Chapter 528: Demonic Dragon Princess

The moment Long Yi got up from his position above Feng Ling, Liuli came out of her bedroom with a bright red face. It was pretty obvious that she had heard the sound of these two people playing in the hall.

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“Well, Liuli, don’t be bashful. Let’s call Liuxu and go for dinner.” Long Yi smiled and beckoned. This little mermaid cried out in alarm as she flew into his bosom.

The three of them quickly arranged their clothes and they left the room. They knocked on the door and called for Liuxu, Niur, and Li Qing. As for Yu Feng, she had disappeared without a trace.

“Feng’er?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

“Younger sister Feng’er has gone back to her clan. She hasn’t been back.” Liuxu replied.

Long Yi nodded his head. Holding Niur, he walked towards the stairs with everyone. However, when he passed that door with a strange alarm barrier, he slowed down his steps and a hint of a strange light flashed through his eyes.

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Just as they were about to walk down the stairs, they met a young girl who was wearing pitch-black clothing. This young girl had pitch-black hair coiled up into a bun with sparkling ornaments all over her hair. She was very beautiful and her black eyes had a hint of mischievous innocence. At this moment, she was curiously sizing up Long Yi’s group.

The moment Long Yi brushed past this girl, the blood-red skull mark on his left palm became burning hot for a moment. Niur, who was in Long Yi’s bosom, stared at the back of this young girl without blinking her eyes.

“Li Qing, slow down and look which room she enters.” Long Yi used his spirit power to instruct Li Qing.

After the group went downstairs, Li Qing approached Long Yi and said softly, “Young Master, her room is located diagonally opposite to your room.”

The eyebrows of Long Yi slightly rose. Sure enough, although this young girl had concealed her aura well, the blood-red skull mark on his left palm still noticed her dark aura.

“Father, that big sister just now is the same as us.” Niur suddenly said. Her words startled everyone. She meant that the girl was a dragon, just like herself.

“Niur, are you sure?” Long Yi asked.

“Of course I am. Do you think Niur is wrong?” Seeing as Long Yi was doubting her words, Niur quickly assured him.

“Demonic Dragon Clan.” Long Yi muttered. If that young girl was from the Dragon Race, Long Yi was certain that she belonged to the Demonic Dragon Clan due to the dark aura around her.

The moment Long Yi muttered two words, Liuxu who was standing beside Long Yi instantly changed her expression. On the way to Light City, they ran into an elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan. Now, they met a young girl who belonged to the Demonic Dragon Clan in the Phoenix Inn. She was definitely the junior that elder was looking for.

If Long Yi did not remember wrongly, the elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan said that he was looking for two playful juniors from his clan. If that young girl they had met just a moment ago was one, that meant that there was another one in the room. According to Shitou San’s story in the Bounty Hunter Bar, he saw one black dragon fighting against a golden dragon. They were both seriously injured and it was very likely that the other dragon was healing herself in the room. In other words, they should not be leaving in a short amount of time. When he thought about this, the corners of Long Yi’s mouth curled upwards and he casually led everyone to the Phoenix Restaurant which was on the other side of the street.

The curtain of night quietly fell and a cold wind blew through Light City, bringing along tiny snowflakes which floated in the air. Along with multicolored lights in the midst of fluttering snowflakes, the entire Light City looked extremely mystical.

Compared to the fierce wind and heavy snowfall just a few days ago, this kind of weather was much better. As the northern trade center, there was still a busy flow of people on the streets.

Suddenly, a rumbling thunderclap resounded throughout the night sky and everyone immediately looked up in a daze.

All of a sudden, a fierce wind blew over and a huge shadow suddenly appeared in the air. A huge pressure which made everyone tremble surrounded Light City.

“God, it’s a dragon! A dragon wants to attack out Light City!” Someone in the midst of the crowd shouted and the entire Light City fell into chaos in an instant.

“Roar……” A dragon roared angrily and the entire Light City trembled. An intense fluctuation of magic elements in the air followed. Some common people found it hard to breathe and collapsed.

All of a sudden, a huge ball of light fell from the sky and everyone closed their eyes and they waited for death to befall them.

To everyone’s surprise, the light ball which emitted a large amount of magic power curved and flew towards the outskirts of the town. Along with a loud explosion, a cloud of dust rose to the sky and dazzling lights lit up the night sky.

When everything calmed down, the people on the street who were frightened looked up and discovered that the huge dragon in the sky had already disappeared. In an instant, many people flocked to the outskirts of the city and when they saw the scene in front of them, they were agape and tongue-tied. They saw a ten meters deep crater which was more than a 100 meters wide. The forest which was originally here had disappeared without a trace.

In a luxurious compartment inside the Phoenix Restaurant, Long Yi watch Liuxu who had just entered this compartment from the window with a smile. He got up all of a sudden and kissed her on the cheek.

