Volume 3, Chapter 19: The Goddess Doesn’t Interfere, She Merely Appreciates

We were still in Harold’s room. I was asked to reveal my status window when Sylphy was wrapped in a mysterious white light.

“Your Majesty, get down!”

The guards surrounded King Walt and positioned themselves between the King and the light. In the next moment, the white light began to fade and Medea-nee had taken Sylphy’s place.

And it wasn’t just her face or body that had changed. She was wearing my favourite outfit and her hair was jet black.

“Medea-nee…why? I thought you wouldn’t interfere directly.”

“You’re so bad, Yuzuki-kun. You had all these terrible ideas, but no matter how many messages I sent, you never bothered looking at your log window.”


Did she say something? I looked at my log window but nothing was written there.

“I already deleted them so I could tell you personally.”

She can even tamper with my log window…. Medea-nee snuggled up to me and then cast her cold stare at King Walt.

“You are King Walt of the Kingdom of Glial?”

“Yes…but who are you?”

“Oh, you don’t recognize me…? Ah, I forgot I was in this form. Give me a moment.”

Medea-nee was covered and light before changing to a bright pink colour, her eyes changed from brown to purple, and my favourite outfit changed into a pale blue dress.

“O-O-Oh, Goddess Medea!? I-I-I didn’t recognize you. I apologize for my insolence!”

King Walt apologized before dropping to his knees. A moment later, everyone in the room but me did the same.

“Now then, I’ll say this first: I never directly interfere with anything that happens in this world.”

“Yes! The Goddess only influences our world through her sanctuaries and those she chooses to represent her. This has been the case for hundreds of years.”

I didn’t know before this but assuming the King’s words are correct, Medea-nee is several hundred years old.

Ah~~~, she’s pinching my side.

“Yes, Walt, it is as you say. I have very little direct influence on this world.”

“Then, what are you doing here now, Medea-nee?”

When I asked this everyone froze.

“Y-Yuzuki, you mustn’t speak to the Goddess in such a manner!”

King Walt was glaring at me as if I had done something horribly offensive by just speaking.

“Walt, are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

“Wha–!? I-I was just instructing that boy there to be more polite in your presence! I would never do something like that!”

“Then don’t say anything unnecessary. Do you know how hard it was for me to get Yuzuki-kun to call me Medea-nee?”

“…eh? U-Umm, well…it was hard?”

“It was. I want him to spoil me more, but Yuzuki-kun is too shy. He wouldn’t even call me Medea onee-chan, so I finally got him to call me Medea-nee but it was hard work!”

It was hard work? She just acted like a perverted onee-chan…. Yeah, I shouldn’t say anything.

“U-Umm, Goddess-sama, may you allow me to ask a question?”

The King was understandably confused.

“You may.”

“Thank you. Well…what exactly is the relationship between you and Yuzuki?”

“Yuzuki-kun possesses the titles ‘Goddess Medea’s First Love’ and ‘Received Goddess Medea’s Love.’ ….you understand my meaning, right?”

They didn’t know about my titles before now they know all they need to. King Walt was ready to send his guards at me moments ago, but now…he placed his forehead on the carpet and said,

“I-I didn’t know your circumstances, Yuzuki-sama, but I apologize for my rudeness! I’m sorry for causing you any inconvenience I may have caused!”

“As I said before, for the most part, I don’t directly interfere with this world’s affairs. So, King Walt, even if you plan to attack Yuzuki-kun, I won’t stop you.”

“No, umm…”

Medea-nee just said she loved me but now was telling the King she wouldn’t interfere if he decided to attack me. King Walt wasn’t sure how to react.

King Walt continued to bow down in a rather embarrassing manner, but Harold raised his head and asked,

“Does that mean if I try to take his slave, you won’t interfere, Goddess-sama?”

“– Harold, what are you doing!?”

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“Listen to Father, Onii-sama. Even if Goddess-sama won’t interfere, you mustn’t do that!”

“– Be quiet!”

Both Lakshu and King Walt were taken aback when Harold screamed at them.

“She has high resistance to yanderelization, she’s beautiful, and she’s talented. Saying she’s one in a million would be an understatement. This is my chance to accomplish my ambition! I can’t allow myself to miss this opportunity!”

Harold’s eyes were bloodshot as he ranted on about how desperate he was to attain Claudia in order to accomplish his goals.

“Gu, this must be — his yandere trait is going out of control! We don’t have a choice, guards restrain Harold!”

“– Yes!”

Several guards rushed towards Harold.

“Stop it! Release me! That girl will be mine and I’ll become the father of our next king!”

“My apologies, Your Highness!”

The guards moved quick. One restrained Harold from behind while two others lifted his legs. They then carried him out of the room, but we could still hear his screams echoing through the corridor as he was carried away.

“I hope you will accept my sincere apology, Goddess-sama.”

