Chapter 525: The pursuit of Dark Church

Late at night, a cold wind whistled and heavy snow flew all over the place. At the foot of the remote mountain situated in the Proud Moon Empire, heavy snowfall had already lasted for several days in a row. Compared to the Violent Dragon Empire, this place was much colder.

A figure was fleeing at lightning speed in the midst of this cold winter night.

“Damn it, a group of mad dogs.” Leng Youyou endured the weakness caused by the large consumption of her spirit power and hatefully cursed in her heart. It had already been several days since she was chased by the elites of theDark Church. Just like dogskin plaster, they continuously stuck close to her and she was unable to throw them off no matter how hard she tried.

Leng Youyou clearly understood that because of the Emerald Magic Bird sealed within her body, those pursuing troops behind her would be able to find her approximate position.

Swish, Leng Youyou fled into a barren village. Due to the war and natural disaster in successive years, the people of this village had either fled or died, leaving only dead trees and overgrown thickets. Perhaps, because many people had died here, this village had gloomy and ghastly air around it.

Leng Youyou looked all around and without thinking too much, she used a magic spell in the center of the street to create a hole which was enough for one person. She hid herself inside the hole and set up a barrier around herself. Very quickly, the street restored itself to its original state and she had disappeared without a trace.

Not long after, dozens of black robed figures who were covered from head to toe arrived at this gloomy village. All of them had a dense dark aura around them. The leader of this group was a woman with an exquisite figure and other than her four other trusted aides beside her, the rest of them were dark warriors without any feelings. They only knew how to carry out her orders. With such a luxurious lineup, it was nothing surprising for Leng Youyou to be in such a sore strait.

“All of you, lead ten dark warriors each and begin searching from the east, west, south and north edges of this town. Search till the center. Don’t leave a single stone unturned. I can sense that that little sl*t, Leng Youyou, who live off one person while secretly helping another is hiding in this village.” That leader said with a hateful voice. If Long Yi heard her voice, he would have instantly recognized her. It was that mysterious beauty who claimed that she was the mother of Shui Ruoyan.

“Yes, Madame.” The four trusted subordinates took their orders and left. As for this beautiful lady, she led the remaining ten dark warriors as she slowly walked through the streets of the village.

She walked all the way to the place Leng Youyou was hiding at. Leng Youyou immediately became extremely nervous. Although she had set up this aura isolation barrier, she had never thought that Pope Lady would actually participate in the pursuit of her. She was very clear about the strength of this Dark Pope Lady. Her opinions had a heavy weight in the Dark Church. But, some strange secret magic spells that were only passed down among the main bloodline of the Pope made her extremely terrifying. In addition, there were her four trusted subordinates and fifth dark warriors among them. With such a lineup, even the legendary Magic God would not be able to gain the advantage easily against them.

The footsteps got closer and closer and they finally stopped when they reached the place where Leng Youyou was hiding. Leng Youyou’s nerves stretched taut and she knew that the slightest carelessness would cause her to fall here today. She didn’t want to die here… Even if she had to die, she wanted to see her lover before she died.

Soon, her four trusted subordinates came back from the four directions. They gathered around this Pope Lady.

“What? Didn’t discover that sl*t?” Pope Lady angrily asked.

“Reporting to Madam, after searching this entire area, there is no trace of Saintess.” One of the trusted subordinates respectfully answered her.

Pa, a crisp slapping sound resounded and the hood of the trusted subordinate was uncovered with the slap from Pope Lady. A deathly pale face was revealed and it resembled the face of a dead person.

“Saintess? That little sl*t is no longer the Hell Saintess of my Dark Church. Whoever addresses her as Saintess, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Pope Lady coldly snorted.

“This subordinate admits my crime.” That trusted subordinate bowed and admitted without any anger.

Pope Lady looked around and coldly said, “The hiding magic of that little sl*t is better than I expected. Does she think that I will not be able to find here like this?”

Pope Lady raised her hand and a wisp of dark qi curled up from her fingertip. She chanted an obscure incantation under her breath.

