Chapter 127: I’m Going to Kill You

Using his index finger to collect a drip of the milk stone liquid, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist put the droplet into his mouth.

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“This medicinal effect is far beyond the yellow class, peak-tier!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up once the milk stone fluid blended into his mouth and began spreading throughout his body, nourishing his flesh and bones.

Li Fuchen had once consumed a yellow class, peak-tier pill. It was a Blood Bone Pill, which costs 10,000 contribution points. The blood bone pill had longer medicinal effects than a single drop of the milk stone fluid, but it’s potency was far inferior.

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“I wonder how long it has been since this milk stone has been formed?”

Li Fuchen knew of the effectiveness of a hundred year milk stone, but didn’t know of the effects of milk stones beyond the hundred year mark.

Looking at the pool, Li Fuchen didn’t hesitate and took off all his garments. He revealed his toned and muscular body.

Dupe! Li Fuchen jumped in like a fish.

“So relaxing!”

Li Fuchen felt as though is he was soaking in refreshing qi currents. The qi currents entered his body in all forms and manners, gradually altering his body attributes inch by inch. It gave him an indescribably wonderful feeling.

Not willing to waste any time, Li Fuchen immediately revolved the Hidden Blood Body Technique.

The Hidden Blood Body Technique was a type of qi and blood circulation technique, and every revolution required a large about of blood and qi. If one didn’t have the support of body tempering resources and continuously cultivated it, the cultivator would be left dry.

In the past, Li Fuchen made slow progress on the Hidden Blood Body Technique. But now with the nourishment of the milk stone fluid, he frenziedly cultivated. Which caused his muscles to gradually become tougher and stronger.

Especially his skeleton, which benefited the most.

Both the Crimson Battle Form and the Interception Form Dao didn’t help toughen his skeleton enough.

The skeleton was the root of one’s physical strength. Without the support of one’s skeleton, the human’s physical strength could not achieve the limits. It was common for skeletons to fracture when one overexerted himself.

Visible to the naked eye, the white substance in the pool began to gather to where Li Fuchen was. His life force was getting strengthened.

What Li Fuchen didn’t know was that right below him, ten meters away, was a seated maiden.

The maiden had a face of pristine beauty and facial features like that sculpted out of a fine piece of jade. The exquisite features of her face was much more superior than the previous Cang Lan outer sect’s Four Beauties. Only Zhao Mingyue was able to match up to her beauty.

The maiden emitted a black light from her body. Within the black light were traces of white lights, which made her look even more outstanding.

A thousand year old milk stone had the effects of a half mystic class pill and was equivalent to multiple pills.

Even Yan Qingwu who is a generation prodigy of the Tian Sha Sect couldn’t afford so many of such pills.

The sect believed in relying on one’s own strength. Whatever you require, you should acquire by yourself. Relying on others will never amount to anything grand. Her status as the generation’s prodigy only allowed her some convenience in obtaining resources.

The Tian Sha Body Refinement Art, the strongest body refinement technique of Tian Sha Sect, a mystic class, peak-tier refinement technique.

After cultivating it to the highest rank, one could wield a physical strength of 100,000 kg.

Using the effects of the thousand year old milk stone, Yan Qingwu was already at the second rank and had 40,000 kg of strength. Once it was at the completed state of the second rank, she would have 50,000 kg of physical strength.

Opening her eyes, two rays of bright lights flashed in the pool.

The maiden’s eyes were of extreme beauty but yet contained an astounding evil qi. The edges of her eyes were like sharp blades that didn’t allow anyone to look straight into her eyes.

While she was cultivating, she didn’t notice it, but once she stopped her cultivation… Yan Qingwu immediately sensed another presence right above her.

“You deserve to die!” Yan Qingwu’s eyes flashed with a murderous intent.

Pulling out a curved blade, she swam upwards.

“Such pleasure!” Li Fuchen was in the midst of cultivation.

