Chapter 165- Lordship of Karma Sky Island

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When someone gets a government rank in-game, there is usually a trial period to teach them about it. However, KMega6KMegacharacter never got one and had to rely on Astrid7Astridcharacter and Yirk instead. When he began to seriously think about what his Duke position, he opened up his governor menu to take a look. Using this menu; he can change laws, taxes, and institute people of power. He left all the settings where they were as he absorbed the information about the town. Taxes were stagnant because of the companion fiasco and there was a slight shortage of food and other daily necessities. He could also see his national treasury and personal reserves. There were also details about the land and even a feature that allowed him to make changes to the island if need be. After taking in all of this information, he sighed with annoyance. He only ever wanted to be just an average player.

However, with Astrid’s help, he did make one change. When he logged off, he downloaded an education that taught leadership and politics. Instead of logging into Sword Kingdom for a few days, he learned how to be a proper governor in every aspect he could. He could also see the appeal it had for players; lordship means big money, but also big expenses. This made him realize how 90% of players fail at being nobles after acquiring the title.

However, he still didn’t understand that the biggest obstacle nobles face are other players.

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While KMega worked on the educational app, Astrid went to work remodeling their lair.

It was initially designed to be a small lair for guests from the Dark Sky Brood to come and meet the people of Eastguard and buy wine and other goods from them. It was beneficial for all parties, but now they’re on a floating island. There were only two ways to access the island; by flight or a magic portal linked to the ground. She pondered why her mothers grave and the training grounds survived, but she soon decided it’s because they were classified fixtures of Eastguard. However, her home is classified as a dragon4dragonspecies settlement.

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Not just companions were sent to the island either. There were a few lizardmen tribes living in the forest that decided to relocate after seeing humans encroaching on their lands. If over ten thousand companions moved to the city, then over a thousand lizardmen moved to the woods. Even though they’re technically a monster tribe, they’re known in-game as servants to dragons. This is why Astrid heard them out.

While KMega and Astrid were getting the reins on their new lands, the other lands were preparing as well. Kyl was shocked when he saw KMega’s stats. Taking into account the highest known damage multiplier skill is 10,000%, by watching the playback of the demon war, the guild research team deduced that KMega’s strength is over 1,500. So when they saw his low stats, they smirked because they realized he was nerfed. With his gold armor giving a bonus to his stats, they theorized that his actual strength was mid 600’s at its peak. For a level 200ish player, this was insanely high for someone not putting all their points into strength. As for his combat ability, he had limited unique skills with his greatsword, but his sword and shield only had high-level basic skills. They also learned he had some hand to hand knowledge after watching his streams.

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