands on me.

This story was spread to everyone within the royal family.

Prince Harold is still obsessed with Claudia. The easiest way to satisfy a yandere’s obsession is to allow them to be with whomever it is they’re obsessed with…but Claudia is mine and I won’t let that happen.

Rose used her demon eye to force Harold to create a contract with her and I heard later from King Walt that Harold had been punished as well.

Femia also told me that she’s witnessed Harold’s yandere side fighting against the rules of the contract. She said he was screaming at himself in an empty hallway.

Anyway, we appear to be safe for the time being.

That’s why I was now focusing all of my energy into making Lakshu’s dress.

I utilized all of the knowledge I had from Earth in order to make her the perfect dress.

Claudia did an extraordinary job of recreating my design using the lace we had purchased from Karen’s shop.

Whenever we’d finish each part of the dress, Rose would put the finishing touches on them by embroidering them using her inscription magic. I can honestly say that there’s no other dress like it in this world.

— A little over a month passed before the dress was finally complete. Conveniently, we finished the day before Lakshu was meant to make her debut.

“…it’s finally time.”

We were at our designated meeting point outside of the ball being held in the royal castle. Rose is part of the nobility so she was allowed to attend while Claudia and I were attending as clothiers that made Princess Lakshu’s dress.

Claudia wasn’t wearing the revealing dress I made for her before. She was actually wearing a conservative dress that showed little skin.

For me, today is all about Princess Lakshu’s perverted yet still proper dress, and for Lakshu, today is all about her showing off how much of a lewd princess she is.

Which is why Claudia is wearing such a plain dress.

“…Master, does this dress…suit me?”

“Yeah, you look great. Skimpy dresses are nice, but less revealing dresses like that have their own charm.”

“T-Thank you….”

Claudia was as cute as ever as her cheeks were dyed red.

I personally like when there’s a stark contrast between a girl’s appearance in the dress she wears. So I thought the innocent looking Claudia would look best wearing a revealing dress but seeing her wear such a conservative dress when I know how perverted she can be is really nice as well.

[Yuzuki-kun, you just like cute girls.]

Medea-nee’s message popped up in my log window. She didn’t really need to point that out.

…well, it’s not like that’s a problem.

Besides, it’s different with Claudia. Her innocent appearance combined with her perverted personality is enough to make any man go crazy. I’m not surprised Prince Harold went crazy.

— As I was lost in thought, Rose grabbed onto my arm.


“…Rose? What’s wrong?”

“That’s unfair, Yuzuki onii-san. Don’t I look good? I’m wearing a dress that you made.”

“Your dress also suits you really well, Rose.”

I’m really just praising myself considering I made her dress. The dress was in her normal gothic lolita style, but it was made more suitable for the daughter of a noble family. I also shortened the skirt a little.

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Overall it was a cute dress that was a good match for Rose’s appearance.

As I was admiring my dress, Rose pulled my arm closer and held it against her body.

I could feel Rose’s soft body pressing against my arm from beneath her dress.

“…so? Does it make you excited?”


Why is this girl trying to tempt me now? Doesn’t she realize where we are?

Oh, but of course it does get me excited….

While thinking this, the music that was filling the hall stopped and King Walt appeared at the head of the room.

“Everyone, thank you all for attending this event organized by the royal family.”

Following this, members of the royal family began descending the staircase behind King Walt. I could see Harold accompanied by a beautiful woman and there were several princesses I had yet to meet that each had a man more attractive than the next one accompanying them.

As expected of royalty, they were all wearing exquisite clothing that I could picture modern-day celebrities wearing. I’m honestly worried whether or not my dress will match up.

But –

“Don’t worry, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“She’s right. I’m sure everyone will love your dress.”

Rose said this while still clinging to my right arm, and Claudia tried to reassure me as well as she grabbed onto my left.

“Yeah, you’re right…. You both worked so hard.”

Without Rose and Claudia, I would’ve never been able to finish the dress. With all of our efforts combined, I know the dress will be received well.

— Shortly afterwards, I noticed everyone had turned their attention to the stairs.