One year ago, his Hidden Blood Body Technique was only at the third rank and he had 25,000 kg of physical strength. But within the past one hour, the Hidden Blood Body Technique was finally at the completion state of the third rank, giving him 30,000 kg of physical strength.

The first reason why he progressed so quickly was because of his abnormally high perception and willpower. The only lacking factor was resources.

When cultivating the Crimson Battle Form and Interception Form Dao, Li Fuchen was limited by his resources and couldn’t reach the limits of his cultivation speed.

Secondly, Li Fuchen was already at the third rank of the Hidden Blood Body Technique and to reach completion state of the third rank, there weren’t any major obstacles.

Third and most importantly… Was the intense effects of the thousand year old milk stone. Which pushed the Hidden Blood Body Technique to revolve faster.

A single half mystic class pill was worth at least 50,000 gold coins. This pool of thousand year old milk stone fluid is worth who knows how many half mystic class pills.

After reaching the third rank completion state of the Hidden Blood Body Technique, Li Fuchen wanted to rush for the fourth rank.


A murderous intent came from below the pool.

Opening his eyes, Li Fuchen hurriedly backed off.


The pool water erupted as a blade light broke out like a black crescent moon.


Yan Qingwu was shocked, she executed her Cloud Space Body Arts to approach Li Fuchen and subsequently used the Black Moon Sabre Style which she thought could kill her enemy.

Today she failed.

In the past, using this blade alone, she would be able to slay even the most fearsome Origin Realm martial artist with a single blade. She wouldn’t need to use the second blade unless it was an Earth Realm martial artist.

Because she didn’t think she would fail in her attempt, Yan Qingwu didn’t have a single strand of thread on her. She presented her naked body right in front Li Fuchen’s eyes.

Li Fuchen thought he saw a flower, a white flowered jade sculpture.


Li Fuchen’s first impression was beautiful…

Beautiful face.

Beautiful body.

Beautiful everywhere.

Li Fuchen was still a growing young and straight man. Suddenly seeing such a beautiful scene, his lower body unintentionally had some reaction.


Being seen naked, Yan Qingwu’s murderous intent was further intensified. The black crescent blade came cleaving once again. The blade light was fast like lightning, sharp and ruthless.


Li Fuchen’s scalp grew numb. This maiden was at most 17 years of age but had an abnormally high cultivation and was actually at the eighth level of the Origin Realm.

Li Fuchen had only progressed to the Origin Realm at the age of 16 years old.

Yu Wen Tian who had 5 star bone frame was only half a year faster than Li Fuchen.

But this 17 year old maiden was already at eighth level Origin Realm. Perhaps before this year ends, she would even progress to the ninth level of the Origin Realm.

Could she be the legendary 6 star bone frame?

Li Fuchen had a shudder in his heart.

5 star bone frames were already prodigies among prodigies. While 6 star bone frame individuals were existences of legend.

In front of this unprecedented danger, Li Fuchen’s reflexes had reached its limits. Using his right hand to push on the water, Li Fuchen’s body shifted half a meter horizontally to dodge the lightning fast blade.

In the midst of the dodge, Li Fuchen reached out his right hand, intending to seize the weapon of his opponent, as he couldn’t reach his black iron sword on the other side of the pool in time.

Yan Qingwu didn’t know that Li Fuchen’s reflexes could be so fast. She instantly grabbed hold of her wrist and wanted shake off Li Fuchen’s vacuum forces. Instead, Li Fuchen came closer and tangled with her.

For a moment, both of their naked bodies were touching each other. An indescribable feeling was felt as both of them froze.

“I’m going to kill you.”

A horrifying qi bursted out as Yan Qingwu’s body shook and exploded with qi.


Spilling a huge mouthful of blood, Li Fuchen flew backwards and landed back on the shore.

Not minding his injuries, Li Fuchen vacuumed his black iron sword into his hands and stood in a stance.

“If you dare leave, I will surely kill you.”

Yan Qingwu didn’t chase outside of the pool and dove back into the pool.

Li Fuchen who was intelligent, immediately realized that the maiden intended to put on her clothes in the pool.

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