Chapter 164- Recon

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Jose, a ranger at level 134, rented a room at the inn. A shadow member of the Crimson Phoenix guild, he was part of a special faction of the guild that used player and IRL interfaces while not being part of the guild. In essence, he was a spy. While most rangers specialized in monster hunting or looting, he specialized in reconnaissance. He had top-of-the-line video and audio recording equipment and had his stats specialized for collecting information: eavesdropping, memorizing documents with a glance, knowing peoples stats and skills just from watching them fight once. His current job was to observe KMega6KMegacharacter.

When Jose came to the town via long range teleport to the Eastguard Kingdom, then a carriage ride. He had barely arrived before the update, so he had had little time to scout before starting his mission. This was not uncommon for his profession.

However, when the flood of companions arrived, he was surprised by all the non-humans suddenly appearing and wondered what was going on. Only after recognizing the guild leader’s companions did he realize what had happened, immediately updating his handler. The unexpected find was rewarded with a bonus. Now, the guild had an excuse to invade the weakened Eastguard.

Jose’s job did not end there as he began observing the stats of the people swarming around KMega. Unfortunately, he could not find the exacts because of the level difference, but it would be enough.

Name(s)- KMega,

Level- 193

Main Class- Knight (T2)

Second Classes- None

Unused Stat Points- 435


MP- 80,000/80,000

Strength- +450

Agility- +450

Endurance- +300

Intelligence- +250

Wisdom- +300

Only allowed on

Charisma- +150

Luck- 50

Karma- N/a (a hero’s heart)

Titles: N/a

Buffs: N/a


Head- shamble knight helm (e) +5, +150 defense ???

Neck- drake fang momento (u)

Torso (under)- Kobold leather under armor (r) +4, +50 defense 5% reduced water damage

Torso (over)- shamble knight chestplate (e) +5, +400 defense ???

Shoulders- shamble knight…]

The list went on. KMega had a full set of epic armor. The defense was higher than the norm for a level 100 set. In fact, it almost seemed to be a level 200 armor set. He first suspected it was the armor KMega had received from the tournament but then remembered that there had been swords and a shield with it, which made him disregard that theory. In fact, Jose realized that KMega had never used that set. Jose did not like hidden trump cards. His sword and shield were a separate two-piece set of epic gear for a level 190 with wielding restrictions. However, the great sword on KMega’s back shocked him the most. Only “???” appeared when he tried to examine it. With all his buffs and skills used, Jose could read the name of any unique item as well as any boss or event-dropped legendary item. So when “???” appeared, he was stunned. To his knowledge, no player had made a legendary item yet.

After getting all the intel he could on KMega, he moved on to those that might be threats. Yowlo was a player supporting the church who had also had high marks in the war on the church’s side. He was a modest level 150s character with an angel companion that Jose almost blew his cover trying to examine. The only special thing, other than the angel, was Yowlo’s insanely high faith stat of over 800.

The dragon4dragonspecies Lazar was more of a mature dragon rather than an infant dragon. He was at least at the tier of an elite dungeon boss. However, he had cuddled with several women while Jose had watched him. He also seemed to be the father of several dragonoids, so that seemed to be his soft spot if anywhere could be called one.

Astrid7Astridcharacter, he took one look to examine her, and she looked right at him with her stats fully blocked. He had felt a chill. Not even public information came up. He had hid for hours before feeling safe enough to carefully continue with his recon.

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