Chapter 523: Trap, steamed dragon claw

The pitch-black entrance was so deep that no one was able to see the end. It was as though the entrance was a mouth of a mythical beast. Moreover, a cold aura came out of the entrance which added a bit of mysterious horror.

The pupils of Mu Hanyan shrunk and she subconsciously became alert.

“Honorable Envoy, please enter.” Long Zhan looked at Mu Hanyan and a hint of strange light flashed through his eyes.

Mu Hanyan took two steps forward and stopped right before this entrance. Coldly looking at Long Zhan, she said, “You enter first.”

“Honorable Envoy is too cautious. Since that is the case, Xian Yun will enter the passage first.” Long Zhan indifferently said and entered that secret passage with large strides.

For an unknown reason, Mu Hanyan’s heart suddenly jumped violently. She could instinctively feel that something dangerous was approaching her. However, she didn’t have much time to think. She quickly reached out to grab Long Zhan who was walking into the inner room.

A strange purple light flashed through the room and Mu Hanyan’s hand bounced off Long Zhan’s shoulder. It seemed as though there was a strange power stopping her.

“Hahaha, Honorable Envoy, you can slowly enjoy the sumptuous meal respectfully prepared for you by this Xian Yun.” Long Zhan complacently laughed wildly.

All of a sudden, the entire secret room was shrouded by a layer of purple light. A strange magic array suddenly emerged from under the ground and countless mysterious magic runes appeared on the walls.

“Forbidden magic array! Looks like this is really a trap you set up…” Mu Hanyan suddenly understood. It was basically impossible for him to set up such a large scale forbidden magic array all around the Ximen Residence. He had set it up here in this secret room and his plan was to lead her into this trap since the beginning.

“Correct, unfortunately, Honorable Envoy realized it a little too late. Speaking of which, Xian Yun had yet to thank Honorable Envoy for imparting this forbidden magic array to me. Hahaha” The face of Long Zhan was twisted with a complacent expression. He looked even more abnormal.

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“We are from the same side, why do you want to harm me?” Mu Hanyan calmed down and asked coldly.

“Same side? Honorable Envoy… Did you take Xian Yun for a fool? You have already changed sides to the Ximen Clan. Those dark warriors and dark magicians behind Xian Yun were refined using the method you imparted to me. Perhaps, you could annihilate all of them with a single move. You must die here.” Long Zhan had a ferocious and bloodthirsty expression on his face.

The heart of Mu Hanyan sunk. She had underestimated this fellow. She had never thought that he would dare to deal with her openly.

“Do you think just this forbidden magic array can trap me?” Mu Hanyan coldly said.

“No need to scare me. In the past, it might not have been able to trap you. However, your soul is injured and it has yet to recover. Why else will I dare to make this move against you?” Long Zhan smiled. Now, everything was within his control. This kind of feeling was thousands of times better than being controlled.

The complexion of Mu Hanyan finally changed. The matter of her soul injury was not known by anyone else. Maybe Long Yi knew about it, however, how did this Xian Yun learn about it?

“Want to know where I got the information? Hahaha, I’ll let you die after learning everything. I learned about your injury from the Red Sleeves Boat in White Cloud City. You should be able to guess the identity of the person who told me.” Long Zhan roared with laughter. At this moment, he was so proud of himself that he wasn’t able to describe it in words.

The expression of Mu Hanyan changed again. She already knew who that person was. It should be none other than Jingjing who had a bitter hatred for her. Presumably, Long Yi talking about her injury to Jingjing. Jingjing should have been the one to tell everything to the Military Advisor. If she knew about this earlier, she would have killed Jingjing long ago.

“Don’t be so complacent. Did you forget that we had a blood contract? If I die here, you’ll die as well.” Mu Hanyan faintly said.

Long Zhan laughed harder and there was a strange expression on his face. He looked at Mu Hanyan as though he was looking at a dead person. Shaking his head, he said, “How were you unable to realize it? The person who signed the blood contract with you wasn’t me. Of course, it wasn’t strange for you to overlook the fact that I had a twin younger brother who felt extremely indebted to me. As an intelligent person, you should know everything now right? Well, enough talking… Honorable Envoy, you should be on your way now. This Xian Yun would part ways with you here.”

Long Zhan closed his mouth and looked at Mu Hanyan with a peculiar gaze. Turning away, he disappeared into that secret passage. The moment he left, the entrance instantly closed and disappeared without a trace.

In the midst of the purple light, Mu Hanyan’s strong and indifferent expression collapsed. A painful look appeared on her face.

Forbidden magic arrays… In the legends, even gods had to restrict the usage of such magic arrays. Only the incomplete version of the magic array was passed down. Although the magic array had ‘forbidden’ in its name, it was not forbidden in reality. The moment the magic array was activated, it would directly erode the person’s spirit power, consciousness, and soul. If Mu Hanyan’s soul wasn’t injured, then she could have easily broken through this forbidden magic array. That was the only reason she dared to teach the magic array to the Military Advisor. However, she had never thought that she would be spinning a cocoon around herself when she thought that way.