I looked in that direction and spotted a dark-skinned princess wearing a snow-white dress.

“Oh…isn’t that Princess Lakshu?”

“She’s just as beautiful as I’ve heard.”

The people around me admired Lakshu’s beauty.

“I heard that she had turned yandere recently, and some other rumours about her, but…she looks like a proper princess.”

“I’ve heard the same, but that dress serves to complement the purity of the Princess.”

I’m guessing those other rumours are about her masochist nature. If this man knows I’m sure the King has heard the rumours as well.

King Walt may have been attempting to end those rumours by having his daughter wear a pure and innocent dress.

Lakshu slowly began to make her way down the stairs. She was accompanied by a young boy. He’s her brother, younger by one year, and a prince as well.

With each step Lakshu descended, the noise in the in the hall slowly increased.

“Ah~…look at the embroidering.”

“Is it giving off light? It must have some kind of inscription magic on it.”

“That must be it. The embroidery is the inscription. Those symbols are triggering the magic.”

“I’ve learned inscription magic, but I’ve never seen those symbols before.”

When she reached the bottom of the stairs, the eyes of everyone in the room were focused on her. I could see her face clearly now and I could tell she was doing everything she could to hide the ecstasy she was feeling from everyone watching her.

Her dress was pure and innocent. It didn’t show any skin and the skirt was long. But it had embroidery all over it.

And this embroidery said —

“Master’s Property” “Perverted Princess” “I’m not wearing any underwear”

And several more perverted and obscene words and sentences.

Her family and fellow nobles were all watching her. Dozens of strangers are staring at the perverted princess.

Thanks to Medea-nee, I had the ability to observe her reaction up close.

I opened my status window and saw a closeup video of Lakshu’s face.

Princess Lakshu’s mouth was slightly open and she was panting. Her cheeks were flushed and I swore I could see little hearts in her eyes.

In addition to this video, her inner thoughts were displayed in my log window.

…yep, she seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.

Princess Lakshu is just indulging in her masochistic pleasure, but the guests in the hall are seriously trying to decipher the meaning of the embroidery.

But they have little chance of doing so. The writing is in kanji.

I had Medea-nee confirm that nobody in this world can understand Japanese before deciding to go through with this plan.

The only people that know the meaning besides me are Rose and Claudia who helped embroider and Princess Lakshu.

I wasn’t sure whether or not Lakshu would be satisfied by humiliating writing in a language she can’t understand, but…it’s pretty clear I had no reason to worry.

After reading her thoughts in the log window, I can tell she’s very satisfied.

“You came up with a really good plan, Master.”

“Are you praising me?”

“Of course I am. I want you to make me clothes just like hers.”

“You’re perverted, Claudia.”

Claudia wearing an innocent looking dress with lewd writing all over it…. Yeah, that’s a good combo.

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“Then, I want you to make me a lewd dress too.”

Rose whispered this into my ear.

“That’s fine, but…I’d like to make a variety of things and for you two to learn a little more Japanese.”

Rose and Claudia didn’t learn Japanese to embroider the writing on Lakshu’s dress. They just memorized the specific kanji I wanted on the dress.

Rose and Claudia smiled at each other and said told me it would be fine.

“How so? Can I use your SP to learn Japanese for you?”

Medea-nee allowed me to learn the language of this world using a similar method so I thought it may be possible.

But they each gave me a mischievous smile and said there was a better method than that.

“…what do you mean?”

They both hugged my arms and whispered into my ears,

“You know, Yuzuki onii-san, since ancient times there has been one proven method of learning new languages.”

“The best way to learn new words is by using them in the bedroom.”

Their warm breath brushed against my ears and I immediately understood their meaning. They’ll need to learn obscene words in order to make the clothes they want and what better place to teach them those words than in the bedroom. It’s sort of like killing two birds with one stone.

We should practice a lot when we get home.

While I was thinking about the future, the hall was filled with applause. Princess Lakshu’s debut seems to have ended in success.

Now, all that’s left is to receive the reward for finishing her dress. I should finally be able to achieve my goal.

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