Chapter 524: Demonic Dragon appears, strange stone room

The four robust unicorns simultaneously trembled and neighed. If they were not suppressed, they would have already turned around and fled. They were extremely terrified.

The abnormality outside was immediately noticed by the women inside the carriage. Jumping out of the carriage, they stood in a row on the snowland. Those bewitchingly charming women who could cause the fall of a state, stood under the snowflakes which were falling from the sky. They looked even more beautiful and it seemed as though they were all not from this world.

Sensing the fierce and swift momentum, Liuxu’s nerves collapsed. A terrifying cold radiance glimmered in her beautiful eyes.

“This should be a dragon aura… It’s the aura of a dark attributed dragon.” Liuli said.

As one of the people who stood at the top of the pyramid of the Blue Waves Continent’s human world, Long Yi’s perception was deeper. This fellow should belong to the Demonic Dragon Clan and he was very powerful.

Even after a long time, that shadow was looming far away. It was nearly transparent, which showed that it was extremely strange.

“Purposely making a mystery of small things… Come out for this father!” Seeing that the shadow was blocking the path and how it wasn’t moving even after a long time, Long Yi couldn’t help but shout. When his voice was still reverberating in the air, his figure had already disappeared.

Near the shadow, the air stagnated. The snowflakes in the air also became static as if it turned into a frozen picture. After a few seconds, sounds of explosions could be heard and two figures shot out from the midst of a frost blast. The two figures moved extremely quickly at times and they were deathly still at times. Even though only a few moments had passed, the hair-raising feeling emitted from the two figures was extremely intense. This was a clash between two peak experts.

“F*ck, this layer of dragon skin is too damn hard.” Long Yi waved his somewhat aching and numb hand as he cursed. Just a moment ago, he had used his fifth layer AoTianJue internal force to attack that Dark Demonic Dragon who was messing around with them. However, he wasn’t able to gain the upper hand at all.

“Hahaha, kid, you are pretty good. Since when did the human world give rise to such a freak?” A vigorous laughter resounded and that shadow revealed his true features. He was an old man with long white hair. He looked no different from a human other than some black dragon scales on the right side of his neck.

“Your Excellency, is it possible that you are the elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan? Why would you stop us?” Long Yi saw that this old man doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions towards them. As such, he couldn’t help but become slightly more relaxed.

The black-robed old man looked at Long Yi with surprise and said, “Your perception is very good. My Demonic Dragon Clan has disappeared from the Blue Waves Continent for more than tens of thousands of years. However, you are still able to recognize us.”

The Old Man looked at Liuxu who was behind Long Yi after he spoke. He came to a realization and he said, “Seems like you have a person from my Dragon Race at your side. No wonder you have such a deep understanding of the Demonic Dragon Race. I have no ill intentions when I stopped you. I am just looking for my stubborn and obstreperous grandniece. I’m here because I sensed a dragon aura.”

Long Yi nodded his head and he expressed his understanding. Dragon power must have leaked when Liuxu was spanking Niur just a moment ago. This elder from the Demonic Dragon Clan just happened to sense it.

All of a sudden, the elder from the Demonic Dragon Clan took some steps forward and began to curiously stare at Liuxu. He looked at her from her head to toes and it seemed as though he felt something coming from her.

“Grandpa, don’t bully my big sister!” When Niur saw the elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan staring at her big sister, Niur instantly did what Long Yi taught her. She stood in front of Liuxu and wanted to protect her.

“Big sister?” The elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan was dumbfounded. Niur’s speed just a moment ago surprised him. However, the thing which surprised him even more was how Niur called Liuxu her big sister. In the next second, he seemed to have thought of something and an excited expression appeared in his eyes. He looked towards the pair of sisters with burning eyes.

When Liuxu saw the look in his eyes, her expression changed. The aura emitted from her body reached the peak and she seemed as though she was a leopard who could attack at any time.

“Don’t be nervous, little child, I don’t have any ill intention towards you. Are you two sisters the children of Fandiluxia?” This elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan asked with excitement.

