Chapter 148: Playing Until Going Missing

That was because no one in this world knew Ye Ying better than she did!

The facts proved that Ye Jian’s guess was indeed correct.

Until it was around 10 at night, the students all returned to their assigned rooms after playing poker, and saw the usually calm and collected Gao Yiyang swung open a door, an angry look on his face, when entering his room.

From behind the unlatched door, Ye Ying’s sobbing could be heard.

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Ye Jian, who was preparing to go to bed, smiled. She did not express any opinion towards this.

Tomorrow, Gao Yiyang would be having a very difficult day.

Ye Ying had a certain temperament; when she was uncomfortable, she had the means to cause a ruckus and make everyone uncomfortable!

Suddenly, Ye Jian, who had her eyes closed, opened her eyes, and she asked the girl from the capital sleeping on the single bed next to her, “Do you know the girl who sleeps in the same room with Ye Ying? Do you mind if she sleeps with us for the night?”

Just in case Ye Ying causes something dramatic, it’s better not to let others be affected.

The girl from the capital heard it and instantly felt that it was a good idea, so she replied, “Why had I never thought of that? If we just mash our beds together, then can’t the three of us sleep together?” She then bounced off the bed, wore some slippers, and walked out. “Wait for me to return, then we can move the beds together!”

Ye Jian responded with a smile, and by the time the two girls returned, she had already moved the beds together.

With an addition of another pal, the three of them chatted until one o’clock in the morning before sleeping.

Early in the morning, Ye Jian came back from her morning jog and saw Teacher Zhu with a few other teachers from Experimental High standing in the corridor with a serious expression. Some students ran towards them from the orchard and panted, “No, we’ve already looked everywhere, but there’s no sign of her.”

Ye Jian’s gaze became colder, and she hastened her steps. Teacher Zhu. who spotted her. asked in a worried voice, “Ye Jian, did you see Ye Ying today?”

Ye Ying, who should have been in the orchard, had gone missing!

Just as Ye Jian had thought, if Ye Ying was unhappy, she would drag everyone else down and be unhappy with her.

There was nothing missing from the room. Even the bed looked like it hadn’t been slept on, and the comforter and bedsheets were very tidy and neat without a single crease.

The disposable slippers and everything inside the washroom was left untouched, as if no one had ever been present in the room.

Ye Jian stood there silently, and her gaze landed on the neatly placed pillow.

Downstairs, Gao Yiyang, who had beads of sweat on the sides of his head, was fuming. Ignoring the calls of the teachers, he charged towards the second floor.

Teacher Zhu realized that he did not seem quite right and followed behind him closely. They had no idea who said, “Ye Jian is upstairs.” …Still, it made the hearts of all the those who were present skip a beat, and all followed Gao Yiyang’s footsteps upstairs.

Ye Jian, who was standing by Ye Ying’s bed, heard the commotion outside. As she was moving the pillow away, Gao Yiyang charged in, bringing the morning fog into the room. He then questioned her in a cold voice, “Did she visit you last night!?”

“Weren’t you the last person to see her last night, Gao Yiyang?” His inquiry caused Ye Jian’s gaze to become chilly. After moving the pillow away, she moved her hand towards the bed seam and touched it lightly.

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With coldness in his eyes, Gao Yiyang walked closer and shoved the closed water bottles in his hand towards Ye Jian. “I found these two bottles by the stream. One is yours, the other is the one that Ye Ying drank from!”

“When I left last night, Ye Ying did not finish the bottle of water! You, however, too did not finish the bottle of water that you left on the dining table!”

His words made the few students, who had followed closely into the room, discontented. “Hey, have you made a mistake! What can the presence of two bottles illustrate! You found it by the stream, so why does that matter!?”

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