Chapter 147: To Play Tricks Again

Their gazes met, and Xia Jinyuan laid his right hand against his forehead and then gracefully swung it away. He smiled as he greeted, “Good evening, little fox.”

“Good evening.” Ye Jian lowered her eyes, and her gaze rested on his chiseled face. His indifferent smile was as free as the wind. She waited for him to walk into the building, before sitting back on her rattan chair and gazing at the night sky.

Her mental state was filled with peace. On the other hand, Ye Ying’s state of mind was comparable to a border where a hurricane was passing through.

Eyes welled with tears, she stared at Gao Yiyang, and while suppressing the hate in her heart, she questioned him in a hoarse voice, “So, even you think that I intended to do that?”

“Even if you intended to or not, Ye Ying, it does not become so just because others think that way.” Gao Yiyang picked up the burn ointment and gently applied it on her calves and the top of her foot that was slightly red. “You should ask yourself that question. Did you intend to do it, or was it an accident?”

After hearing it, Ye Ying laughed out of rage, “Why do I have to ask myself! I’m the one who is injured, not Ye Jian! Gao Yiyang, look clearly! I’m the one who is injured! If I had intended to cause this, would I hurt myself?”

D*mn it! Why is everyone suspicious of her! Even the boy who had a crush on her did not stand up for her and help her out but instead just kept quiet while she was under the teachers’ questioning.

“I know now. You must think this is a trick of injuring myself to gain other people’s trust. Hahaha, Gao Yiyang, I’ve always thought you were someone who would understand me, but now it seems like I have overthought!” Ye Ying laughed mockingly at herself, her pretty face was filled with misery. “It has changed, changed! Everything has changed! Every one of you has changed!”

Before, everyone believed in her, but now? Everyone only believed in Ye Jian.

Even if she was the one injured, they would rather believe Ye Jian was innocent while she harbored evil intentions!

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Changed, everything changed! Why did she still lose to Ye Jian after putting in so much effort! Why was it so unfair!

Gao Yiyang who had his lips pursed raised his head and looked at Ye Ying who was being stubborn. He gently put down her legs that were resting on his lap, then he sighed after a while, “It is not us who have changed, Ye Ying. You are the one who has not recognized and acknowledged the facts.”

“The old Ye Jian is no more. She stopped submitting to you, so you started worrying.” Gao Yiyang sat down on a chair and calmly looked at the teary-eyed girl. “You’re scared that Ye Jian’s radiance will be too magnificent, overshadowing your own radiance.”

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“You started to worry that one day, everyone you know would believe that Ye Jian is more capable than you, more prosperous than you. That is why you became confused and started to go out of place trying to prove that you are better than Ye Jian.”

Ultimately, he knew Ye Ying very well. All of his words hit the nail on the head, directly uncovering the darkness hidden in the depths of her heart, so she instantly panicked.

Facing the bloody truth, Ye Ying started shivering from anger. “B*llsh*t! B*llsh*t! Why do I have to worry! I have always been more outstanding than her, always! Shut up! Don’t speak of it again! Don’t speak of it again!”

Not making her face the facts early would only have a greater impact later on in life.

Gao Yiyang gazed deeply at her. Then he stood up and closed the unlatched door. Outside… the girls who were eavesdropping were caught and they left awkwardly.
Soon, Ye Jian heard of this event and indifferently laughed, “I can’t believe Gao Yiyang is a sensible person. Before this, I really did not see that coming.”

She really did not see that coming. However, she could put two and two together—that Ye Ying definitely wouldn’t be persuaded by him.

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