“There’s no need for you to apologize. It’s due to my influence that his yandere trait started going crazy.”

“…you’re far too kind, Goddess-sama.”

King Walt finally raised his head.

“And one more thing: if Yuzuki-kun is imprisoned or if he’s kidnapped by horny yanderes and forced to do this and that, I won’t interfere. I’ll just watch and record it for later use.”

I don’t care whether you interfere or not, but you could at least not record it…. This thought should’ve been conveyed to Medea-nee but she didn’t react.

“U-Umm, I have something to ask you, Goddess-sama!”

Suddenly, Claudia — who was still on the bed behind me — cried out towards Medea-nee.

“Oh, of course, Claudia. What would you like to ask me?”

“O-Okay, umm…y-you said you’d w-watch if someone were to do perverted things with Master. D-Does that mean y-you’re always watching!?”

“– that’s what you’re worried about!?”

I couldn’t stop myself from yelling this.

Actually, I wonder if she’s worried Medea-nee will get angry or if she’s just excited at the idea of being watched.

It seems to be the former, though I can’t say for sure…but Rose also said, “I’m worried as well.”

“Just as I said before, I watch and record most of my Yuzuki-kun’s life. I hope you can continue to please him and contribute to my personal collection.”

“O-Of course, I’ll do my best! Please, continue watching us!’”

So it was the latter….

Despite her pure appearance, she’s getting more corrupt every day. Well, that’s good for me.

“Now then, shall we return to the topic at hand? I would normally never interfere with this world directly, but you said something terrible, Yuzuki-kun.”

“I did…? What did I say?”

I really wasn’t sure what she was talking about. Seeing my reaction, Medea-nee looked annoyed.

“Yuzuki-kun, I would never interfere with this world even if you were killed.”

“…I understand.”

And that doesn’t matter anyway since I have the Immortality skill. Which is what I assume Medea-nee means.

But it would be disadvantageous to me if the Royal Family knew about that skill.

There’s no reason for me to bring that up now.

As I was lost in thought, Medea-nee poked my cheek.

“I can tell by the look on your face you don’t understand at all.”

“…then, what are you talking about?”

“Yuzuki-kun, you said earlier that even if the world turned against you –”

“Oh, that. I wouldn’t hand over Claudia even if I turned the world into my enemy.”

I definitely said that, but it was mainly directed at the Royal Family.

But Medea-nee seemed disappointed.

“On your current course, I could understand you turning the Kingdom of Glial against you, but I love you from the bottom of my heart!”

“O-Okay, and?”

Her suddenly yelling out her love for me caught me off guard. And I don’t know what Claudia will do when another woman, Goddess or not, is talking about her love for me.

Medea-nee then said, “You still don’t understand? You really are a helpless boy, Yuzuki-kun,” before twirling her pink hair around her finger.

“You’re going to turn this world into your enemy? Even if you turn every creature in this world against you, the world — I will always be on your side!”

She was still playing with her hair but now I could see tears forming in her eyes. The sun shining in through the window behind her gave her an angelic glow. She isn’t a goddess — she’s a gentle, reliable onee-san.

She’s beautiful…. I was completely stunned by Medea-nee’s beauty.

[Fufu~, I think I’m falling in love with you all over again.]

Gyaaa, you’re reading my mind again –!

[No, I really wasn’t!]

[…you weren’t?]

[No, well, that’s…not it. I just thought about how cool you were for saying you’d fight against all the creatures in this world to protect Claudia. It made me fall in love with you again!”

I could feel my face getting hot from the embarrassment and I’m sure I’m bright red right now.

While Medea-nee and I were talking in my mind, the rest of the room had remained silent after hearing her declaration.

Everything after her declaration was just between me and her. She said she wouldn’t interfere directly, but I guess that was her way of acting like a tsundere.

“Now then, I’ll take my leave.”

Medea-nee declared this to the group of silent onlookers.

She then turned to me and said, “I’ll see you soon, Yuzuki-kun.” Then, with a mysterious smile, her body was enveloped in light and Sylphy returned.

Medea-nee returned to the world of the Gods. Just Claudia, Rose, Sylphy, myself, and the Royal Family and their guards remained.

The guards and Royal Family seemed relieved after she left. I startled the King when I cleared my throat.

“I’ll ask you this, King Walt…. Are you still planning on trying to take Claudia from me?”

“– N-No, I have no such plans.”

The King immediately denied it.

I had hoped he’d give up on the idea after seeing his reaction to Medea-nee, but…it was good hearing it directly from his mouth.

I then told the King, who was still kneeling, “I understand. Can you please get up? You don’t need to kneel down to me.”

I don’t intend to act high and mighty just because I have Medea-nee’s blessing. But I also won’t kneel down before a king that would try to take someone important away from me.

That’s why I stood straight up, face-to-face with the King.

