Chapter 19: Report

The police arrived immediately. Director Li was worried that Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. would try and escape so he commanded the security guards to surround him.

Dong Jiawei was anxious so she went to look for the principal, but she couldn’t find him. She wanted to plea Director Li to let Su Qiubai go, but instead she was held back by Su Qiubai.

“Don’t worry, the God of Luck is watching over me. We still don’t know who’s really the unlucky one.”

He smiled and consoled Dong Jiawei. The onlookers just felt sorry for him.

He was quite a talented young man, it was unfortunate that he met such a person like Director Li. He could still smile even after the police report was lodged.

There were rumours that Director Li and Director Zhao in the police district were relatives. Besides, everyone there had witnessed Su Qiubai started the fight.

If he really was caught, then the situation would be devastating.

The police arrived quickly. Director Li waddled towards the policemen the moment they entered the venue.

“Captain Zhang, you’re here! That’s the guy who disrupted the school and started a fight.”

Director Li exclaimed whilst pointing at Su Qiubai, his face full of hatred.

Zhang Wei was the person in charge of this case. He felt restless when he found out that Director Zhao had assigned him to go to Yu Cheng Middle School and even mentioned that it was Director Li’s case.

Just by claiming that he had a small connection to Director Zhao, this fat man would call the police anytime as if they were his family.

However, Zhang Wei had no choice. Since he was assigned by Director Zhao to the case, he couldn’t simply ignore it.

So in the end, Zhang Wei looked towards the direction that Director Li pointed after listening to his words.

However, with just a glance, his eyebrows suddenly wrinkled, “It’s him…”

His words made Director Li’s heart jump. It couldn’t be that Captain Zhang also knew this taxi driver? If so, it would be difficult to settle this matter.

However, at the thought of his brother-in-law, Director Zhao, Director Li instantly calmed down.

After all, Zhang Wei was just an ordinary policeman. How could he be more powerful than my brother-in-law? So what if Zhang Wei knew Su Qiubai? Even if Zhang Wei wanted to help, he has to first see if he’s qualified or not!

Looking back at Director Li, who still had a hateful look on his face, Zhang Wei secretly shook his head.

Guess this fat man must have kicked a metal board. Does he really think that man was just an ordinary taxi driver?

That driver was famously known on the internet for beating people up. In fact, he even beat up the Li Group’s young master and damaged his Mercedes-Benz sports car.

And yet, what had happened to him afterwards? He was left still standing, perfectly fine. Director Li must’ve been the only stupid pig that couldn’t understand the situation. He must’ve thought that the Li Group was merciful enough to forgive Su Qiubai.
[TLN: Director Li is not related to the Li Group. He just have the same surname.]

But to be frank, I don’t really care about this fat man. I’ve never liked him anyway. His suffering doesn’t matter to me.

“Did you beat him up?”

The onlookers thought that the policeman would be furious at Su Qiubai. After all, it was Director Li who reported the case.

However, his tone was unexpectedly polite.

Not only were the onlookers and Director Li were stunned, Su Qiubai was shocked as well. “Yes, I beat him up.”

“Is there anything you want to say? Why did you beat him up?” Zhang Wei continued.

“I have nothing to say. This fat man deserved the beating.” Su Qiubai replied with a grin.

Having said that, he noticed a flash of humour in the policeman’s eyes. But the policeman immediately said that he would be taken to the police station.

Before leaving the area, Su Qiubai reassured Dong Jiawei once again, telling her not to worry about him; he would be released soon anyway.

Although he still didn’t know how he would be let off.

But with the two lucky charms he bound to himself, he wholeheartedly believed in the saying, all’s well that ends well. His reason was simple.

“Little bastard, just wait until you end up in jail for the rest of your life.”

Seeing Su Qiubai leaving, Director Li didn’t hold back any longer, he softly muttered.

Su Qiubai grinned but kept quiet. On the other hand, Zhang Wei frowned, this stupid pig really treats the police station as if his family ran the business!

However, nobody said a word as they continued walking forward in silence.

After a few steps, they suddenly heard a loud noise from behind them!

Upon looking back, everyone was bewildered to see a signboard, that had been perfectly hung in the auditorium, had somehow fallen on Director Li’s head.

It made many people claim “karma”, despite witnessing such a strange incident.

After all, that fat man had clearly been nowhere near the signboard earlier, so why did he move so far away?

So the incident was quite embarrassing. There were a lot of people at that time, but despite the large size of the signboard, it ended up only smashing on Director Li.

“Help me…”

Everyone was stuck in a daze until Director Li’s shriek broke the silence.

Only allowed on

Hearing his voice, Zhang Wei felt relieved that nothing serious happened.

Su Qiubai snickered. This is just the beginning. I’ve bound two bad luck charms on you, I wish you good luck!

A group of people joined forces to heave Director Li out from beneath the signboard. Director Li looked hilarious: with dust and dirt all over him, all of the students, who happened to still be there, took the chance to take pictures of him.

Zhang Wei didn’t have a reason to stay there any longer. He grabbed ahold of Su Qiubai and left the place. Su Qiubai’s taxi was also towed to the police station.

Just as they left, Director Li also exited the hall. He staggered towards his office while calling his brother-in-law, Director Zhao.