Leng Youyou who was hiding under her feet shook as she felt stabbing pain in her heart. She was shocked in her heart as this damned old hag wanted to summon the Emerald Magic Bird sealed within her body. The moment the Emerald Magic Bird broke out of her body, her hiding spot would be instantly revealed.

Should she run away now? Leng Youyou immediately decided against it. As long as the Emerald Magic Bird existed within her body, her traces would be exposed no matter how far she ran.

After thinking about it, Leng Youyou gave up any thoughts of suppressing the pain. Bone stabbing pain instantly filled her body. A hint of an emerald shadow broke out from her chest. The moment the emerald shadow emerged from her body, she used all of her power to jump out from under the ground.

Boom, pieces of earth and snow flew all over as a huge black colored lotus appeared out of thin air. A radiance that was darker than the dark night covered the sky.

“Black Lotus, Soul Addiction.” Along with a charming voice, the huge lotus began to spin rapidly. Everyone shrouded by the aura of this black lotus felt their sea of consciousness jolted. They actually felt as though their souls were being pulled out of their body by a powerful suction force.

The body of those dark warriors emitted a black mist, which was absorbed by this black lotus.

In an extremely short moment, Leng Youyou had already jumped out of her hiding spot. Taking advantage of the moment when Pope Lady was retreating due to her sudden attack, she casted a powerful offensive move, Spirit Claw. In an instant, a huge dark claw shadow appeared in midair and shot towards Pope Lady.

Pope Lady was shocked in her heart. Using the Ninth Heaven Dark Magic with all of her strength, her figure instantly disappeared. She left behind some blood and some bits of clothing fluttering in midair.

After Leng Youyou’s sudden attack, Pope Lady’s trusted subordinates and the surviving 30 dark warriors counterattacked. Several rank 10 dark attack magic as well as dark sword slashes headed towards Leng Youyou.

Leng Youyou gritted her teeth and with a single thought, she created a barrier with her spirit power. Those strong attacks exploded one meter away from her. However, she wasn’t able to completely nullify their attacks and she spat out a mouthful of blood on the black lotus.

In the next moment, Leng Youyou was absorbed into the black lotus. The black lotus flashed with blood red radiance and unexpectedly disappeared into thin air.

“Split-up and chase! She can’t run far with her severe injuries.” Pope Lady screamed and she felt extremely uncomfortable. Now that Leng Youyou no longer had the Emerald Magic Bird within her body, if she succeeded in escaping this time, it would be very difficult to find her again.

The four trusted subordinates and remaining dark warriors went in different directions. After they left, Pope lady took her hand off her chest. There was a long and thin cut… It was the wound caused by Leng Youyou’s counterattack.

“Little sl*t, when I capture you, see how I slice you into pieces.” Pope Lady gnashed her teeth and said. When she saw that seven colored scar beside her wound, she became even angrier. That was the mark left behind by that bastard Ximen Yu, which was also an eternal humiliation.

The snowfall was getting bigger and bigger. The wind was getting stronger and stronger. In this entire world, it appeared as if there were no other sounds except the whistling sounds of the strong wind.

Several figures whose entire body was covered with black robe streaked across in the sky and landed beside this grove covered with snow and ice.

The nose of the leader twitched and his eyes which were under the hood flashed. He could smell fresh blood.

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Following that smell, that black robed person carefully led several dark warriors inside the grove. After walking for a bit, they saw Leng Youyou on the verge of death lying under a tree. There were bloodstains everywhere on the white snowland around her.

Leng Youyou opened her eyes with great difficulty. When she saw the three shadows slowly approaching her, her heart trembled. She didn’t fear death… She only felt a sense of regret that she wasn’t able to see her sweetheart for the last time.

Leng Youyou had already prepared to die. If the other party wanted to capture her alive to threaten Long Yi, she was ready to use her last bit of strength to kill herself. She knew that she absolutely couldn’t fall into the hands of the Dark Church.

A black robed person slowly walked towards Leng Youyou. He squatted down an injected a dark mist into her body.

 “You……” Leng Youyou suddenly felt that her wounds were healing. The severe pain she felt subsided.

At this moment, this black robed person suddenly shook and waving his hand, he dispersed the bloody smell in the air. Soon after that, along with several dark warriors, he rushed out from this grove.