“Are you sure you have no intentions of trying to take Claudia?”

“Of course. Goddess-sama may have said she won’t directly interfere, but…she clearly holds you in high regard and I wouldn’t wish to turn someone like that into an enemy.”

That’s smart. And, even if Medea-nee doesn’t interfere, they’d still have to deal with Alumis. Anyway, it seems like he doesn’t plan on being openly hostile to me.

But —

“You say that you won’t do anything like that…but I can tell that Harold won’t give up so easily. I don’t know what he will do in the future, and I don’t want to be constantly worrying about him. So, what will you do, King Walt?”

“..you’re right. I promise that I’ll do everything in my power to keep him away from you and Claudia. IS that good enough?”


I turned to Claudia to see what she thought. I’m obviously angry about what Harold did, but Claudia is the one that suffered because of his actions.

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And this also shows the King that I value her opinion and treat her as more than just a slave.

“What do you think, Claudia?”

“I am just a perverted slave whose body belongs exclusively to you, Master. I will leave the decision to you.”


I understand her reasoning, but why did she feel the need to call herself a ‘perverted slave?’

Anyway, what should I do?

The common sense of this world differs from that of Japan.

Harold’s yandere trait forced him to do what he did. He’s not entirely at fault. It would be unfair of me to demand a harsh punishment for him when I consider the fact that he essentially has a mental disability.

I could follow Japanese law when it comes to dealing with criminals with mental disorders but I don’t think that would work in this world and I want to be completely sure that he’ll never harm Claudia again.

I should use the rules of this world to my advantage.

“I have a condition. You and Harold will agree to never harm any of us…by forming a contract with Rose. This is my condition. Is that all right with you, Rose?”

“Of course. As long as King Walt agrees to it.”

Rose and I turned to King Walt.

“I see…your golden eye is a demon eye.”

“Yes, I can form contracts using it. When I form a contract with someone using its power, they are bound by that contract until I cancel it.”

King Walt nodded after hearing her explanation then turned to me.

“If I form a contract promising not to harm you, you’ll be convinced?”

“Yes. Rose’s demon eye is rank A, so if you’re bound under a contract I know we’ll be safer.”

I’d expect just a verbal promise would be enough to keep us safe from most of the Royal Family, but this is the safest solution for all of us.

“…I understand and I’ll make the contract. The Royal Family will never lay hands on you or any of your companions. I’ll also add this: in order to never incur the wrath of the Goddess-sama or Alumis-sama, I vow to keep Harold away from you and ensure your safety within these walls.”

“Thank you. And, another thing, please, keep it secret that I’m favoured by Alumis and Medea-nee.”

“…may I ask why?”

“Because I wish to be acknowledged as a skilled clothier based solely on my own abilities.”

I’m sure if it became known that I was favoured by the Goddess of this world, people would wish to buy my clothes regardless of what they thought of them. I don’t want people buying my clothes unless they truly like them and appreciate my abilities.

“I see. That’s fine…and I assumed you wish to keep that girl’s secret between us?”

“Of course. Don’t tell anyone about Claudia’s yandere resistance either.”

“I won’t reveal what happened here to anyone else, but word of the events that transpired here have almost assuredly spread throughout the castle already. They may not know exact details, but if someone wishes to dig hard enough, I’m sure they’ll find the truth.”


Completely true. Lakshu was the one to propose a solution.

“How about spreading a rumour  about what happened in the sanctuary with Alumis-sama, while imposing a gag law on everything else that happened here.”

“Just the matters involving Alumis-sama? That may work….”

The King seemed satisfied with Lakshu’s proposal.

I don’t really care if people know about that. Even if Medea-nee hadn’t come down, my relationship with Alumis would’ve most likely have saved us. So, people should believe the rumours, and I’d rather they know about that than my relationship with Medea-nee.

I’ll be able to protect my dreams and Claudia. It seems like the best option available to me.

“Would this be possible, King Walt?”

“Yes, of course. If it’s my order, the guards will remain quiet, and those I tell shall believe whatever I tell them. Lakshu, it was good you spoke up, and I’m glad you brought what happened at the sanctuary to my attention.”

“No, Father, it wasn’t anything special. I was just helping in order to achieve my own goals.”

Lakshu than turned her eyes towards me. It’s clear that Lakshu is talking about the perverted dress she wants me to make.

And I wasn’t the only one that thought this.

“Yuzuki, I may have promised not to harm you, but…Lakshu is my daughter. Do you understand?”

“Yes, there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

I showed King Walt a bitter smile.

That’s pretty amazing. He’s scared of what Medea-nee may do to him if he does anything to me, but he’s still willing to hurt me if I try anything with his daughter. He does seem like a good father.

I let out a small laugh at this thought.

But with this, Claudia’s crisis has been resolved. Now, all that’s left for me to do is make a proper dress suitable for a perverted princess.

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