Chapter 156- High in the Sky

Naturally, twelve hours IRL amounted to over a three day wait. He didn’t fret though as he just went home, dodging groupies along the way. When he got home, Astrid7Astridcharacter and Lazar were naturally already done with their talk since KMega6KMegacharacter had to take a few extra hours taking detours and other checkpoints throughout the city. KMega walked up to her while she was mixing potions and set down a sack of materials he picked up when he snuck into different shops to dodge groupies.

“I, um, talked to the Bishop. He said he will do something to help with the little ones.” (KMega)

She didn’t respond as she kept grinding down materials, and Lazar wasn’t around either. When she finished, she turned to look at him with a cute annoyed expression on her face.

“Kevin, do you want me to have babies?” (Astrid)


KMega was taken aback by the question as he rubbed the back of his head.

“I, um…, that’s a hard question.” (KMega)

He glanced at the sack and knew some half-hearted attempt at changing the subject would have dire consequences. He slowly took a deep breath as he thought about his answer.

“Do you think we’re ready? I mean… IRL ready? Children are a big responsibility and my income is minimal due to your body work.” (KMega)

He then glanced to the side as he continued.

“I’m barely worthy to be called a brother, let alone a father.” (KMega)

Astrid realized that she unknowingly touched a nerve. After everything’s that happened, she was a little surprised that Kieser was still on his mind, let alone before her. If things were different, Kieser would probably end up being his companion and she would have just died in her egg after the quest timed out. She gently grabbed his hand and gave him a kiss.

“In the next world, then.” (Astrid)

KMega smiled and nodded at her words.

Over the next two days, KMega was fairly routine as he spent his time in-game. He hunted with Lazar, stayed at home with Astrid, and did some crafting. This made him happily realize this was the first time he played the game normally in a long time. However, it didn’t last long.

Dinner, shower, sleeping, breakfast, workout, shower, college studies, then playing. This is KMega’s daily routine while he played the game normally in a long time. He seemed more chipper than normal as he looked forward to another day of pleasant mediocre grinding. However, when he woke up in-game and saw that Astrid wasn’t there, he was a little puzzled. This is the first time he woke up without her there clinging to him or eating something nearby. After putting on something comfortable, he left their nest room and looked around the empty lair for her. After searching around her usual resting spots, he went outside and immediately realized something was different. For one, Lazar was curiously flying around like a cat playing with a laser pointer. He would go to one place, look around, then move on just as spontaneously as he arrived. However, that isn’t what caught his attention. What got his attention was the landscape. Normally, he would see Jork Fortress from the elevated upper entrance of the lair, but this time, all he saw was a sea of clouds.

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Even while taking a few minutes to process the current situation, he was befuddled until a familiar voice sounded behind him.

“You should have asked for more details when you asked the Bishop for well.”  (Astrid)

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KMega turned towards Astrid with a happy expression on his face but quickly retracted it when he saw that she was completely serious.

“How could I have known he would go overboard?” (KMega)

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