Chapter 155- Housing Project

After getting rid of the title, it didn’t take long for the horde of women to dissipate, but the players stayed. They are immune to title loss and only had money and fame on their minds. KMega6KMegacharacter rolled his eyes as he looked gratefully at the Bishop.

“I thank you for ridding me of such a curse. If my wife thought that I was cheating on her, I don’t know how many lives I’ll have to have before she forgives me.” (KMega)

The Bishop chuckled in amusement.

“Back to the matter at hand. You have accumulated quite the contribution during the demon war. You could easily be king if you so desired.” (Bishop)

KMega blinked at the odd suggestion.

“I fought in the war because Eastguard was in danger. Being a knight of this wonderful country is tiring enough. I could already be running it if I had the will and wisdom.” (KMega)

KMega paused before getting serious as he continued, “ Ideally, I wish that the victims from before and after the war are appeased. Namely, freeing all the prisoners of war and the slaves in good condition.” (KMega)


The Bishop had a sorry expression on his face hearing KMega’s earnest request.

“As for your first request, it’s an issue between mortals, so the gods cannot interfere. In truth, it’s admirable to say the least that you have such drive, but alas, they are truly a part of the Markwell Empire now.” (Bishop)

KMega expression turned cold for a moment.

“Yirk’s son. He is the one I desire to find the most.” (KMega)

The Bishop thought for a moment before shaking his head.

The will of the gods was cruel sometimes.


After giving other pleasantries, he asked the Bishop if the church had a rear exit, which made him chuckle. He then gave him his blessing as he turned his attention to the woman with the dragon4dragonspeciesian infant. Since KMega said he didn’t care how his contribution is used, he started considering the child in front of him and the other people of Eastguard. Since Eastguard was a human country, even though they were tolerant of other races, he decided to make a place for them using KMega’s contribution. Since his contribution is so great, a large floating island was built, the dragon isle of Hearth. If loosely translated from the dragon language, it means heart.

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KMega then went to the fort next. However, since he was no longer the commander, he couldn’t do as he wished, but he could meet with Commander Harry just fine. He told him about the issue he expected to happen because of Lazar’s children and about all the other details. As for Harry, had to give KMega the deed to the land for his lair and the surrounding town. For all he has done for them, giving him land and the rank of duke was the least they could do. KMega graciously received the gifts since they weren’t on the best of terms yet and it wouldn’t do him any good if he refuses. After saying his goodbyes, KMega left the fort and started heading home.

While he was thinking about what Astrid7Astridcharacter discussed with Lazar regarding the children, he got a notice.


[The Bishop of Eastguard has filed a request to use your contribution points.

2,302,509 – 2,303,509 = 0 points will remain. Purchase list here.

Do you accept?]


KMega agreed without even looking at the list since the Bishop is a reliable person and would only do what’s the best for Eastguard. Never in a hundred years did KMega think that this instance will give Eastguard a great wonder.


Only allowed on

[Due to the large size of the request, please wait twelve IRL hours for delivery.]

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