Chapter 125: Mystical Dragon Secret Technique

After getting the information from Patriarch Zheng, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist knew that three Wang brothers had hidden themselves in Mount Feixue after stealing the jade buddha.

(TL note: I will use Mount Feixue instead of Feixue Mountains)

It was snowing on Mount Feixue almost everyday. People seldomly went there as it was at the borders of the Cang Lan and Tian Sha regions.

Plus it was always snowing inside the mountains, don’t even speak about looking for three individuals, even if an army entered, they would go missing.

“Patriarch Zheng, may I know what is so special about this jade buddha?”

His instincts felt that this jade buddha of Zheng Clan wasn’t so simple.

The Patriarch Zheng hesitated for a moment, not knowing if he should tell Li Fuchen.

The veteran interrupted, “There is no harm in telling young hero Li. Anyways, we do not know if the jade buddha is ever coming back.”

Clearing his throat, the veteran spoke, “This jade buddha is our Zheng Clan’s heirloom. Within it is a secret manual called the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. This secret technique requires one to take reference from the jade buddha in order to complete the cultivation of the technique. The Wang brothers must have heard this secret from somewhere and came to steal the jade buddha.”

“Mystical Dragon Secret Technique?” Li Fuchen raised a brow.

Secret techniques were a special type of martial arts and were also very rare.

The Cang Lan Sect had countless martial arts manuals but only a few dozen secret techniques. Only those who were direct disciples had the qualifications to redeem them. But Yu Wen Tian seemed to have redeemed a secret technique and someone said to have witnessed him executing it.

The strongest secret technique of the Cang Lan Sect is called Sect Origin Swords. The fame of this secret technique was even higher than the True Cang Lan Technique and True Inferno Technique. Once executed, sword qi would appear in the heavens and earth, allowing no escape for the enemy.

Though he wasn’t sure what rank of the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was.

The ranks of secret techniques were different from normal martial arts. Secret techniques had a total of 9 stars, 1 star being the lowest and 9 stars the highest. Even the Sect Origin Swords is only at 5 stars. Those secret techniques that were above the rank of 5 stars were only mentioned in legends.

Li Fuchen estimated that the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was at most in the 1 or 2 star class.

The veteran then continued, “As long as young hero Li can retrieve our Zheng Clan’s jade buddha, the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique on the jade buddha can be cultivated by young hero Li. This old man forgot to mention that this Mystical Dragon Secret Technique isn’t a 1 star or 2 stars secret technique, but a 3 stars secret technique.”

“What? A 3 stars secret technique?!” Li Fuchen was shocked.

3 star secret techniques were of extreme value. If the Sect Origin Swords was the Cang Lan Sect’s sect defining secret technique, 4 star secret techniques were absolute techniques, and 3 star secret techniques would be considered first grade.

“That’s right. A genuine 3 star secret technique.”

What the Zheng Clan veteran wanted right now was to get back the jade buddha. In order to let Li Fuchen put forth his full strength, he didn’t mind revealing the rank of the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique.

Li Fuchen nodded, he then suddenly thought of something, “I’m not sure what rank everyone here has reached in cultivating the secret technique?”

The power of a 3 star secret technique is undoubtedly formidable. Even if one could perceive the slightest amount, it would help increase the strength of an Origin Realm martial artist buy quite a big margin. If that was the case, the high leveled Origin Realm martial artists of the Zheng Clan had no need to fear of the Wang brothers and could totally chase down the jade buddha by themselves.

What’s more, the Zheng Clan has quite a few high leveled Origin Realm martial artists.

The Zheng Clan veteran spoke awkwardly, “The Mystical Dragon Secret Technique has a total of three ranks. Only this old man here has achieved the first rank, no one else could cultivate it.”

“I see…”

Li Fuchen pondered and thought it through, ‘If a 3 star secret technique is so easy to cultivate, then it wouldn’t be a 3 star secret technique any more.”

In addition to that, secret techniques were closely related to one’s bone frame.

A 3 star secret technique was suitable for a 3 star bone frame, which means to say, a 3 star bone frame martial artist would find it much easier to cultivate a 3 star secret technique than a 2 or 1 star bone frame individual.

