Chapter 149: Not Afraid that You Won’t Come!

“If he found it by the stream, it proves that Ye Ying and I had met alone last night,” said Ye Jian in a distant voice. She then spoke unhurriedly, “Gao Yiyang having such a guess is very normal.”

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She pointed at the bottle of mineral water in his hands and said, “One is supposed to be in my possession, while the other is supposed to be in Ye Ying’s possession. Now, since they appear by the stream at the same time, it can be illustrated that Ye Ying and I went to the stream together in the middle of the night. After all, she and I almost had an accident last night.”

This was something that couldn’t be explained clearly. Although it was just a very simple setup, it managed to cause her to be unable to come up with an excuse.

Even if the two girls who were sleeping together with her tried to prove that she was indeed sleeping with them last night, what about after they had fallen asleep? Could they still prove that she had been sleeping with them?

When Gao Yiyang heard that, the chilliness on his face became heavier, “Yesterday, she didn’t get even a wink of sleep, now she’s gone. Ye Jian, you…”

“She did not catch a wink of sleep for the whole night? Did you see that happen personally?” Ye Jian laughed, a haughty look appeared between her brows. “You need to understand that, number one: the two bottles together does not represent that she and I were together because you did not see it personally. Number two: you did not see if she even slept last night, so you can’t be sure that she did not sleep the whole night.”

“Similarly, my roommates cannot prove that I did not go out after they were fast asleep! They did not see that personally, therefore whatever you said cannot be established!”

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Everyone present had a high intelligence and could understand everything Ye Jian had said. She did explain it quite clearly; two bottles being present together did not mean that she and Ye Ying had met up.

However, Ye Jian couldn’t produce evidence that she was not with Ye Ying, which was why Gao Yiyang was certain that Ye Jian and Ye Ying met up last night by the stream.

Similarly, Gao Yiyang also could not prove that Ye Ying did not catch even a wink of sleep in her room!

The argument was the same: he did not witness it personally.

Being together with a bunch of high intellect students, as teachers… It was quite stressful, because what they were thinking was exactly what the students were thinking.

Ye Jian walked to Director Li and Teacher Zhu’s side and passed a few strands of hair that she happened to find when she scanned the bed. “These are Ye Ying’s hair; at least it can prove that she had slept in the bed.”

“As for why she tidied up the room so neatly, we can only find out after finding her.”

Clearly, she had slept in the bed, but she deliberately wanted others to think that she had not slept…, after realizing the hidden meaning in Ye Jian’s words, the expression on the teachers and students suddenly changed.

Gao Yiyang clenched his teeth until his jawline became evident, before gazing into Ye Jian’s eyes and said, “Sorry, I was being impatient.” He then turned and walked downstairs.

His slender silhouette seemed immature, at least compared to the two military men who brushed shoulders with him, Gao Yiyang’s thin back made him seem insubstantial.

“This boy, where are you going in such a hurry? Come here, come have a chat with us.” They were about to walk past each other when Han Zheng’s hand instantly rested on top of Gao Yiyang’s shoulder, in an imposing manner that caused him to stay behind.

In his military outfit, he displayed his militaristic presence after hiding his debauched presence, and laughed, “Wait for a bit before you go, we still need you to lead us to the stream.”

Gao Yiyang originally wanted to struggle, but he wavered and a stunned expression appeared on his face when he noticed Xia Jinyuan, who was standing by the side. Wasn’t this the young Major that knew Ye Jian?

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