“Dry Bones, did you discover anything?” Another black robed person descended from the sky and asked when he saw Dry Bones leaving the groove.

“No.” Dry Bones replied with his hoarse voice.

“The northern part is full of mountains. I came to your side. It seems as though Saint… that little sl*t has fled to either the southern or eastern direction. Let’s go and meet with the other teams.” This black robed person nodded his head and said. Just as he was about to fly away, he stopped.

Taking a few steps forwards, he squatted down. Then, pushing aside the surface layer of snow, he discovered a small patch of bloodstained snow.

“Fresh blood, it must be that little sl*t! Dry Bones, it is very likely that that little sl*t is hiding her aura. We should go and check this grove again.” This black robed person stood up and said as he walked toward the groove.

The complexion of Dry Bones changed and a hint of killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Immediately after entering the grove, this black robed person saw Leng Youyou lying under a tree. He was happy to discover this, but immediately afterward, he felt as though something was wrong. Leng Youyou was lying here without hiding… Why did Dry Bones say that he didn’t discover her?

By the time he thought about it, it was already too late. The Death God had already descended to claim his life. Two Golden Armored Corpse Kings appeared behind him without any warning and instantly tore him to pieces. The moment the Emerald Magic Bird sealed within his body started to fly, five sharp claws flashed and it didn’t even have time to cry before it was turned into a corpse in Dry Bones’ hand.

After cleaning up the place, he made a barrier to cover Leng Youyou. After he was done, he hastily left. Pope Lady was very shrewd. He was afraid that she would start to doubt him if he was late.

Leng Youyou looked at the leaving back view of Dry Bones and her consciousness became all the more blurred. She eventually lost her consciousness. Due to the pursuit of the Dark Church, she had already spent all her energy. After she finally escaped from this disaster, she relaxed and fainted from exhaustion.


The sky had already turned bright, and the heavy snow that had been falling continuously for several days finally become smaller. Merely, the northern wind was still swift and fierce.

Two figures suddenly rushed past from the direction of the Hengduan Mountains. They were women wearing a blue magic robe. One was a beautiful lady who appeared to be 30 or so in age, and the other was a beauty who appeared just a little over 20. Both of them were flying in the sky and by looking at their speed, one could easily discern that they were at least mages.

“Ruoruo, this small groove in the front was the border of the Proud Moon Empire. However, it is now the territory of the Violent Dragon Empire and the Nalan Empire.” That beautiful lady said.

“Grandma, how far out does my father stay?” The beauty asked. If it was not for this form of address, no one would have guessed that this beautiful lady who looked like she was just in her thirties was the grandmother of this young beauty.

“At our current speed, we will reach in six to seven days.” There is a hint of hesitation and melancholy in the voice of this beautiful lady.

The beautiful face of the young girl immediately began to shine. Clearly, she was looking forward to the arrival of that day. These two women were Water Master Archmage Shui Linglong and her granddaughter Shui Ruoyan of the Mea Holy Magic Academy. They were on a trip to the Proud Moon Empire in order to look for Shui Ruoyan’s father, ie, the only son of Shui Linglong.

Soon, the two women reached the grove. At that time, Shui Ruoyan suddenly stopped and said, “Grandmother, I have to relieve myself. Wait for me outside, I will go into this grove and finish my business.”

Shui Ruoyan descended and after laying out a water protective screen, she took off her pants and did her business..

While doing her business, Shui Ruoyan looked around and suddenly spotted a white little hand not too far away from her. Her heart suddenly skipped a bit and she jumped up in surprise.

Shui Ruoyan hastily pulled up her pants and walked over. The moment she saw the face of the person lying on the ground, she exclaimed in surprise, “Eh, Hell Saintess of the Dark Church.”

After that, she brought Shui Linglong with her and said, “Grandma, take a look at her. What happened to her?”

Although Long Yi had one sentimental night when Leng Youyou arrived in Mea Principality, Shui Ruoyan had not met her. However, when she saw the black lotus mark on Leng Youyou’s head, she knew who Leng Youyou was. After all, a  few years ago, on the Extreme Yin Day, the Light Church suffered heavy casualties and the Dark Church was fighting against them for territory. At that time, the reputation of Leng Youyou had soared. The black lotus mark on her forehead became the symbol of her identity.