“Yes. Are you here to capture us?” Liuxu coldly asked.

“Of course not! I am your grandfather’s brother. Looking at the relationship between us, you should call me great grandfather.” The elder of the Demonic Dragon clan sighed and said softly.

Long Yi was somewhat stunned. This was truly a small world. The bumped into Liuxu cousins who came from the Heavenly Dragon Clan and they bumped into their great grandfather from the Demonic Dragon Clan. This was really extremely coincidental.

“I only have a father, a mother and a younger sister. I don’t have any great grandfathers. Where were you when the Divine Dragon and Demonic Dragon Clans jointly chased down my father and mother? Where were you when my parents were caught by the Divine Dragon Clan and brought back to Dragon Island?” Liuxu’s beautiful face was covered with frost and her words were also bone-piercingly cold. There were no emotions in her words.

The elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan wasn’t able to answer Liuxu. He opened his mouth but the words which were about to leave his mouth turned into a helpless sigh. The matter which happened that year was extremely complicated and he was basically unable to do anything about the persecution of Liuxu’s parents. However, what was the use of telling her the events of the past?

Seeing as the situation was turning bad, Long Yi interrupted them, “As far as I know, there is an agreement between the Divine Dragon Clan and the Demonic Dragon Clan. Members of both clans are unable to take a step into the human world… What is your purpose of entering the Blue Waves Continent by violating this agreement?”

“Yes… There was such an agreement. However, two juniors were too eager to leave the territory of the Demonic Dragon Clan and they entered the Blue Waves Continent. I am here to find them in order to bring them back.” This elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan explained.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and he saw that Liuxu was extremely unwilling to meet this relative of her grandfather’s generation. As such, he said, “Since that is the case, you can continue to search for your juniors. Our Blue Waves Continent is already chaotic enough. You shouldn’t let your Dragon Race get dragged into this mess..”

The elder of the Demonic Dragon went into a daze as he looked attentively at Niur. All of a sudden, he emitted a powerful aura and a very powerful dragon aura pushed Liuxu away from Niur. He shot towards the innocent and artless Niur.

Long Yi didn’t move as he knew that this old man didn’t have any intention to hurt Niur. In addition, the level of dragon aura was not strong enough to hurt Niur.

Sure enough, Niur neither advanced nor retreated. Her entire face was filled with excitement and she opened her little mouth. She instantly absorbed all the dragon aura coming from the elder and she stared at him without blinking her eyes. She was obviously hoping that he would give her more delicacies to eat.

The elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan trembled and exclaimed in disbelief, “It’s real…. This is actually the Devouring Dragon Physique. This… This…”

Niur curiously looked at the elder from the Demonic Dragon Clan and rushed into Long Yi’s bosom. She pointed her chubby finger at the old man and asked, “Father, does this great grandfather want to eat Niur? Niur is not roasted pig!”

Long Yi just smiled without saying anything. He could clearly see that the elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan wanted to forcefully take away Niur. This was understandable as he knew that since the start of the Dragon Race to this point in time, there were only two dragons who had the Devouring Dragon Physique.

Now that Niur had appeared, she was the third being with the Devouring Dragon Physique.

The elder of the Demonic Dragon Clan calmed himself down and forcibly suppressed his thoughts to take Niur away with force. This smiling human youth in front of him was far more powerful than his imaginations. Not to mention the fact that there were Liuxu and the other women around him. None of them seemed to be ordinary. If he acted recklessly, he wouldn’t be putting himself in a good position.

“Take good care of them.” After a long time, the elder said to Long Yi and he disappeared in the midst of the snowstorm.