“You……” The beautiful face of Liuxu became slightly red. However, she placed some strength in her legs and stomped on Long Yi’s feet, causing him to hiss in pain.

“Keke, father is eating big sister, excellent!” Niur who loved to watch the world burn chuckled.

“Then, this father will also eat my good Niur.” Long Yi smiled and nibbled on Niur’s soft and tender cheeks. Niur startled the chuckle and squirm.

“My husband, why did you make big sister Liuxu go out and scare people?” Feng Ling asked.

“I want people to believe that the Dragon Race is attacking the Blue Waves Continent. In that case, they will urgently hope for the unification of the entire Blue Waves Continent so that we can oppose the Dragon Race. Now that my Ximen Clan holds a superior position over the Long Clan, a majority of the people would definitely support us. There are only advantages in my plan and there is definitely no harm at all.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“My husband played a good scheme. I see that you are becoming more and more like an old fox.” Feng Ling said with a smile.

Long Yi accepted her ‘praise’ without any shame and he even showed that this was the best kind of compliment he could receive. Everyone laughed at the sight of Long Yi’s reaction.


A hint of black shadow entered the Phoenix Inn and entered the room after opening the door.

“Big sister Sharman, I went to look. It was truly a dragon.” The black robed young girl pushed open the door of the bedroom and yelled.

On the big bed in the bedroom, a matchless beauty was half lying on the bed with her black hair hanging down from her head. She was a young girl and she had a pair of dragon horn on her forehead. Her facial features were exquisite and her skin looked very delicate with a kind of unhealthy blush. At this moment, a brocade quilt covered her body up to her chest but her shoulders were bare. Anyone could easily see that there were several black dragon scales on her shoulders.

“Was that someone from our Demonic Dragon Clan or someone from the Divine Dragon Clan?” Sharman looked up and she appeared to be somewhat nervous when she asked.

“I don’t know. The remaining aura in the air seemed to contain auras from both the Demonic Dragon Clan and the Divine Dragon Clan. On the way back, I heard that people were saying that there was only one dragon. This is truly strange.” The black robed young girl sat on the bedside and said with confusion.

Sharman frowned and pondered about it for a long time. She suddenly sat up and said excitedly, “Could it be that it’s her?”

“Wow, big sister Sharman, your that place is so big!” The black robed young girl didn’t pay any attention to what Sharman said. Instead, she exclaimed with shock when she looked at Sharman’s exposed bosom.

“Damned Crystal, talk nonsense again and I will tear open your mouth.” Sharman ferociously glared at Crystal and pulled up the brocade quilt to cover her **.

Crystal mischievously smiled and said, “Big sister Sharman, do you know who that dragon was?”

“Crystal, you should also know about my uncle Fandi’s matter. At that time, he violated the rules of our clan and fell in love with the princess of the Divine Dragon Clan. He would rather give up his position of Dragon King of our Demonic Dragon Clan to elope with that princess from the Divine Dragon Clan. Afterward, I accidentally heard my father saying that they had a daughter. I think that the dragon that appeared just a moment ago might be my cousin whom I never met before. Only a dragon who possessed the bloodline of both the Demonic Dragon Clan and Divine Dragon Clan would have the aura of both our clans.” Sharman sighed softly and said.

“Then… Let’s go and look for her! You were injured by that damned dragon from the Divine Dragon Clan. If we got the help of a dragon who has an aura of the Divine Dragon Clan, you will be able to fully recover in no time!” Crystal said.

“I am not too sure now. You must not leak even the slightest dragon aura as we have no idea how many people the Divine Dragon Clan sent. In addition, Elder Pierre is looking for us everywhere. No matter which side discovers us, we will land ourselves in serious trouble.” Sharman frowned and said.

When she heard what Sharman said, Crystal became depressed. “We simply came out to play for a bit… Why are we chased by so many people? This is truly hateful. Why can’t the members of our Dragon Race come out to play in the Blue Waves Continent? It’s so boring to stay on that island for thousands of years. I will probably be the first dragon in history to die from boredom.”

“In the past, the Demonic Dragon Clan and the Divine Dragon Clan made an agreement in front of the gods to not step onto the human world. It was probably to maintain the balance between all the races. However, as long as we are a little more careful, mixing around with the humans and playing around for a few years shouldn’t be a problem.” Sharman said.

“Mmm, the human world is much more amusing than that broken island. This place is so big and bustling! There are also so many delicious food we can eat here. We have to play till we are satisfied. In the future when we are caught and brought back to the clan, we will definitely be punished according to the rules of the clan.” The depressed mood of Crystal disappeared as quickly as it came. She instantly became more cheerful. She seemed to be an optimistic person.

All of a sudden, Sharman’s eyelids jumped and she felt as though there was someone spying on her. Her nerves tightened and her ** body was instantly covered by a layer of black scales and she shouted, “Who’s there?”

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