Chapter 162- Wives Brigade

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Days passed in-game and order was maintained once the housing work was completed and the other jobs were distributed. Naturally, KMega6KMegacharacter did nothing. To be more accurate though, he stayed out of the way and let Silent’s mercenaries take all the higher end jobs like police and security. Some of the companions had picked up bad habits from their former compatriots, like the attack on the cat demihuman that KMega stopped. However, outside of that, the original women who lived in the town were keeping things organized and were reporting to Astrid7Astridcharacter, Silent, or Yowlo.

A month passed in-game before things completely settled down.

Thousands upon thousands of former companions were transported all over Eastguard.

Naturally, it was chaos while the already understaffed officials got things under control.

The Bishop recognized that Eastguard had a population problem, but he didn’t think his ‘request’ would end up like this. However, the sky island was his idea.

No citizen of Eastguard refuted that it was a worthy home of their ‘hero’.

In the end, KMega accepted the headache and a** pains.

With things back to normals, a meeting of the ‘wives’ was called. There were 125 of them, including six new individuals who were once companions. A large communal building had been reserved as a school for them, but after realizing that the actual number of children conceived was more than double they thought, since each woman had twin boys and girls 80% of the time and triplets over half of what remained. This means they had to build a new place outside of the normal confines of this town.

This building will later be known in-game as ‘The Legendary Dragon Academy’ with Yirk as it’s first headmaster.

After finalizing the plans for the school and deciding the children’s’ future roles, the church checked the talents and skills of the half-dragon4dragonspecies children to see what they possessed or could be good at. A lot of them spent time training with blacksmiths and other artisans, while others spent a lot of time training to become soldiers. Most of the remainders spent time with the dragons that migrated from the Dark Sky brood, and finally, there was farms, stone masons, alchemists, and many more areas around the town. When everything settled, a mass of fifty women proceeded toward the dragon’s lair where Lazar and one of Silent’s mercenaries were standing guard. As soon as the mercenary saw the group of women walking towards them with a purpose, he avoided them like a horde of dead people. When Lazar saw them, he was worried they wanted to skin him for wanting to protect his lair instead of seeking them out. With a deep breath, he went to speak, but the women confidently spoke at the same time, “We want your babies!!!” (Mass of women)

Something snapped in Lazar at that moment. Mating with random females was fairly common for dragons, but this was taking things to the extreme. Without saying or acknowledging the statement in any way, Lazar got up and walked into the cave. He walked into KMega’s and Astrid’s area where they were sleeping and gently prodded her awake, causing her to instantly wake up and grab his neck.

“Lazar, unless it’s a f**king emergency, you shouldn’t have woken me up.” (Astrid)

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Lazar cowered a little at her ferocity as she loosened her grip enough for him to speak.

“My lord… All these women want to make babies with me. I’m… I’m scared.” (Lazar)

Astrid pondered his words for a moment before looking at KMega, who was logged out and asleep.

“Any of them want my queen’s babies?” (Astrid)

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Lazar thought about it before responding, “I’m sure a lot of them would be happy, but I think they will settle for me.” (Lazar)

Astrid sighed in relief before returning next to KMega.

“Have fun with your wives brigade, Lazar. Make sure you send a few of the mercenaries to take over for you when you get tired.” (Astrid)

Lazar couldn’t help but cry a little as he spoke, “My lord, please save me.” (Lazar)

Astrid naturally went back to sleep and Lazar left to endure his second wave of wives.

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