The smile on Long Yi’s face vanished. Since the Demonic Dragon Clan had stepped foot into the Blue Waves Continent, there would definitely be more changes. Long Yi was concerned about the variable the Demonic Dragon Clan would bring. Moreover, there was the Divine Dragon Clan which was there to control the Demonic Dragon Clan. With the appearance of the Demonic Dragon Clan, the Divine Dragon Clan would be drawn out as well. The Blue Waves Continent was going to be very lively in the future…


In the midst of the snowstorm, Light City was plain and white. From far away, one could only see the tall building which towered high in the sky. It was the Light Church. This was the place where the legendary Light God had descended. The numbers of believers and devotees were the highest in Light City. Therefore, even though it was regarded as the northern trade center of the Violent Dragon Empire, its commercial economy was flourishing. Unlike other places, vulgar fumes were absent in this city. Instead, a bit of solemn and respectful aura could be seen everywhere in the city. From the clothing of the people to the architecture of the city, even to the way they spoke.

Long Yi and Li Qing sat in the front of the carriage, sizing up the place around them. Despite the wind and snow, the streets of Light City still had a busy flow of people. It was extremely lively.

This was the second time Long Yi had come to Light City. It was also the city from where he had started his adventure. The Mercenary Guild in Light City was here he had first registered himself as a mercenary. As the lowest F-ranked mercenary, he joined a mercenary group which was going to the Huangmang Plain.  That was where he met the little elf, Lu Xiya, and Hell Saintess, Leng Youyou. Of course, that was also where he met Yu Feng.

Driving the carriage, Long Yi arrived in front of the Phoenix Inn which belonged to the property of the Phoenix Clan. He was familiar with the road and he was able to arrive at Phoenix Inn without much difficulties. This was also the largest inn in the entire Blue Waves Continent. Since the Phoenix Clan was the largest clan in Light City, the main inn which was located in their territory was obviously the largest and best.

When the manager saw the appearance of Yu Feng, he didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing. Even though he was busy bustling about, he dropped all his work.

“Uncle Fu, don’t you recognize me?” Yu Feng said with a smile. Originally, the arrival of these beauties had already attracted the gaze of everyone in the hall. With a single smile from Yu Feng, everyone felt as though their souls were captivated. After entering seclusion for four years, the immature air around Yu Feng had already disappeared. Now, her entire body emitted a mature air. The mature air around her complimented her heroic aura. This greatly increased the charm around her.

“Miss, you are finally back. In these past few years, Matriarch missed you so much.” This manager grew up in the Phoenix Clan and was very loyal to the Phoenix Matriarch.

“Where is my mother?” Yu Feng asked.

“Two months ago, Matriarch went to the Qiye Principality. However, it should be about time she returned.” A Fu said as he led the crowd into the best luxurious suite of the Phoenix Inn.

As the most luxurious suite in the best inn located on the Blue Waves Continent, the decoration was not only luxurious. They were also extremely stylish.

Long Yi entered the room and took out two bottles of first-rate good wine from the liquor cabinet. There was a superb collection of liquor and he passed one bottle to Li Qing. After drinking a mouthful of this wine, he sighed with regret. “Compared to the Hundred Flowers Wine in the Elven Forest, it is very lacking. Unfortunately, all of the Hundred Flowers Wine had been completely consumed a few years ago.”

“Elven Forest is a fairyland-like place… I really miss that place.” Long Yi muttered without bothering with Li Qing’s silence. In that beautiful forest, there were many people he cared about… Lu Xiya, Her Highness the Queen, and Nika. He thought about how they were doing… Were they missing him as well?

When he thought about that taboo feeling he had for the Elven Queen, his heart involuntarily became burning hot. It was fine to tease each other ambiguously. However, the rising possessive desire within his heart made him struggle in the face of morality and ethics.

Knock, knock, knock, a knocking sound startled Long Yi and he woke up from his dilemma. He threw those wild thoughts to the back of his head and opened the door with a flick of a finger. The beautiful and elegant Si Bi waltzed into the room.

“My husband, accompany me to the Light Church. It has been a long time since I last saw Holy Priest Karen.” Si Bi said to Long Yi.

Long Yi’s eyes flashed. In the past, in the huge explosion which occurred in the Blue Moon City’s church, Light Pope Charles died. The matter had not been spread and the Light Church seemed extremely calm. It seemed as though Karen and Judith had covered the news up really well.