“Her physical injuries are nothing serious. However, her sea of consciousness received a serious shock. I don’t know if she can completely recover or not.” Shui Linglong said and as she used an advanced healing water magic to stabilize Leng Youyou’s injuries.

“Grandma, how about we take her together with us? In any case, she is also the Hell Saintess of the Dark Church. She can be regarded as my parents’ subordinate. We cannot let her die like this.” Shui Ruoyan said.

Shui Linglong didn’t say a word and she simply frowned.

“Grandma, since it is unlikely for her to wake up for several days, if we leave her alone like this, what will happen if she encounters a villain or a magical beast looking for food?” Shui Ruoyan hastily said.

Shui Linglong looked at Shui Ruoyan with a smile which was not a smile and said, “Are you truly concerned about her safety or are you concerned for the woman of that stinking Ximen Yu?”

The beautiful face of Shui Ruoyan became bright red and she replied, “Grandma, how do you that she is his woman?” The reason why Shui Ruoyan knew about this was because Long Yi had mentioned her before.

“You don’t need to worry about how grandma knows about that. If you really want her to keep her life, you should not take her to the Dark Church.” Shui Linglong said.

“Why?” Shui Ruoyan asked in surprise.

“Just by looking at the injuries on her physical body and her sea of consciousness, they were all caused by dark magic. In addition, from the latest rumors, grandma suspects that she was injured by the people of the Dark Church.” Shui Linglong sighed and said.

“How can that be? Why would people of the Dark Church harm their own people?” Shui Ruoyan said in disbelief.

Shui Linglong shook her head without explaining further. Although this granddaughter of hers had already reached the peak Archmage realm and was only one step away from reaching the Master Archmage realm, she was extremely lacking in the ways of the world, which was an unfortunate matter. Even Shui Linglong didn’t know if her decision to bring Shui Ruoyan to the Dark Church at this time was good or bad. However, she was afraid that if she didn’t make the best use of her time now, she would have no chance in the future.

“Let’s take her to the territory of the Barbarian Bull Clan of Hengduan Mountains. Isn’t there a beastman who is a brother with Ximen Yu?” Shui Linglong changed the subject.


Two days later, Barbarian Bull who had already assumed the position of the patriarch of the Barbarian Bull Clan received a still unconscious Leng Youyou. As for Shui Linglong and Shui Ruoyan, they didn’t remain there for long and left in a rush.

Even after several years had passed, Barbarian Bull’s outward appearance didn’t change. However, the aura he unconsciously emitted became a lot more valiant. In addition, he had a kind of prestige of a superior.

Looking at Leng Youyou who was lying unconscious on the bed, a bloody ominous look which had not appeared for a long time flashed through his bull eyes. As far as he was concerned, Leng Youyou wasn’t just the wife of his Boss. She was also a friend who had suffered through a life or death tribulation with him.

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After a long time, Barbarian Bull turned around and left the room. Sitting alone in front of the door, he wiped Greenstone Rule which was emitted a sparkling green radiance. He muttered, “Brother, it is time to fight side by side.”

“My husband, are you planning to leave?” Eva calmly asked as she stood in front of Barbarian Bull. She understood Barbarian Bull very well.

“Eva, I must return to the side of Boss.” Barbarian Bull gently said watching his wife.

Eva nodded with tears in her eyes and said, “I understand. Please accompany our son more these days… I will help to prepare your things.”

Seeing Eva entering the house, Barbarian Bull tightly held Greenstone Rule and executed a Demon Vanquishing Rod Technique. Faint green light dispersed into the surroundings.

“Ha” Barbarian Bull roared loudly and a layer of golden light shot out from Greenstone Rule which enveloped an area of 100 meters around him. Along with the sound of explosions, sand and stones flew all over the place. Everything within 100 meters turned into broken bits.

In the midst of clouds of dust, Barbarian Bull stood tall. He seemed as though he returned to the days where he had been adventuring beside his Boss…

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