Volume 3, Chapter 18: The World Revolves Around Yanderes

“What in heavens is all this commotion about?”

King Walt entered Prince Harold’s room with this question. I saw Rose and Sylphy get down on one eye so I quickly followed suit.

“Father, please listen to me.”


“Not only did this boy break into my room, but he also threw me to the ground. Not only did he disrespect me like this he also said he would oppose our family. Arrest him now and charge him with treason!”

I’d like to say he’s lying, but everything he said is technically true.

Obviously, I don’t plan on just accepting my execution, but I’m also not going to hand over Claudia. It all depends on how King Walt responds.

I should remain silent and see what he does.

“Hmm. You are the one that broke in? Raise your head.”

“…of course.”

I slowly raised my head while keeping my eyes locked on King Walt’s neck in order to avoid looking him in the eyes. Once he saw my face he said, “Oh~?”

“Is that you, Yuzuki? My son has said his part, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“I do.”

“Then, let me hear it.”

“Prince Harold took my partner, that girl there, away by force.”

“– I didn’t forcibly take her away. That girl is a slave so I took her as my property. He was informed before coming here that he would be paid whatever price he wanted for her. He just refused to accept my offer.”

King Walt held up his hand to quiet Harold.

“Be silent. I’m listening to his side.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Despite Harold’s clear dissatisfaction, he fell silent. King Walt actually wishes to hear my side. Maybe he’ll believe my side.

“Yuzuki, Harold says this girl is a slave, but you called her your ‘partner.’ What do you mean by this?”

“She’s my work partner. I make the designs and she brings them to life. Without her, I won’t be able to make Princess Lakshu’s dress.”

Rather than trying to appeal to his emotions, I instead appealed to a necessity. King Walt quietly muttered, “…I see.”

“Harold, I can understand why you want this girl. She’s beautiful and innocent; a girl that you could mould into whatever you please, but Lakshu needs her. I need you to give up on her.”

I’m thankful to King Walt for trying to persuade Harold to release Claudia but…innocent? Well, I can understand why he’d say that. If Claudia just smiles and remains silent, she looks like a beautiful, pure girl.

But I don’t see any reason I should point that out to him.

“I don’t mean to argue with you, Father, but you can’t believe that I would just selfishly claim the property of a guest in our home.”

“Is there another reason?”

“Yes, there is. He, that Yuzuki, possesses an SSS ranked skill called ‘To Be Loved To Death By Yanders.’ Did you know this?”

“I received reports before his arrival.”

He’s received reports…? No, even if this castle nullifies skills like mine, it’s still incredibly dangerous. He’d obviously want to know all about it before my arrival.

“Harold you of all people should be able to understand his position. It may be a crime to turn someone into a yandere, but he possesses a skill that’s entirely out of his own control. Yanderes are common throughout our family; who are you to condemn him?”

“Yes, that’s not what I’m saying. That girl…despite travelling with Yuzuki, she is not a yandere.”

“Oh, does that mean she has resistance to yanderelization?”

“Yes. In fact, it’s S rank resistance.”

“– What!?”

King Walt had remained calm and emotionless until now. When he let out this loud roar, the soldiers standing guard outside the door came rushing in.

“It’s a miracle alone to have S rank resistance to Yanderelization, but she’s also beautiful and a talented clothier. I can’t even imagine how valuable she is…. Do I really need to explain any further, Father?”

“…hmm, I can see your point.”

Just when I thought we were in the clear King Walt seemed close to siding with his son.

…I can understand his side. The people of this world can view their status windows, so they know exactly what they need in another person in order to counter all of their shortcomings. Yanderes are common throughout the royal family, so someone with high yandere resistance is invaluable.

She could give the next generation of the royal family a high chance of not developing into yanderes.

When Claudia was a slave, according to Lang, her curse of weakness kept most people from buying her…. Now, Claudia is amazing in almost every aspect.

I should’ve expected this…. There’s only one option I see now.

“Yuzuki, I’m sorry but hand over Claudia.”

He’s not asking me but ordering me. Before giving him my answer, I looked over at Rose and Sylphy.

They met my gaze and both nodded. I really don’t deserve them.

“…I’m sorry, but I have to refuse.”

“– You dare defy your King’s orders!”

The soldiers readied themselves as Harold raised his voice, but King Walt just held up his hand.

“Yuzuki, I can understand that you feel this is unfair to you, but this is for the good of the kingdom. We will give you whatever you wish for her, so, please be reasonable.”

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I wasn’t expecting that reaction.

I was expecting something more like Harold’s reaction, but King Walt is trying to make some concessions.

He wants to do what’s best for his family, and, despite the power he holds, he doesn’t want to take Claudia by force. I’d like to remain reasonable as well, but —

“No matter what you offer, even if I turn the entire world into my enemy, I’ll never give you Claudia.”

I quietly stood up and looked King Walt in the eyes. I’m no longer speaking with the King of this country. He’s an enemy that’s trying to take someone important away from me.

I don’t need to kneel down in respect to him anymore because I have no respect for someone that would try to do that. Harold and the soldiers all gasped when I did this.