The two people walked out of Phoenix Inn holding hands. Turning their backs, they were unable to catch sight of Li Qing. They knew that Li Qing was there. However, he had concealed himself outside of their line of vision. He was probably afraid that he would affect their mood. The both of them sighed in their heart.

The Light Church of Light City was standing tall in the midst of the snowstorm. The huge Light God statue stood at the top of this Light Church and it seemed to overlook everyone in the city. There was still an endless stream of people entering the church to pray and of course, there were more people who had arrived to see a doctor.

After revealing their identity, they entered the Light Church. They went upstairs after obtaining information on where the Holy Priest was.

“Saintess Si Bi and my husband ask Holy Priest Karen for an audience.” Si Bi stood outside the door and said.

Creak, the door with the picture of an angel slowly opened. A soft and warm aura came from inside the room and it was like a spring breeze which blew through the place.

Karen wore a pure white priest robe and she had a smile on her peerless and elegant face. When she saw Si Bi, a hint of affection flashed through her eyes.

“Holy Priest Karen, it has been several months since we parted in Blue Moon City. I was longing to see you again.” Long Yi said with a smile. He didn’t talk to Karen with a respectful tone at all.

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Karen had long been accustomed to the way Long Yi spoke to her. She didn’t care much about it. Instead, she looked at Si Bi and said softly, “Si Bi, come here and let me take a look at you.”

Si Bi released Long Yi’s hand and she walked over to Karen. With a wave of her hand, soft white light entered Si Bi’s head. After a long while, she sighed, “I’m afraid that your physique is very hard to change. Do you hate me and your master in your heart?”

“No, I will not hate anyone. This is the path I have chosen.” Si Bi shook her head and said. If her physique was not like that, it would be impossible for her to raise her strength so quickly.

“Si Bi, come with me and chant a gospel of Light God with the most sincere heart with me.”  Karen said and entered the inner room with Si Bi. That was the place where Karen cultivated. Other than several praying mats, there was only a Light God statue.

After entering the room, Karen didn’t close the door. She and Si Bi devotionally kneeled on the praying mats while chanting obscure syllables. In any case, Long Yi didn’t hear them clearly. However, he felt as though they were chanting something similar to elementary light magic. They were chanting the words to the Spirit Defend Magic which all priests practiced. When he heard them, a refreshing feeling washed over him.

When these two people were chanting, they began to emit a milky white soft radiance. The radiance was holy and pure without any stains.

After listening to them for a while, Long YI felt bored. Seeing as the two of them would not finish chanting for a long time, he left the room.

Recalling that all the decent sized Light Church would have a stone room at the top, Long Yi sneaked past several light warriors and arrived at the top floor of the church. The stone room was where Light Pope Charles would stay in the past.

Long Yi secretly pushed open the stone door and entered the room. He looked all around the room after entering. He discovered that there wasn’t any difference between this stone room and the stone room in Blue Moon City’s light church. They were both empty.

After walking one round around the stone room, Long Yi was about to leave.

However, Long Yi suddenly felt as though a pair of eyes was peeping at him secretly. His nerves tightened and his body turned around abruptly. The room was still empty and there was only a stone wall behind him. Long Yi saw nothing.

“Strange.” Long Yi muttered and began to look around very carefully. He scoured the area inch by inch but he wasn’t able to find anything strange.

“Could it be that it was just my misconception?” Long Yi thought. Shaking his head, Long Yi walked towards the stone door. Just as he was about to push open the stone door, the feeling of being spied on appeared again.

Long Yi looked around with his sharp eyes and said, “Who is there? Get out here.”

The only thing which replied him was the echoes of his voice. However, the secret gaze stayed on his body. Initially, Long Yi felt as though someone was peeping at him from behind him. However, it felt as though the feeling came from every direction and he wasn’t able to find traces of the person spying on him.

Long Yi took a deep breath and suppressed his chaotic feelings. The feeling was definitely there and he wasn’t imagining it. Could it be the legendary clairvoyance? That would truly be f*cking ridiculous.

