Chapter 20: The Unyielding Senior Executive Officer

Something must be going on!

The policeman was initially hesitant on whether or not to allow Big Bear to go to the bathroom again, but after seeing them all request the same thing, he immediately refused!

Are you joking? All of you have to go to the bathroom together?

Do you think you’re a primary school student?

“You’d better be honest! Go later. I don’t believe you can’t hold it in.”

The policeman said while squinting, planning to return to his office.

When the prisoners realized that he was leaving, they anxiously kneeled on the floor.

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“Brother, please let me go to the bathroom… I’m going to explode soon!”

These words were said with so much passion and tenderness!

However, the policeman just felt that something was fishy. Those prisoners weren’t mere common thieves, so their every movement had to be guarded!

“No, you can only go to the bathroom one by one!”

Upon saying that, a loud ruckus filled the room.

Darn it… They really can’t hold it in anymore!

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. who was sitting at the corner, muttered angrily. Initially, he was delighted in watching them, but who knew these prisoners were so useless: they couldn’t even hold in their feces.

“Big brother, you should probably let them go to the bathroom. It’s already in their pants.”

Su Qiubai couldn’t bare witness the current situation anymore, so he also stood up to appeal to the policeman. Frankly, he couldn’t bear the foul smell any longer…

Seeing Su Qiubai came over to plead for them, Big Bear and the rest unanimously nodded their heads. Their eyes filled with crystal tears.

He is such a good man! We actually thought of beating him up earlier. That would be simply devastating!

It may be that the policeman had also smelled the unpleasant odour, he went to open the door, frowning.

“Be quick! All of you have to be back here in ten minutes.”

Upon registering those words, the group of prisoners all rushed out as if they had been freed from prison.

Only Su Qiubai stayed behind, he moved around and sat down again after finding a comfortable position.

Within the ten minutes, Su Qiubai and the policeman who stood outside of the cell, experienced what could be called a blast of dung!

Could you imagine of a scene where the bathroom was covered in excrement?

Heck… The policeman almost fainted, yet those prisoners were still going in and out of the bathroom. Every time they left the bathroom, they felt like they had returned from the the gates of hell.

Su Qiubai also felt somewhat sorry for them as he wondered, Am I hurting them?

However, this strange situation made the prisoners and policeman leery of the innocent man in the cell!

If he wasn’t a jinx, then his mother must be a demon!

Everyone was originally fine, but they all became ill after they intended to beat him up!

Besides, why did all of them have to go urgently while he remained alright?

There was no other plausible reason!

Thus, the situation later was an odd one. The group of inmates and the policeman stared at Su Qiubai in bemusement.

As soon as they noticed him looking at their direction, they quickly turned their heads away from him.

Be careful not to get the jinx’s attention, else the consequences would be really terrible!

The old driver thought those people were acting weird. Why is every one of them looking at me as if I were a wild beast?

But it was boring to just sit and do nothing, eventually he fell asleep.

The moment they saw him fall asleep, the sounds of prisoners going to and from the bathroom became much softer.

It was better not to wake him up. Who knew, it may be that whatever they were experiencing could be because of him…

Director Zhao didn’t know what was going on at the prison. He had just figured out what happened to Director Li and was relieved to know that he had been sent to the hospital.

But soon after, another phone call came in. At first glance, he knew that it was from his witchy wife, so he could already guess what she was going to say.

His wife on the other end deftly screeched as soon as the phone’s connection went through.

“I have clearly investigated the entire incident. My brother was clearly put in such a state by that taxi driver who is at your police station now. You’d better deal him!”

Having said that, she immediately hung up the phone without a care for Director Zhao’s reply.

Director Zhao helplessly scratched his head, speechless. How did I end up marrying such a wanton wife?

But in the end, he didn’t have a choice. His wife would definitely nag him every day from now on if he didn’t avenge his brother-in-law.

Thus, he planned to personally take a look at the cell.

However, upon getting up, the phone rang once more.

It was from an unknown number. Director Zhao had an odd feeling, but he picked it up anyway.

“Hello, Director Zhao. I’m Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City from the Xia Group. My friend is locked up in your prison. I wish to enquire about his situation.”

The sweet-sounding voice of a lady could be heard at the other end. But Director Zhao was taken aback when he found out that she was Xia Rongrong!

She was at the helm of the Xia Group. Although he was still a bit unclear about the situation, he eventually had a rough understanding of what was going on.

This woman… was not simple.

“May I know who your friend is, Miss Xia? I’ll have my men investigate the matter.” Director Zhao said calmly after clearing his throat.

“His name is Su Qiubai. He had a small disagreement with a teacher at Yu Cheng Middle School, so there may be some sort of misunderstanding…”

Xia Rongrong’s voice was very calm. To her, as someone from the Xia Group, she didn’t need to personally call the police station, but she did so anyway because it was Su Qiubai.

Director Zhao had originally decided that, whoever it was, it would be fine to let them go, after all that person was Xia Rongrong’s friend.

