Chapter 526: Huge dragon

When he left the Light Church of Light City by himself, the snow outside had already stopped falling. The believers of Light City were helping the church to shovel off the snow for free.

Watching this scene bustling with labor, Long Yi smiled and couldn’t help recalling that time he had gotten entangled with Yu Feng at the entrance of this church. In a flash, several years had already passed.

Turning his head, Long Yi looked at the Light Church which was made out of white marble. He thought about that dust covered Light God statue which was in the room and a strange feeling washed over him. The Light God statue had nothing special about it… The only thing which was different was the quality of material used to make the statue. However, why was the statue in that room? Furthermore, why didn’t Holy Priest Karen know anything about that secret room? Not to mention the fact that the strange occurrence in the stone room caused Long Yi to develop a knot in his heart. Long Yi was certain that it wasn’t his misconception.

Si Bi had chosen to stay behind in the church with Karen. One could say that Karen was more like Si Bi’s master when compared to Judith. Si Bi was obviously closer to Karen compared to Judith. Since it had already been a long time since they last saw each other, they had many things to talk about. As such, Long Yi didn’t oppose her decision when she chose to stay in the Light Church.

Long Yi strolled around the square in front of the church. Just as he was about to return to the Phoenix Inn, he caught sight of a guard from Light City charging into the city lord residence as he rode on a unicorn. The city lord residence was located adjacent to the Light Church and was extremely close to Long Yi. When the guard neared the residence, he quickly dismounted and reported to the guards of the mansion, “Quickly go and report to the City Lord! Young Master has returned and he will be arriving here very soon.”

The guard who received the news immediately ran into the residence. Before long, bustling noise could be heard inside the city lord residence.

Long Yi smiled faintly. That kid, Yin Jian, was also returning at this time.

A hundred or more carriages fully loaded with goods entered Light City in a long line. The carriage in the front was a very luxurious carriage pulled by six pure white and sturdy unicorns.

Yin Jian was wearing a silvery silk gown with a golden belt around his waist. He was currently waving to the onlookers on the street. This profligate son who caused an endless headache to everyone he met several years ago had changed greatly after meeting Long Yi. Unconsciously, he had even started to change the way he dressed. He was beginning to dress more and more like Long Yi. Nowadays, he had become the most popular merchant of Light City because he was the only one who had the ability to bring out the specialty of the beastmen clans from the Hengduan Mountains in large quantity. In addition, he knew how to exercise restraint now.

“This stinking kid… He is actually flashier than this Young Master.” Long Yi cursed in his heart. With a slight flick of his finger, he shot some internal force towards Yin Jian.

A yellow colored light flashed around Yin Jian. His defensive barrier which activated upon contact lit up but this was within Long Yi’s expectations. He had used the right amount of force to barely break the barrier but not seriously harm Yin Jian. The internal force penetrated through this barrier and lightly tapped Yin Jian’s kneecap.

Involuntarily, Yin Jian kicked out and his leg connected to the butt of a unicorn. He fell down on the carriage pedal. As for the unicorn, it neighed in alarm and started to run around wildly. Suddenly, screams of panic resounded in the air as both men and horses ran chaotically.


In the study of the city lord residence, Yin Jian looked at Long Yi with hidden bitterness as he rubbed his knee. He complained, “Young Master, you are too evil… How can you treat your loyal subordinate like this?”

“Are you sure that was me?” Long Yi asked with a smirk.

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“Other than Young Master, who else had to ability to embarrass me like that? I have a rank 10 earth defensive barrier but it was still useless…” Yin Jian said.

“Okay, let’s stop talking nonsense here. I heard that you have already mixed in with the people from the Hengduan Mountains. Did you manage to find out anything useful?” Long Yi asked.

“Young Master, recently, it’s very calm in the Hengduan Mountains. Even the Bimeng Clan isn’t making any movements. They do nothing every day other than copulating… However…” Yin Jian said and hesitated to continue.

“What?” Long Yi asked.

“In the past, when I reached the Bimeng Clan with Bertha, I heard from the little princess of the Bimeng Clan that the Bimeng Clan Patriarch was doing something in secret. No one had been able to contact him for quite some time. However, when I asked the hidden pawn about it, he said that the Bimeng Clan wasn’t making any movements.” Yin Jian said. Since he didn’t manage to get any news, he didn’t report anything.

Long Yi frowned. The current Patriarch of the Bimeng Clan had big and wild ambitions. He would never be willing to live his life in seclusion in the Hengduan Mountains. He would definitely loot the burning house when Violent Dragon Empire fell into internal strife.

“Young Master, it is already so late and my father should have already returned. As of this moment, he should be waiting anxiously for me.” Yin Jian looked at the sky color outside and said.

“Then, let’s leave this place. It just so happens that I have some matters to deal with..” Long Yi said and left the study together with Yin Jian.

For generations, the Yin Clan had always been on the side of the Ximen Clan. They had gradually expanded from the original small noble clan they were to a clan which was extremely prominent. Of course, they were under the protection of the Ximen Clan. They were completely loyal to the Ximen Clan. Since it was certain that the Second Young Master of the Ximen Clan, Ximen Yu, would take charge of the Ximen Clan in the future, the arrival of Long Yi was an incomparably big matter for Yin Dang, the father of Yin Jian.

Not to mention the fact that the moment the Ximen Clan successfully seized power and became the overlord of the Blue Waves Continent, his Yin Clan would rise as well. Perhaps, they might even be able to enter the capital city and leave Light City. They also had hopes of replacing the Beitang Clan as it was no longer an unattainable dream. The Beitang Clan had been opposing the Ximen Clan and they would definitely be eradicated the moment the Ximen Clan becomes the imperial clan.

Long Yi didn’t like this kind of snobbish banquet. After he casually drank a cup of wine, he went to the side with Yin Dang and started to discuss some secret matters. He swiftly left the city lord residence with Yin Jian after talking to Yin Dang and they went to the Bounty Hunter Bar.

Long Yi didn’t enter the special area for the Bounty Hunters. Instead, he looked around the hall which had a warm atmosphere and he sat in an empty corner. Sipping Warriors’ Glory, he listened to the idle chat which was going on around him. This could also be regarded as a kind of pleasure.

“What? All of you do not believe me? If this father is lying to you all, I will strip naked and crawl a lap around this Light City…” Not far away from Long Yi, a mercenary-like warrior slammed his palm against the table with a red face. He attracted the attention of everyone in the bar.

“Shitou San, why are you boasting? With which eye did you see a huge dragon?You weren’t dreaming when you saw it, were you?” Another person laughed and several other people also laughed in succession.

The moment the word ‘dragon’ appeared in their conversation, Long Yi’s ears stood erect.

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