As for the Cang Lan Sect’s secret technique, Sect Origin Swords, only a 5 star bone frame individual could reach the completion rank. Those below a 5 star bone frame can only achieve sub-completion at best.

“Everyone don’t worry. Since I have accepted this mission, I will do my best to complete it.” Li Fuchen declared.

“Please accept our gratitude then.” The Zhen Clan’s veteran and patriarch expressed their gratitude and bowed along with the rest of the elders.

Even though the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique on the jade buddha was hard to cultivate due to it being a 3 star secret technique; if one day in the future, the Zheng Clan had a 3 star bone frame descendant, it would help to bring their clan’s status up and raise themselves from being a minor clan.

“There is no need to escort me any further.”

Stepping out of the Zheng Clan’s residence, Li Fuchen didn’t ride the demonic blood horse. His body flashed and like a shadow, he vanished from their sights.

“Such a fascinating light body technique. If our Zheng Clan has such a talent like young hero Li, our clan wouldn’t be in this current state.” The Zheng Clan’s veteran was drowned with emotions.


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Mount Feixue was situated two hundred miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters from Ling Sha City. Before even reaching Mount Feixue, Li Fuchen could feel the chilling aura of the mountain.

“Mount Feixue isn’t considered huge, but it isn’t small either. To find the Wang brothers is no different than searching for a needle in a haystack. I can only rely on my luck.”

Arriving at the foot of Mount Feixue, Li Fuchen let out a breath of warm air and jumped right into the mountains.

Inside of the mountains, there was a snow storm that covered the heavens and earth with a patch of white snow.

If any ordinary martial artist came here, they would have definitely froze to death after a period of time.

Li Fuchen realized that this chilling cold weather actually stimulated his qi greatly. Even if he didn’t cultivate, his qi was actively growing.

Ascending to the peak of the snowy mountains, Li Fuchen took a glance at his surroundings.

Li Fuchen had great eyesight. Had it not been for the snowy weather, he would have been able to spot a mouse ten miles away. The golden amulet altered his soul spirit and the soul spirit altered his observation skills.

For the next few days, Li Fuchen would climb up the snowy peaks and glance around. When he was thirsty, he would melt some snow to drink. If he was hungry, he would hunt down some demonic beasts for food. The days weren’t so difficult here.


Mount Feixue was part of the Tian Sha region.

On this day, a black clothed beauty arrived at the mountains.

The black clothed maiden seemed to be familiar with Mount Feixue. She executed her light body technique and left no footprints behind. Within half a day, she reached the midpoint of a peak that stabbed into the sky.

Peeling off the accumulated snow, a cavern entrance the size of a human appeared.

The black clothed maiden then entered in a swift motion.

The cavern tunnels stretched deep in and down into the earth. The maiden didn’t wander around and after a few turns, she arrived at a huge karst cave.

This karst cave was at least ten feet in height. On top of the cave was a gigantic stalactite which made anyone who stood beside it look like an ant.

Underneath the stalactite was a small pool a few meters in radius.

Drip, drip!

Droplets of white liquid dripped from the stalactite and into the pool.

The black clothed maiden removed her clothing, revealing her snow like skin and long slender legs. She had a firm and perky butt, with a desirable waist.

She stored her clothing and shoes into a waterproof bag and strapped it on her arm.


The maiden was like a mermaid, diving into the pool as if she hadn’t submerged herself after almost half a day.

These cavern tunnels stretched far and wide, but the maiden didn’t know that one of the tunnels was linked to an inner cavern of another mountain peak.

There was another karst cave here but there wasn’t any huge stalactites here. Three middle aged man were sitting cross legged. A palm sized jade buddha was placed in front of them.

“Third brother, it’s your turn to go hunt.”

The eldest among them casually said.

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“How is it me again? Isn’t it second brother’s turn?”

“Nonsense! I had already hunted yesterday.”

The second eldest of them berated.

“Fine, I will do it. You guys shall wait.”

The youngest of them stood up and left the karst cave.

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