But then it was that name and Yu Cheng Middle School again!

He immediately understood, Xia Rongrong’s friend was the one who beat up his brother-in-law.

“Miss Xia, I understand the situation regarding Su Qiubai. However, for the time being we have no choice but to wait until the investigation is officially cleared.”

Director Zhao hesitated for a moment, but at the thought of his wife, he couldn’t bother much about Xia Rongrong anymore.

“Director Zhao, does it really have to be this way? The video is already circulating on the Internet. You can have a look yourself. The reason as to why my friend beat up the director was because he was being disrespectful to a female teacher…”

Xia Rongrong remained calm. Before making the call, she already knew the relationship between Director Zhao and Director Li.

“I’m sorry, Miss Xia. We’ll definitely figure out the truth of what actually happened. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Without any hesitation, Director Zhao said in a tone that wasn’t as friendly as earlier.

“Very well, I’ll wait for you to handle it impartially.”

Director Zhao thought that Xia Rongrong would continue to plea or maybe even try to butter up to him, instead she immediately hung up.

That enraged Director Zhao. He put down the phone and grumbled angrily in his office, unconsciously feeling apprehensive.

As he was weighing whether or not to go to the prison, his phone rang another time.

Just as earlier, the call was from an unknown number, yet, Director Zhao still answered the call.

“Are you Zhao Zhijing? I am Wu Jingang.”

Just as the call connected, a majestic voice sounded.

Wu Jingang? The Minister of Defence?

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Director Zhao’s heart pounded. Why is he calling me?

It couldn’t be…

He had a reason in mind, but the next sentence confirmed his thought.

“I heard that you’ve detained a taxi driver named Su Qiubai. Have a look at the video on the internet and make sure you let him go as soon as possible.”

Wu Jingang’s domineering tone made Director Zhao very uncomfortable. Usually he would give in, but this time his brother-in-law was involved.

If he simply released Su Qiubai, then everyone would think that he, Zhao Zhijing could easily be bullied. Besides, Su Qiubai was undoubtedly the one to start the fight first.
[TLN: Zhao Zhijing is Director Zhao.]

Furthermore, he had already offended Xia Rongrong, it really wasn’t much of a difference if he offends Wu Jingang as well, especially since that minister didn’t even have command over him.

“Minister Wu, I don’t know how that video was circulated, but you should understand who was the one to start the fight. The police couldn’t possibly arrest the good person and let off the bad person, right?”

Director Zhao took a deep breath and made up his mind.

His words certainly was the reason as to Wu Jingang’s tone becoming cold.

“Well then, Director Zhao, I hope you don’t regret your decision.”

Having said that, Wu Jingang hung up.

Director Zhao stunned. He originally thought that Wu Jingang called him for Xia Rongrong’s sake, but listening to his words… Why did it sound like something was horribly wrong?

But it was too late for regrets now. Director Zhao stayed in his office for a few more minutes, feeling like he was on pins and needles. He had a feeling that something big was about to happen.

Director Zhao started panicking and took his phone out. He realized that the video was a very hot topic on the Internet. He viewed some of the headlines:

The guy who beat up people did it again! Became righteous for the sake of a beautiful lady!

His live video was exposed and the onlookers rushed over!

According to a person at the incident, the guy who attacked other people is a scholar who returned from overseas, and that he’s proficient in every language…


The headlines were a scattered mess, but the videos were pretty much the same. All of them showed Su Qiubai wildly beating up Director Li at the exchange conference venue.

Without bothering to read the nonsensical comments and news reports, Director Zhao watched the video several times in complete seriousness.

After confirming once more that Su Qiubai was the initial assaulter, he let out a sigh of relief.

As long as the video was present, no matter who pleaded or how grand Su Qiubai’s background was, there was no rational reason to let him off.

Just as the thought settled in his mind, his phone began to ring for the third time.

Director Zhao calmed himself down once more before picking up his phone.

“Hello, this is Zhao Zhijing.”

“Darn you, Zhao Zhijing! Hurry up and release Su Qiubai! Otherwise, you’re fired!”

Director Zhao didn’t even have time to react, but the caller was already swearing furiously.

He was confused for a while before he finally realized who the caller was. Cold sweat immediately dripped down his back.

“Chief Liu…”

“Don’t call me chief, you’re the chief. Who am I compared to you? How could I be as powerful as you?”

Unexpectedly, the person at the other end retorted.

“Chief Liu, please don’t joke…”

Director Zhao was about to cry. Wu Jingang couldn’t control him, but this person could!

“Would I dare to joke with you? I’ll say it one more time. If Su Qiubai doesn’t safely walk out of the police station in ten minutes, you’d better start waiting for your resignation.”

The Chief directly hung up the phone after finishing his sentence.

On the other side, Director Zhao was struck dumb as he fruitlessly grasped his phone. He had finally understood.

What he had done… was a huge mistake!

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