Long Yi frowned and he suddenly smashed his fist on the nearby wall. Along with a muffled sound, the entire stone room shook and a palm-shaped hole appeared on that wall. Looking into the hole, Long Yi became disappointed as he discovered that the other side was an empty room with a statue of the Light God. The only thing that was strange was, this room appeared as if it had never been open before. There was a thick layer of dust on the statue of the Light God.

“Light God? What kind of fart is the Light God? You’re just an untrustworthy fellow.” Long Yi snorted. At that time, that so-called Light God possessed the body of Charles and said that Charles wouldn’t cause trouble for ten years. However, it resulted in Long Yi fighting against Charles and five Magic Gods in a reckless battle after two days. Dongfang Kexin also disappeared into the ruins of the battle.

When he thought about Dongfang Kexin, Long Yi felt as though he lost his spirit. He sat down as he leaned against the wall. A throbbing pain came from his heart.

These days, Long Yi had always been dodging this fact. He had a scar in his heart which he didn’t dare to touch. However, this scar was ripped open today and it became a bloody wound…

Dongfang Kexin’s tearful face appeared in his mind. The heartbreaking words he said also appeared in his head, “Cousin, I proved that no matter how hard I tried to forget you, I couldn’t. Even after I willingly allowed His Majesty Pope to use a curse to suppress my feelings, I couldn’t forget about you. You said that I didn’t understand what love was. However, I feel that this is love. I love you cousin, I love you…”

“Kexin, everything is my fault.” Tears started to fall from Long Yi’s face. On that day, after he was safely transported to the secret room in the Nalan imperial palace, he lied still on the floor for the entire night. On the second day, he appeared as if nothing had happened. Of course, no one knew about the pain in his heart.

All of a sudden, a gust of strange wind blew over from an unknown place. This wind spun around Long Yi and dispersed in the next moment. All of the tears on Long Yi’s face was blown away by the wind. Long Yi even managed to feel warm when the gust of wind blew around him.

Long Yi was startled. He came back to his senses and he felt as though everything was just a dream.

“This secret room is surrounded by walls and the entrance is also closed securely. How can there be wind in this room?” Long Yi frowned and he felt that there was something strange about this place.

Ghost? Impossible, this world had souls, specters, and so on undead creatures. With Long Yi’s spirit power, he was able to sense all of them.

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Kacha, the stone door of this secret room suddenly opened. Karen and Si Bi appeared at the entrance.

“Young Master Ximen, what are you doing? Do you want to tear down this Light Church?” When she caught sight of the hole on the wall in this secret room, Karen chided him. Just now, when she and Si Bi were chanting gospel of Light God, a light warrior made a report. He said that there was some movement inside the stone room where the pope resided. She immediately guessed that everything was caused by Long Yi. Of course, she was right.

Long Yi pointed at the hole and said, “Before I explain myself, take a look inside.”

Karen looked into the hole and was also startled. She said, “Strange… I didn’t know that there was a room here.”

The empty room only had walls around it. There was no entrance at all.

“How old is this Light Church?” Long Yi asked.

“It has been said that this Light Church was built several thousands of years ago. It was when the Light God descended here. However, I do not know the specific year..” Karen replied.

Several thousands of years ago? This Light Church was truly sturdy enough. Could it be that the Light God really descended here? Long Yi thought to himself.

“Something is wrong with this stone room. I felt as though there was someone peeping at me. However, other than this stone room, there is nothing here. In addition…… My spirit became somewhat abnormal all of a sudden.” Long Yi thought for a bit and said. Thinking about it now, his will was too weak when he thought about Dongfang Kexin. It was impossible for him to break like that. There had to be some kind of problem with the stone room.

Both Karen and Si Bi became somewhat nervous when they heard Long Yi. Both of them knew how powerful Long Yi’s spirit power was. There was no way he would fall prey to an illusion. Could it be that there was something wrong with the Light God statue in the other room? The three of them coincidentally looked at that Light God statue which was covered in dust at the same time.

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