Mu Hanyan gritted her teeth and quickly chanted an obscure incantation. A thin layer of dark mist slowly flowed out of her body as it kept out the invasion of purple light into her body.

At the same time, Mu Hanyan took out a magic scroll made from golden silk and she began chanting another incantation as her entire body trembled.

Suddenly, a strong magic fluctuation appeared a few meters away from Mu Hanyan. Space distorted all around her and the golden silk magic scroll in her hand transformed into a hint of golden light as it disappeared. As for Mu Hanyan, she vomited a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground. A phantom began to appear in front of her eyes. That phantom was a handsome man with shiny black eyes with a hint of a cheeky smile on his face. He was watching her with his affectionate eyes and he had a warm smile on his face. There was no suspicion in his eyes and he wasn’t scheming anything. She could see that he only had a pure tender feeling for her.


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The snowstorm was still going strong and it seemed as though it wanted to vent all of its anger after being suppressed by the heat for so long. The entire world was wrapped in silver and white and everything was covered in a thick layer of snow. Numerous ice ridges hung upside down on branches, forming a spectacular view.

“Under this hill, turn to the public road on the right side. We’ll reach Light City in two hours.” Yu Feng was brought up in Light City and she was extremely familiar with the surroundings.

“Is there roasted chicken in Light City?” Niur slightly tilted her head and asked.

“Of course.” Yu Feng replied with a smile.

“What about the roasted pig?” Niur asked again.

“Yes, there are roasted pigs in Light City.” Looking at Niur whose eyes were shining, Yu Feng said with a smile. Since the god beasts were released from Long Yi’s dark dimension space these few days to fight against the cold wind, all of the food supply had been eaten clean.

“What about simmer-fried Raging Flame Lion’s paw?” Niur swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked.

“Eh……” Yu Feng was speechless and all the other women chuckled. Raging Flame Lion was an A-ranked magical beast. Did Niur think that it was the same as the F-ranked Fire Rabbit?

At this time, Long Yi entered the carriage and grabbed Niur into his bosom. He rubbed his beard stubble against Niur’s tender and fair face. Niur cried loudly in protest.

“Little plump girl! There isn’t any simmer-fried Raging Flames Lion’s paw. However, we have the ingredients to make steamed little dragon claw here.” Long Yi smiled and grabbed Niur’s little plump hand.

“Ah, don’t! Don’t eat Niur! Father should eat big sister!” Niur retracted her little hand and sold out Liuxu without loyalty.

Liuxu was so angry that she glared at Niur. She had doted on this little girl for nothing.

“Your sister’s hand isn’t as fleshy as Niur’s… If I want to eat, I’ll naturally eat Niur’s hand.” Long Yi teased.

Niur pouted and stared at her plump little hand for quite some time. Suddenly, her eyes sparkled and she said, “Then father should eat big sister’s chest! It’s much fleshier than Niur’s hand.”

Cough, cough, Long Yi nearly choked to death on his own saliva. He saw the Liuxu’s beautiful face was darkening and he hastily turned away. He was afraid that he would be unable to control his laughter at this moment. If he made this she-T.Rex mad, it wouldn’t be a joke anymore.

The rest of the women also reacted in succession. All of them were coughing lightly like Long Y as they clearly held back their laughter.

Liuxu gritted her teeth and pulled Niur over to herself. She felt wronged and angry in her heart. This younger sister of hers really would be the death of her. She immediately pulled down the pants of Niur without demur and firmly spanked her little buttocks. She unconsciously used her dragon power when she smacked Niur’s buttocks. As for Niur, she immediately cried out and tears filled her face. Mucus flowed out of her nose and her little face seemed extremely pitiful.

“Okay, Liuxu, Niur is still young. Don’t use so much force.” Long Yi caught the hand of Liuxu and he hugged her crying Niur. He found it extremely funny and sad at the same time.

“Everything is your fault. If not for you, how can Niur become like this?” Liuxu angrily said.

Long Yi had a bitter smile on his face as he touched his nose. Taking out a paper towel, he wiped the tears off Niur’s face. He said to Niur, “Niur, big sister is your closest family member. She can put down her life down to protect you. Niur should also protect your big sister… Don’t let any harm fall on her, do you understand??”

Niur stopped crying. Although she didn’t understand what Long Yi was saying, she nodded her head. Staring at the calm Liuxu, Niur jumped into her bosom and pulled her sleeve, “Big sister, Niur is wrong. Don’t be angry, Niur will not let father eat the meat on big sister’s chest.”

Puchi, Long Yi was unable to endure it any longer and he laughed heartily. Feng Ling, Liuli, and the others also giggled. Niur was truly too cute.

Seeing as Liuxu was about to fly into a rage from shame, Long Yi escaped from the carriage in order to escape Liuxu’s fury.

All of a sudden, Long Yi’s eyelid twitched. His eyes shone with a fierce light. Li Qing stood up and he was ready to fight.

A gust of strong wind blew snowflakes everywhere and not far away from the carriage, a hint of a black shadow could be seen.

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