“…that’s too bad. There are very few people that possess such a strong will. If you wished, I would’ve allowed you to work as the personal tailor of the royal family.”

“I’m sorry that I won’t be able to keep my promise. Please, apologize to Princess Lakshu for me.”

“…yes, I shall.”

King Walt nodded and quietly headed towards the door. The soldiers in the room started to surround me but Rose and Sylphy ran to my side before they could.

“…Rose, what is the meaning of this?”

King Walt may have expected me to fight back, but he was surprised when even Rose prepared herself to fight the soldiers.

“I’ve decided to walk the same path as Yuzuki onii-san.”

“…so you’ve become a yandere. Is that true for you as well?”

“Yes. I am Sylphy of the Elf tribe.”

“Not only do you control the daughter of a countess but also an elf.”

“I don’t control them. We’re all in this together.”

Well, Rose did chase me around and try to capture me for a while and Sylphy has attempted to do the same — but I don’t need to mention that.

“…you have multiple yanderes that are obsessed with you yet you’re able to move around freely. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like you before…. Guards, capture them. Make sure not to kill any of them.”

The soldiers slowly closed in on us in response to King Walt’s command.

“– Please, wait a moment, Father!”

A dignified voice filled the room.

Behind King Walt, in the now unguarded doorway, Princess Lakshu stood accompanied by her maid.

“Have you heard everything, Lakshu? I know you wish for Yuzuki to make your dress, but it’s more important that we add high resistance to yanderelization into our bloodline. I’m sorry, but –”

“No, that’s not what’s most important. If you harm him or imprison him…this country will be destroyed.”

Princess Lakshu’s words were far more severe than what anyone here expected her to say. The King and everyone else fell silent as they tried to understand her words.

“…this country will be destroyed? What do you mean?”

“Father, don’t listen to her!”

Harold attempted to stop Lakshu before she could say any more, but she ignored him and said, “Femia, tell them what you told me.”

“Yes, I’ll tell them right away…. The spirit, Alumis-sama, has become a yandere.”

“– What did you say!?”

His reaction was similar to when he found out Claudia had S rank yandere resistance. He may have been even more surprised.

“Femia, do you know this for sure or could it have been something else?”

“I wasn’t able to check her status window.”

“Then –”

“– but, she claimed Yuzuki-sama was her possession, drugged and tortured Rose-sama, and was planning on driving her insane because she didn’t want anyone else to be with Yuzuki-sama.”


I guess he’s trying to think of another reason for her actions besides her being a yandere. The King placed his hand over his mouth and looked deep in thought.

“If all that is true, Alumis is almost certainly a yandere….”

“Wait a moment, Father! If what she said is true, that boy wouldn’t be here!”

“Hmm, what Harold says is true. If Alumis were obsessed with him, he wouldn’t have been able to return. How do you explain this, Femia?”

“That’s because Yuzuki-sama was able to fight off Alumis-sama.”

Femia stated this plainly.

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But everyone else refused to believe that were possible. King Walt then turned to Lakshu.

“Lakshu, you’ve allowed your servant to speak here. Will you take responsibility for her words?”

“Yes, I trust her and I believe in my Mas — *ahem* Yuzuki-sama. Femia’s words can be considered my own.”

She told her father that she believed in me and her servant.

But she almost called me her ‘Master.’ This is bad for my heart so please stop.

“…but you do believe she’s telling the truth? Even though no human should be able to harm Alumis.”

“I wasn’t there…but Femia can explain.”

“Yes. I was also affected by the drug Alumis-sama gave us to drink, so I can’t say what exactly happened, but I heard Alumis-sama say that Yuzuki-sama had ‘Goddess Medea’s Blessing.’”

“– Don’t be stupid! You can’t believe a human has received the Goddess’ blessing!”

Following Harold’s outburst, the guards in the room began talking to each other.

“There’s no way he has the Goddess’ blessing.” “But he does have that SSS ranked skill.” “That’s true. With that kind of skill, it would make sense if the Goddess became infatuated with him….”

“Alumis-sama wished to accompany Yuzuki-sama back to the castle.”

“What!? So what happened?”

“You don’t need to worry. Yuzuki-sama was able to convince her to stay in her sanctuary, but….”

Femia’s words trailed off. She hinted that something bad may happen if anything were to happen to me.

“You’ve heard everything, Father. Stop harassing Yuzuki-sama or we will soon lose the Goddess’ sanctuary and who knows what else.”

“…it’s hard for me to believe this. I’ll have to confirm it.”

“Father, stop listening to their ridiculous words!”

“This can all be resolved by simply looking at his status window…. Yuzuki…this is a selfish request, but will you allow me to see your status?”


It may be possible to resolve this peacefully after all. I was still reluctant to do so but I agreed.

I don’t mind revealing my status to him to show I have Goddess Medea’s Blessing and he already knows about my SSS ranked skill. But he’ll also be able to see my Received Goddess Medea’s Love title and that I’m immortal. It would be dangerous if King Walt knew about my true ability.

If I want to help Claudia, it seems like I’ll have to turn this world against me. I’m fine with doing that, but I also want to resolve this peacefully.

As I was wondering what I should do, Sylphy was enveloped in a warm light.

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