As soon as the phone got through, he began to whine about how Su Qiubai was arrogant and despotic and that he interfered in the school’s exchange conference and later started a fight.

On the other end of the phone, Director Zhao suffered from a multitude of headaches from his brother-in-law, but he had no choice. If he didn’t help him out, his wife would definitely nag him non-stop.

So finally, Director Zhao could only assure Director Li that he would deal with the matter seriously.

However, he suddenly heard a loud scream from the other side, then followed by a long silence.

Director Zhao became so anxious that he started shouting.

But no one replied; the reason was very simple. When Director Li trotted past the school’s field, a football flew over and just happened to smack on his head, thus causing him to pass out…

Elsewhere, Su Qiubai followed Zhang Wei into the police station and was immediately locked up.

Zhang Wei took the initiative to ask Director Zhao how to deal with Su Qiubai. Director Zhao was worried about Director Li at that moment, so when he heard that Su Qiubai had arrived, his rage burst out.

“Put him with those high profile prisoners, also arrange for them to teach this guy a lesson.”

Director Zhao ordered without a moment’s hesitation.

Zhang Wei hesitated for a few seconds before inquiring, “Director, isn’t that a bit too much?”

Upon hearing his words, Director Zhao’s expression changed right away, “It isn’t against the law. Anyway, he was the one who beat up others, we’re just handling the case as usual.”

Observing Director Zhao’s expression, Zhang Wei was helpless, so he didn’t continue the conversation.

Soon enough, Su Qiubai was switched from his previous cell to another.

He initially didn’t know why they shifted him. However, he quickly understood after he stepped into the cell and noticed the evil glares from the other inmates!

They’re getting somebody else to do their dirty work!

Su Qiubai grumbled, expressionless.

He quietly walked towards a corner. Just as he was about to sit down, a big and fierce-looking man stood up.

“How did you get in here? Kneel before me and explain.”

Having said that, all the other inmates started laughing. All of them looked violent.

Without hesitation, Su Qiubai started to bind bad luck charms as soon as he heard the fierce-looking prisoner’s words.

He bound bad luck charms on to all of the inmates in the cell, and then bound two more lucky charms to himself.

He felt slightly relieved as he continued adding the remaining growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system to the Force option!

I should be fine now!

Su Qiubai grinned as he leaned against the wall in the corner of the cell.

He was actually still worried. He had never used the lucky charms before, so he didn’t know how effective it would be.

Whereas for these prisoners, they immediately stood up after receiving no response from Su Qiubai.

“Little bastard, it seems that you haven’t learnt a lot before! If I don’t beat you up today, you might think that gangstering is just a joke!”

The one who spoke out first was nicknamed Big Bear. He looked very upset. As he drawled, he had already begun walking towards Su Qiubai.

But right away… Ow!

A peculiar sound echoed throughout the prisoners’ cell. Big Bear was stood stock still for a moment before clutching his stomach in agony. His face slightly reddened, as some of the inmates started laughing behind him.

“What’s so funny?”

Turning around, Big Bear scolded. It made the prisoners laugh even harder than before.

Big Bear became furious. He glowered at Su Qiubai: obviously putting the blame on him.

However, before he could take a single step forward, his stomach began to rumble, and painful cramps started plaguing him.

He had never given birth before. But at that moment, his stomach had a real strong urge to push something out from his butt.

If he still stayed in the cell… he had a feeling that he would just explode then and there!

“Report, I want to go to the bathroom!”
[TLN: “Report” is just another way to call for the duty officer.]

Big Bear’s face was flushed red as he flew towards the door, raised his hand and clamping his legs together.

The policeman glanced at him strangely. Didn’t Director Zhao just order the prisoners to beat up the new guy?

I haven’t heard any movement yet, but somebody already wants to go to the bathroom?

However, the policeman still went over to make sure Big Bear wasn’t lying.

“You may go. Come back within five minutes.”

The policeman opened the door and pointed to the bathroom. By the time he finished his sentence, Big Bear had already rushed out.

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The other inmates stood still and laughed at Big Bear whilst peeking at Su Qiubai.

They had already heard what Director Zhao wanted them to do earlier. As long as they beat up the new guy, they would be given some benefits.

However, they were a little hesitate since Big Bear hadn’t returned. After all, Big Bear was the one who got the order directly from Director Zhao.

Big Bear soon emerged from the bathroom.

He looked quite pale. With every step he took, he felt that his butt was about to explode in the next step.

He entered the cell and took a deep breath as he stared at Su Qiubai. Just as he was about show off his fierce posture, his stomach started growling once more.

“Forget it, you guys give him a lesson. I’m not feeling well today… Report, I want to go to the bathroom!”

Miserably shaking his head, Big Bear once again ran to the door and yelled.

The policeman had just sat down, so he was slightly annoyed when he heard Big Bear. You just got out of the bathroom, and now you want to go again?

Just as he was about to investigate further, another, even more unbelievable scene happened.

“Report, I have to go to the bathroom!”

All of the prisoners in the cell seemed to cry out in unison, with their legs locked closely together and hands grappling their stomach. Their red faces looked helplessly out through the door.

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